Nursery Progress: Base Coat and Furniture

Okay so one of the first things we did when we found out we were having a baby, and even before we knew the gender, was start planning the nursery.  I knew I wanted it to be gender neutral so that no matter what we had they would fit right in.  This was also because we didn’t want to know the gender at first.  We were totally okay with it being a complete surprise.  But… that didn’t last long.  We had names picked our for both genders but really wanted to start using them (which we are now).  We’re not disappointed that we found out because, well, knowing has really personified this little being in me.  So anyways.  I found some inspiration online for the kind of gender neutral nursery I wanted and we just started from there.  We picked colors to be the main focal point, instead of a certain theme (like Winnie the Pooh, etc.) and are going to throw in some whales here and there.  Of course.  Me and my love for whales/dolphins.  Our colors are aqua, yellow, and coral.  Dan’s going to paint some really stylized whales on the walls, as well as some coral, and other underwater creatures thrown about such as shrimps.

Our first step was to test out colors and see what works (and what doesn’t work).  Well, actually our first step was moving Dan’s office into the guest room.  Then we picked out colors.  The color yellow you see on the wall here did NOT end up working so we went back and picked a new color.  And it was perfect:

Our next step was to tape up the room.  I did all the lower stuff and Dan did all the stuff that required a step stool:

We then painted our base coat, yellow.  Dan did the rolling and I did all the trim and stuff so I could mostly sit:

Here’s us at the end of this night all dirty and sweaty:

Next, the furniture we ordered arrived a few weeks later.  In this time we we able to get used to the thought that this was going to be a real baby’s room!  We ordered a beautiful espresso colored bed that will convert to a toddler bed and then eventually a full size bed, so it could theoretically be his bed until he moves out!  We also ordered a long dresser so that it could double as the changing table as we didn’t want a separate changing table that he would grow out of within a couple months and then have us be stuck trying to sell the damn thing on  We set it up together with a couple of helpers (Penny and Angie):

Dan is a good direction reader:

So is Penny:

And where would we be without the best supervisor?  Other than me, of course:

So here are the 2 pieces, all put together.  Well, the dresser came put together other than the feet.  The crib is our doing.  Ta da!:

Okay, that’s it for now.  Next step: striping!