Venice: Day 1 – Part 1


Oh Venice how we loved you. Probably my favorite city. I loved Germany the most as far as countries go, but Venice was my favorite city. Just something so magical about walking through a city that had no streets or cars – that was definitely a one of a kind experience that I couldn’t get back home.

After a pretty awful night sleeping on the train (fought with one of my bunk mates on opening/shutting the window as the curtain slapped me in the face all night with it being open!) and I did not get very much sleep, I wasn’t a very happy camper that morning, but alas I was in Venice. We needed cash so we found a place that we could pull cash out (at an exorbitantly high rate mind you!) and then set out to find our hotel. We stayed in Campo Santa Margarita which is actually filled more with locals than with tourists as it’s a little off the beaten track and that was fine by us. It was really cool to come here and people watch; lots of students. In the morning (at 6:30am!) it was dead with nothing but the people sweeping the streets from the night before, but at night it is loud and rowdy. Very cool.

venice_1 venice_2 venice_3 venice_4

After finally finding our temporary home in Venice we set out for our quick 2 days to see and do as much as possible. We found the Accademia Bridge, snapped a few pics of it and just started to become familiar with our surroundings for the next 2 days. Water, water, bridges, bricks, more water, boats, pigeons, alleyways, water again, beggars, and water. It was really surreal.

venice_5 venice_6 venice_7 venice_8 venice_9venice_10 venice_12

I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of the actual bridge, but us being on it is better. Google has plenty of pictures. We then made our way towards St. Mark’s Square before the hordes of tourists and day trippers from the big cruise ships got there. That was sure a treat to see since we never got to see St. Mark’s (mostly) empty like that again!

venice_13 venice_14 venice_15 venice_16

After our quick glimpse of St. Mark’s Square and the Basilica, Campanile, and the Palace, we set out down an alley and found a little cafe for breakfast as we were starved. Food was decent and met our requirements of feeding our bellies and getting coffee into those that needed it!

venice_19 venice_20

We then went back to St. Mark’s Square where you can see the hordes of people wasted no time filling it up. We had our 10:45am Secret Itineraries tour at Doge’s Palace and spent some more time in the square enjoying the view and the water while we waited.

venice_17 venice_18 venice_21 venice_22 venice_23 venice_24 venice_25 venice_26 venice_27 venice_28

So as not to overload you on pictures from our day, I’ll split this up into multiple parts and hopefully I can finish Venice before my dear friend Katie goes on her big trip to Europe next week!

Next up: Our tour of Doge’s Palace, Giotto’s Campanile, St. Mark’s Basilica and more!

This is a part of my ever persistent quest to finally blog about our month long trip to Europe in May of 2011. You can read about the rest of our days by clicking on “Travel” at the top!