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The other day I was reminded as I made Finn his cut up dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets (yes those are dinosaur parts because he couldn’t have our ranch and cream of chicken pork chops), margarine covered brussel sprouts and chopped seedless grapes that making healthy toddler meals is something I do everyday. I have to get pretty creative because I don’t want him to eat the same thing everyday, for every meal, and I still want him to eat healthy. We try to make sure what we eat is Finn-edible, but we failed this night. I didn’t even think about the ranch mix having powdered milk in it and the cream of chicken soup. =/ So we had to resort to the never fail frozen chicken nuggets which he loves so much. I think he picked up a lot of healthy eating habits from the Baby Led Weaning that we did and so he eats a lot of really good foods, but admittedly for his proteins we do have to resort a lot to Costco’s frozen selection but that’s mostly due to the fact that you can’t make a hungry toddler wait very long for food, so the trusty ol’ microwave or toaster oven are our friends!

Having a kid with almost every allergy in the book is hard, but it’s not that hard. It’s only hard because we can’t share with him all the amazing foods that we’d love to share with him like pizza (CHEESE), ice cream, ants on a log (raisins and peanut butter on celery), things that I pictured making for him when I was pregnant. I pictured sharing an ice cream cone with him when we were out at the fair. Now I guess it will have to be cotton candy instead. And he may not be able to be a Cheese Head like he dad and enjoy the delicious cheese curds that we found at Costco last weekend, but that’s okay. Maybe he’ll still like the Packers which is in his blood, afterall, and be a Cheese Head in another way.

Breakfasts are easy with Finn. He loves avocadoes, as I’ve mentioned many times before. He eats one every day. He’ll have either a whole one for breakfast or eat half and have the other half for lunch. It’s one of the more expensive foods, but it’s worth it for his little brain and heart. We’ll also make frozen waffles or have muffins for his carb on the weekdays. If it’s a weekend I will make fresh pancakes. If he’s at Grandma’s she’ll make hashbrowns and disguise scrambled eggs in them since Finn hates eggs. Doesn’t matter what way they are cooked. He will not eat them in a box, he will not eat them with a fox, he does not like eggs, no siree, unless we can disguise them. ;) He’ll eat breakfast sausage or deli meat, too, but no bacon, please, he’s not a fan. He also will eat a banana, and he used to eat blueberries by the cupful but lately he’s been throwing them to the dog much to our di$may!

For lunch or dinner Finn loves fish sticks (with ketchup), corn dogs or hot dogs (both with mustard), chicken nuggets (with ketchup), kidney beans, black beans, lima beans, avocadoes, corn, rice, plain chicken taquitos (no cheese), leftovers like pork, fried rice (again another great meal to disguise eggs in!), special quesadillas with soy cheese on occasion but we mostly stay away from soy products, deconstructed tacos, mixed vegetables (we keeps tons of bags of frozen veggies on hand and he eats them with every meal since they are quick and easy and we make sure he has veggies with every meal), bananas, grapes, strawberries, spaghetti, and many other things that are escaping me. He will eat most of our meals and anything he won’t eat we’ll heat something else up of his that he will eat.

For snacks he eats the fruits above mentioned, Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal, cheerios, raisins, pretzels, Belvita breakfast bisbuits, and for his “treats” we have frozen watermelon (yum!), Oreos, and he loves Italian Ice. We make him smoothies with strawberries, bananas, hemp milk, and ice and he LOVES them.

He drinks hemp milk watered down 2/3rd-1/3rd (it’s very high in calories and if we give it to him straight he won’t eat hardly any food and we need him to get his cholesterol, and other vitamins and minerals from his FOOD). We keep lots and lots of bananas on hand since the only thing hemp milk is lacking is potassium. He gets apple juice and white grape juice watered down 50% once or twice a day but we try to give him mostly water since he’s an Arizona baby and he plays hard and needs lots and lots of water!

So that’s our feeding routine. Not that you asked, but now you know. :)

2 thoughts on “Toddler Meals

  1. Christa

    If I ever have kids, I’m definitely coming to you for advice, especially on BLW. :)

  2. Jill

    Thanks, Christa! My mom tried to pass on the BLW wisdom to Laura and Adria. Laura was sold because she watched Finn at 6 months eating solid foods. Not sure about Adria. Grandma of course said we were crazy and it was the absolute wrong thing to do. She just wasn’t charmed by Finn eating an avocado at 6 months or she may have felt different. ;) I know my mom was leery until she witnessed it and now she sings the praises of BLW to everybody! We’re so proud we never fed him any mushy baby food or spent a dime on a jar! :)

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