Nursery progress: Wall Stripes and a Sneak Peek at the Fabrics

Okay so we gave ourselves a couple weeks of a break to marvel at our newly painted walls and gorgeous baby furniture and to decide on placement of the stripes by looking at many different examples online.

So, our first step for striping was to move the furniture to one side of the room and cover it with drop cloths so we didn’t get any paint on it.  Then we used our brand new laser level to start taping the stripes up:

And here’s Dan demonstrating:

Just as an FYI, we used regular blue Scotch painter’s tape for the base coat since it wasn’t as crucial if the paint leaked under it, which fortunately it didn’t.  For the stripes, we used Frog Tape, which the guy at Home Depot recommended since it was treated with some kind of latex stuff that was supposed to seal the tape to the wall to keep the paint from bleeding.  We figured with stripes, we were willing to try whatever to prevent a crappy looking paint job.  And to be honest, I couldn’t really tell that much of a difference.  Both did okay, both had some bleeding.  Not the end of the world.  We fixed any visible mistakes with a tiny paintbrush (which you’ll see later).

I interrupt this post for a cute picture of kitty playing in the furniture box, which was later made into a giant cardboard fort for our niece, Annie:

Here’s me contributing, too:

We chose to paint only these 2 walls.  The small wall behind the door is where the rocking chair/glider will go and will have some whales painted on it, so we didn’t want any stripes there.  And the other wall, where the window/closet are, has so little actual wall that it wasn’t worth taping and painting.  And here’s the finished tape job:

With that, Dan start painting while I took a rest:

And here’s us taking a quick picture break:

Back to painting, Dan:

Then we gave it a rest for that night, and picked it back up again over the next week.  I did the white stripes and the big blue one at the very bottom:

And then after all was dry, we took the tape off to reveal this:

After feeling pretty good about ourselves for a few more days, us, being the perfectionists and artists that we are, got out the tiny paintbrushes to fix all the little mistakes that you’d never be able to see from these pictures, but that we knew were there:

And now the STILL as yet, unfinished nursery (whales and other undersea things to paint/create plus the bedding and all the other stuff that still hasn’t been done):

Oh yeah… and the blue ended up not being quite right, so we still have yet to go and get the right blue and then paint over this.  But it will happen.  This ended up being a more “baby blue” (no thanks to my horrible memory when forgetting the paint samples at home) and not quite the aqua we wanted.  But it will be an easy fix that we hope to take care of some time before 2011 leaves us.

I found somebody online to make the bedding for the baby, which I’m super excited about.  She’s making the crib bumper (which we’ve decided not to use til baby is a bit older due to SIDS risks), a sheet, bed skirt, and changing pad cover.  Me and my mom are going to make 3 more sheets using the fabrics I picked out, as well as the valance over the window.

Here’s a sneak peek of all the fabrics we are using:

The aqua/yellow polka dot will be the crib bumper, curtains, and part of the changing pad cover and crib skirt.  The yellow/white stripe flannel will be a baby sheet.  The yellow/white dot, or as I like to call it, “sand dollar” will be part of the crib skirt as well as the ties to keep the bumper on the crib.  The aqua/white dot, and yellow/coral floral print will also be 2 other sheets – for a total of 4 sheets to change/mix up.  The brown/white/aqua/coral starfish and the coral on top of that will be a cover for our Boppy pillow.  All of these fabrics will also be incorporated into a quilt that my mother is making for the baby which will go over the rocking chair/glider during all these late night feedings!  I am so excited and I feel that, Dan, myself, and my mom did a really great job creating a fun, bright, vibrant, and colorful nursery for our son/grandson.

And this is where we stand.  Haven’t done anything else to the nursery since then, other than my mom filling it up with lots of great Goodwill finds for when it is ready to finally be decorated, and for the many clothes we have in the closet hanging on little hangers (from both my mom and Dan’s mom).  I will update as we do more.  Money’s tight, so we’re kinda at a stand still.  Thinking about all the stuff we still need that baby will actually USE, and not enough $, we’re pretty overwhelmed.  But oh well, Thanksgiving is almost here and turkey makes everything better!

One thought on “Nursery progress: Wall Stripes and a Sneak Peek at the Fabrics

  1. Christa

    Man, you guys did a great job–I love the colours and gthe fabric, and the fact that you’re not doing the same ol’ things everyone else is doing!!!

    I think that blue looks nice–sort of a sky blue. So if you never manage to change it to the aqua, this is still beautiful. :)

    Can’t wait to see the finished product–and the baby IN the finished product!

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