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Writing to Perfection


I have had an interesting summer so far. Lots of “free” time – meaning, lots of time to play with Finn. Not a lot of time to do the things that I had hoped I would be able to do like help my mom clean and organize her house or purge everything from me and the Count’s room. Finn isn’t the type of kid who will play by himself for an hour and let you get things done. He’s constantly in your space and wants to play with you non-stop. So, we do. Mostly. Or we go places. Which has been great. I feel like I have given him a truly great summer. Sure, there are days where I feel like a really shitty mom because we literally watch TV all day, but then I try to balance it out by taking him to a museum the next day. Life is a game of give and take. Something like that. I am definitely getting better and better at this “Mom” gig – always wondering how I can do better and how I can give him more.

I’ve also wanted to sit down and write and update my blog so many times. I thought that this would be the summer that I really blogged consistently and meaningful. Found my voice. Found my rhythm. Finally found what it is I wanted to say and share with the world. However, all too many times I’ve stared at a blank page because I feel like I have just too much to say or I have nothing to say at all and a total of zero people who actually care about it, other than myself for posterity’s sake. So, instead I let my brain go to mush on Netflix night after night. I’ve caught up on almost all of my shows and am back to trying to finish Gilmore Girls. This was also going to be the summer that I read “all the classics”. Haha. Wishful thinking. My Brit Lit professor last semester (who, by the way, convinced me to change my major from Secondary Ed to just straight English) gave me a list of all the greats I had to read. Needless to say, I failed miserably and I don’t see that changing before the summer is over.

However, here I am. One thing I learned from one of my writing classes last semester is that the important this is just to write. Don’t think about the content, the technical aspects, the audience, or anything else — just write. So, I am. When I can. Sometimes that is literally in the “Notes” app of my phone while watching a children’s program with Finn while annoyingly tapping with one finger at a time. Other times it’s while “watching” something on Netflix, aka it’s minimized on my screen while I write which the Count finds really really weird. But mostly it’s just in my head or out loud in the car – Finn really likes that! One thing’s for sure… you definitely haven’t heard the last of my rambling brain no matter how long in between posts it is. :)

In Review

After looking over the last month or so of my posts I found that I start almost every one with “So” or “Well”.  This is not acceptable.  See, I’m learning and improving on my writing everyday!  With that, my goal is to cleanse myself of this bad monotonous habit and not write like I’m in the middle of a conversation with somebody on every post.  Although, in my defense I probably AM in the middle of a conversation with myself so it only naturally transpires in my writing. *wink wink*

FYI: Why So Many Posts?

Well, for those that don’t know… writing is my passion.  I love love love writing.  That’s why you will probably never get an email from me that is less than, oh… a page?!?!  So anyways, with my class being over and me not taking any classes this semester, I decided I didn’t just want to sit idly and let *work* be my entire life.  I decided I was going to do 2 things that I love and 1 thing that I want to love for the semester.

Write: I love to write.  When I was young for some reason I wanted any life but the one I had so I would write stories, novels even, about different people, families, lives and I loved it.  People who read my stories also liked them and all my life since then every English teacher I ever had continuously instilled that confidence into my writing abilities.  So, I loved writing, stories, letters, and now I love writing blogs.  It’s a great way to put my thoughts and energy into something constructive even if I’m the only one who actually reads my site.  It is also helping me rediscover my writing abilities.  I haven’t taken an actual English class in over a year, the last one I took was American Lit.  So, I want to brush up on my writing.  Plus, it keeps my brain from turning to mush while I’m not in school.  So, you’ll be seeing this site being updated pretty often from here on out, or atleast that’s my plan!

Read: I love to read.  I use to be able to pretty much down atleast 2 books per week.  (I admittedly read each Harry Potter book that came out in a day.)  Well, the last few years I haven’t gotten hardly any reading done other than for school.  I read the Harry Potter books when they came out, 3 of the 4 Twilight novels (*gags*), and a few little best seller novels in between that I would pick up at Target while shopping.  So, I want to start reading more again.  And I have a few books in mind but am always open to other suggestions!  Got any?  Please though, no self help religious books.  I’m not that desperate.

Craft:  I want to start crafting.  Something I have never been into, mainly because I was constantly around crafts my entire life.  My mom is an amazingly crafty person and was and still is always working on some project.  I don’t know why I never took an interest as a kid.  Well, I want to start.  I have a few ideas already.  I’m making a great present for my mother-in-law’s birthday in 2 weeks!  I can’t wait to have it all put together.  Anyways, and once P90X is over I would like to try my hand at baking.  I found this GREAT website (bakerella.blogspot.com) that has totally and completely inspired me!  There are so many recipes I want to try.  But I’ve decided only 1 every 2 weeks so I don’t ruin my new nicely chiseled “figure”.  Plus, I think 2 weeks is enough time in between to have the last bakery item all gobbled up!

So, that explains the abundance of blogs!