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Dear Mom


Dear Mom,

This seems like an appropriate time of year to let you know how much I appreciate you. You have done so much for The Count, Finn, and I; I really can’t quantify it or put it into words. You made it possible for us to be parents— and good parents at that! If I could just put a little bow on top of Finn’s head as a way of saying thanks, that would do it, because truthfully, everything he is started with you. There wasn’t a day during pregnancy, to one of those many sleepless first nights and well beyond that you weren’t there for us and didn’t fill us with the best, most careful and most sound advice. All of that help added up and made us the parents we are, and Finn the amazing person that he is. Not to mention the days and months that you have given up to care for Finn; the literal blood, sweat, and tears that you have given to us and to him on an almost daily basis (hello heart attack?). It never goes unnoticed. I see Finn in you and that makes me happier than you will ever know. When you are gone, you will be leaving behind this person that is just as much, if not more, of a reflection of you than all four of your children as Finn has never had to share you with any siblings or daycare children. He has always had you. I am sure after raising four children you never intended on becoming a parent to somebody else again, but in the best of ways, you have to Finn. And when The Count handed you that stole of gratitude when he graduated, he meant it. We both meant it. His degree would not have been possible without you. And it set off a chain of events for our family’s future. You are such an integral part of our lives. His degree meant that I will be able to finally get mine (a dream I know you have had for me, my entire life) and hopefully that means that the chances of Finn getting one, too, will be much greater. So, I know that I don’t say it, and I definitely don’t show it (I need to work on that) and I’m sure you feel pretty taken for granted most of the time, but I appreciate you and I love you.


I’m Thankful For…


I’m thankful for The Count who does most of the bedtime routine with Finn. We always start out together and I take care of all of the logistical stuff like brushing his teeth, filling his milk, changing his sheets if they need changing, adding water to his humidifier… but he’s the patient one who will rock him in the rocking chair longer than is really necessary or play with him longer than he really should. I can usually sneak away and leave them to each other and listen on the baby monitor to their bedtime conversations or songs and I love that.

I’m thankful for my brother who got some much needed help and seems to finally be on a much needed new path for himself. He is a whole new person to be around and it’s created an entirely new family dynamic around the house. I feel so much less tense and life feels so much easier now. I hope this continues but of course there’s a little part of me that will always feel skeptical. For now though, I am thankful for this peace.

I’m thankful for my new healthy eating. I know I recently said I was fine with how I looked and my body and I still am… but something got into me this past week and I felt that I needed some control in my life and I realized that I had control over everything I put into my body! So, I woke up on Monday and starting eating healthy and I haven’t stopped and am not looking back. I have lost 3 1/2 pounds already, amazingly enough. I’m thankful that I found this motivation.

I’m thankful that my mom is coming home tonight after spending 3 weeks in California. I have weathered the storm here without her for 3 whole weeks and while things have finally calmed, I am glad she will be coming home. I feel like the weight of the household has been on me and it will be nice to have somebody to share the load with. Plus, Finn’s missed her a whole lot and it will be nice for his world to go back to normal with all his people in one place (and piece).

I’m thankful for my new planner which is going to keep me organized all year. That’s the plan anyways. With 5 online classes of my own, 2 online classes to grade, Finn’s 2 preschool programs, swim lessons, bills, and then of course The Count’s ever-changing schedule… life is very hectic. I thought I’d try sticking to a system and see how it goes. I love my new planner and already feel inspired and motivated to succeed.

Most of all, I’m thankful for this peace that I suddenly am filled with and haven’t felt in such a long time. I feel like my family and our home is filled with so much chaos, a lot of times anger and resentment, and most of it was due to my brother’s mental illnesses. I have been working really hard lately to change my attitude about the whole thing lately and even though I always ALWAYS knew that mental illness was a disease, I think until you have lived, breathed, and bled it everyday, you don’t know how challenging it is to truly accept that. And when the person doesn’t ever get the help they need and you are completely helpless and can only really watch all the lives it affects hang in the balance… it makes it exponentially harder! I’ve been making more of an effort to recognize the changes he’s been making and trying to do everything I can to support him. It’s a long, hard road but his attitude and heart are in the right place right now and I guess that’s all that matters at this point.

I’m also thankful for The Count for being the best bug killer around.

Late Thank You’s

When I was little our extended relatives used to call us the “Late Lassens” because we were always late to every family function. I was usually late to school. Girl Scouts. Softball. Now, in our defense, our family functions were 2 1/2 hours from our home (and 15 minutes from our relatives) and my mom had four kids to get ready for school. Four kids who hated getting up in the morning and ready for school. I have tried really hard not to let that nickname follow me into my adulthood and for the most part I do pretty well. This year however, has been a different story. I’ve fallen really behind on a lot of things.

One of them was the thank you’s for the Kid and our Christmas gifts. I’ve always tried to be good about Christmas cards and thank you’s but this year I just dropped the ball. So much that it’s already April and I’ve just finished them. Now I know some of you reading this would probably say, to hell with them, why even send them? Well, because I’m not a quitter. And we were really thankful and I want people to know that. I really started this process back in February as soon as our move was over and things got crazy at work and with some other stuff that after Finn did his part, I just sort of sat on them.

Yesterday I got this bug up my ass and decided to finish them and make them one of my 29 Projects and I’m happy to share it here! And I’m sending them out. Four months late and all because I don’t care. On the bright side, I am already on top of his birthday thank you’s from not even a month ago. So I’m on the up and up in that area. Some people may be getting two cards in the mail from us. Lucky them!

We set Finn up outside with some watered-down water colors and some butcher paper hung on the pool gate, a paint brush, and his trusty dog and had him go to town. And despite his worried face below, he loved it!

thank_you_cards_3 copythank_you_cards copythank_you_cards_1 copythank_you_cards_4 copy

Afterwards, I let them thoroughly dry for 2 full months (har har) and then cut them up and glued them on the front of some blank craft paper cards and then sprayed the fronts with a light coat of varnish. And now off they go. Voila! Easy peasy!

The final product:

thank_you_cards_5 copy

Can you see his cute handprint on one of them??

29 Projects

This is 3/29 projects that I am attempting to complete before my 30th birthday in May. Wish me luck.