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My First Big Project

Our cats have pretty much destroyed our stairs from the first month that we moved into our house. I’m sure they think that they are one big jungle gym cat tree for them to do whatever they please with. They’ve been clawing at the carpet for years and it’s barely hanging on, on some of the stairs. So, it’s been at the top of our list for the past 3 years. Unfortunately, our budget to redo the stairs has been practically nil. I peruse Pinterest and find these beautiful images of things I can’t afford all the time, but I pin them anyways because well… someday, right? I pinned this particular image a couple months ago without actually going to the site because I thought the stairs looked lovely. Then last week as I was looking back through my pins (which I occasionally do) I clicked on it and I realized that it was actually something that we COULD afford! Enter, Paper Bag Stairs:


I did some more research, more reading, more pinning, more digging, and I totally think that this is something that we could do and we’ve decided that this will be Dan and I’s first big project in our house. Much, much needed project. And after we see how it goes, maybe we’ll do our whole second floor this way. Until we can afford a more permanent solution. Since our cats have pretty much ruined the whole house and I hate carpet. And then we’ll see about the first floor. I think I love it. :) Here’s some more pictures:


Dan and I are going to go and buy a piece of wood and the supplies and give it a go on there first just to see what it looks like and to see if we like the look of staining it or the look of the natural kraft paper in our house better. Then I think as soon as The Kid’s birthday party is over (in 2 weeks), I am just going to give it a go and jump in. After all, I’m a homeowner and I can do these things now and if I fail we’re really no better off than we are now!