Venice: Day 1 – Part 3

For the first and second parts of our first day in Venice, click here and here.

The Grand Canal cruise was the most perfect and romantic end to the most epic first day in Venice ever. Seriously, thanks Rick Steves for recommending it (and a million other suggestions). We downloaded his audio tour and both put our headphones on and lost ourselves in Venice for about the 45 minutes that it took us to cruise the canal from the train station to past St. Mark’s Square. It was great and the €6.50 vaporetto (the local water taxi since as I said before, there are no cars in Venice!) ticket price sure beat the €200/hr gondola ride!

After our refreshing nap, we found some gelato to wet our palettes and then headed down to the train station to meet our travel buddies to begin the Grand Canal cruise. Please forgive me for all the cheesy grins but Venice turned out to be our favorite city and we couldn’t stop smiling the whole day and into the night. Venice was unbelievably picturesque during the day, but at night it was magical and enchanting. The way the lights hit the water and reflected back onto the buildings, I felt like I was in a movie or a book and none of it was real. But as the boat would rock and I looked at The Count, it was very very real; everything about it.

RS_grand canal

I found this map from Rick Steve’s… I don’t know where, Pinterest somewhere, but it showed everything we saw on the cruise. Rick’s narration was awesome and I couldn’t recommend it more since I would have had no idea what I was seeing on my own!

venice_65 venice_67

At the train station, waiting for our friends and so excited for our first cruise in the vaporetto down the famed Grand Canal of Venice.

venice_66 venice_68 venice_69 venice_71 venice_70 venice_73

See – Rick Steves audio tour happening. Oh and the Rialto Bridge!

venice_75 venice_76 venice_77 venice_78 venice_72 venice_79 venice_80

Hello €200/hr gondola ride.

venice_81 venice_82

The perfect view.


One thing I loved about Venice was how the water was SO many different colors ALL the time.

venice_83 venice_84 venice_85

St. Mark’s Square at dusk.


On a vaporetto stop waiting for another boat to take us back towards S. Margherita. It swayed and rocked with the big waves (caused by all the busy boats and vaporetti)!

venice_87 venice_88

Memorable night. Total cheese.


This is a part of my ever persistent quest to finally blog about our month long trip to Europe in May of 2011. You can read about the rest of our days by clicking on “Travel” at the top!