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Let’s Talk TV


The Count and I have an awful lot of shows on our TV plate, and sadly, not much time to watch them. But little by little we are catching up. Recently we finished Season 2 of Newsroom. Love that show. So excited that Mac and Will finally professed their love to one another, and not only that – are engaged?! I’m a little leery about how the rest of the show will play out since their very love-hate tumultuous relationship has been certainly a highlight. So many times with shows, that fire burns out once the main characters hook up.

Which brings me to my current favorite show; Fringe. We just finished Season 2 (although Dan’s already watched all 5 seasons, I just happened to get into it late so he’s re-watching them with me) and have barely started Season 3. I’m obsessed with this show. I love, love, love it. Every episode leaves me wanting to watch the rest and I could easily just burn through them all and not get bored (there’s never too much!), however my time is limited. We’re lucky if we get to watch one episode a night, maybe two, and often times, none. :( Right now I’m in agony about “our” universe’s Olivia being stuck in the other universe. What is going to happen?! Ugh, it’s killing me!

Other shows on our agenda to start/finish: We’re on Season 3 (I think?) of Arrested Development. That’s a favorite, but I like that we’re doing it slowly. I think I’ll be sad when it’s over. We’ve watched one episode of Orange is the New Black, and liked it. I wasn’t hooked on it like so many others tell me they were, but I definitely want to finish watching it. It seems highly entertaining. We watched several episodes of Mad Men and are looking forward to watching the rest of that series. I think we got pulled away from watching it when the new season of Game of Thrones came on earlier this year, but we’re definitely planning on finishing it. We want to watch The Wire. I know, older one, but it’s got fantastic reviews and I know we will really enjoy it. We can’t wait to finish Breaking Bad. We don’t have cable so we haven’t seen this final season. We also haven’t been able to see the current season of the Walking Dead which has been another huge bummer and definite downfall of not having cable since that is one of our FAVORITES. And in no particular order: Psyche, House of Cards, maybe the last season of Dexter, Modern Family, Parks and Recreation (a fav that we watch episodes of here and there), Lie to Me, and many others.



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Those Thursday Thoughts

Honey Pasta Salad

  • I love Pita Jungle.  I don’t go there enough, but it’s my favorite restaurant.  Yummy Honey Pasta Salad.  Mmmmm!!!!
  • I am looking forward to watching the 6th season of The Office.  Dan and I will not be watching it together as Fringe is on at the same time and he likes that more.  Luckily, The Office is only 30 minutes so once it’s over I can still watch the last 30 minutes of Fringe.  :)
  • I have awesome co-workers.  I came to this realization today while driving home from our bowling adventure while we literally laughed our asses off.  Since I have to spend more time with them than with my own husband, I’m pretty glad they’re so cool.
  • Speaking of work, I didn’t get an interview for that job I applied for in Communications.  Oh well.  Just keep plugging away on my degree and not worry about moving anywhere!
  • I can’t wait for Halloween!  Dan and I have some awesome costumes planned.  Stay tuned.  ;)
  • Penny and I will be taking a visit to the vet tomorrow.  She’s had this weird bump/growth sticking out of her side since we got back from Colorado and Dan and I want to have it looked at for peace of mind.  It’s like it’s a rib sticking out, but that’s not possible, right?
  • I’m getting sick.  Some people at the office have been coming to work sick and spreading their sick nasty germs all over the place.  I had a major sinus headache all day today.  The pressure was so high I thought my head was gonna POP!  So, I’m going to bed right after The Office.
  • Jayne and I are starting our big HCG diet next weekend.  Or maybe this weekend since the last of our stuff came in!  I’ll have to call her in the morning and discuss it and then see when I can get my professional mixer to help us mix it all up!  ;)
  • That is all.