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Right Now on 9/30


It’s our favorite month of the year that kicks off our favorite season of the year. The holidays!

WEATHER: Beautiful. 60’s at night. Highs of 80’s in the day. I was talking with some friends the other night at happy hour and someone asked why it can’t be this nice year round and I reminded them because then we’d be in California. Paying California taxes. So, we gotta take our wins where we get them. :)
LOVING: Spending lots of time with my parents. I don’t get sick of them. Is that weird?
CONSUMING: Less fast food. I’m trying to be better. Not perfect, but better. And we’ve been eating healthier dinners. And not eating out.
HEARING: Finn now mimicking all kinds of noises everyday. His dog “bark” is especially funny.
WEARING: Socks to keep my feet warm most nights. Oh and I broke out a Halloween shirt tonight.
READING: What’s that? I pin stuff on Pinterest, does that count? Ain’t nobody got time for reading in this house. :*(
FEELING: Tired from long hours at work and in pain from a kidney infection.
LAUGHING: At Finn every second I am with him. Tonight it was when he brought me his too-small Crocs and insisted that I put them on him so he could walk around then house with them on.
WATCHING: I started watching Fringe and I’m 5 episodes in and really enjoying it. Can’t wait to get our hands on my MIL’s DVR so we can watch the last season of Breaking Bad!
THINKING: Just thinking. Always. My husband asks, “do you ever stop thinking?”. No. I’m always wondering, “what is next?” and trying to check things off my list.
STRESSING: About getting everything finished that we need to in order to list our house on the market. I’ll be SO glad when that is done.
WANTING: To get better and for this kidney infection to go away and not cause me anymore trouble or money. I’ve already been to my doctor, urgent care, and the emergency room. I’ve had 2 urinalysis, bloodwork, and a CT scan. Ugh.
NEEDING: Someone to come pull the weeds in our backyard. And quick! ;)
WISHING: For my mom to be on the mend as well and to start feeling more herself and happier. I know Finn is hard work, but I also know he can bring a lot of joy. I hope he can start doing that for her soon. Gosh I wish we weren’t in such a pickle!
HOPING: We can sell our house pretty quick and be done with it and that it’s not a long drawn out process.
ENJOYING: Spending both nights at my parents’ this weekend. And one of them with Finn where he actually slept in my bed for half the night. It felt like a movie where the kid wakes up in the middle of the night and has to sleep with the parents. It was kinda nice, but I know not to let him get in that habit. But his warmth on my chest was very comforting for that night. <3

Right Now on 8/15


WEATHER: Hot. Too hot. Can’t wait for fall and cardigan weather.
LOVING: Pinterest. I got addicted to it all of a sudden. I was always a “boredom pinner” but lately I’ve been a “serious pinner” like it’s my job and really organizing my boards.
CONSUMING: Entirely too much fast food.
HEARING: Finn knocking on everything with his sweet little fists ever since Grandma taught him how.
WEARING: Shorts, Birks, and plain v-necks.
READING: Defensive driving test questions… fun.
FEELING: Sick. A bad late summer cold. My head, throat, and nose are all throbbing. Mucinex-D, Benadryl, and Ibuprofen have been my best friends all weekend, along with my parents who put up hung out with Finn and I while we stayed over there so Dan could just focus on studying for his final at home all weekend.
LAUGHING: About the fact that neither Dan nor I could figure out how to install Finn’s new convertible car seat in my car. Going to let dear ol’ dad give it a try tomorrow who I’m sure will be successful but if not then it’s off to the fire station!
WATCHING: Newsroom. Loving it. And I watched a little of The Whites with my parents this weekend on Hulu and liked it.
THINKING: About whether I’m truly happy with my place in life. Just droning on everyday… for what?
STRESSING: About starting and finishing my online defensive driving school by Wednesday for the accident I was in and caused last month. =/ (I did. Hooray!)
WANTING: Purpose.
NEEDING: Some new work pants that actually fit my flat ass. Hope I can make it to Old Navy some night this week to buy some new ones.
WISHING: The week will go by fast. If today is any indication of how the week will go, well then I’m already right on track.
HOPING: That Finn will see me as a good, hardworking mother who does everything for him that I possibly can. Who wishes I could be there with him everyday playing cars and tickle monster instead of at my stupid day job 50+ hours a week. Right now I can’t but I really hope one day he sees how much I want to be there and how much I wish I could, but that everyday that I go to work while daddy goes to school to work on his degree is better for our family, for the future because one day not too far around the corner I just might be able to be around more going to the park and library and museums with him more often.
ENJOYING: Every minute that I get to spend with Finn at night. And they literally are just minutes. :(

I wrote this Monday if any of this sounds like the past… it is.

[Right Now on 7/16]


I found this image on Pinterest and found that it was by an artist by the name of Monica Tuazon. It totally spoke to me right now. Also, I am changing my “Right Now” posts up a bit by adding a few more categories. Enjoy reading just a wee bit more about me that you probably didn’t want to know. ;)

WEATHER: Hot, rainy, and humid.
LOVING: That I have 3 big cherry tomatoes on my cherry tomato plant! They’re still green and not edible yet but I can’t wait for them to be! If the birds don’t get them first…
CONSUMING: Too much soda and fast food at work and on my lunches but lots of yummy dinners at home and at my parents on the weekends and after work. I need to find a balance!
HEARING: Literally… the tumbling of the dryer and crickets. Figuratively… too many thoughts in my head which is why I’m writing this post!
WEARING: Lots of maxi dresses, shorts (I’ve lost so much weight I fit into several old pairs of shorts I found that were destined for Goodwill, go figure?!), and my new favorite hippie shoes, my Birkenstocks.
READING: Many blog sites on why the leaves at the bottom of my tomato plant have turned yellow. :(
FEELING: Excited about our trip next week to the beach!
LAUGHING: At our many videos on Vine of Finn laughing hysterical at various things.
WATCHING: We finished Game of Thrones (OMG – they killed the wrong effing king!), just started Newsroom, and I *just* realized that we have yet to finish Hannibal! I wonder if we can still watch the last couple of episodes or if they’ve already been taken down?!
THINKING: About the job Dan interviewed for last month. He got an email last week that said he should hear back before the end of this month. This is where the graphic/quote above comes into play. Some things just take time and we need to be patient. Whichever way it swings. And I hope it swings our way!
STRESSING: That my car may be nearing its end. No, overall it’s quite alright. But it has some flaws I’m really having trouble looking past. My A/C is barely working and in Arizona where it gets to 120 degrees, having a good working A/C is paramount. Finn can’t ride with me without being drenched from head to toe, literally dripping sweat when I go to get him out since almost no air gets to the backseat. :(
WANTING: ^ A new car.
NEEDING: ^ A new car.
WISHING: ^ A new car was feasible.
HOPING: That Ed Snowden is granted temporary asylum so that he will remain safe for as long as is needed to get him to his final destination. I have nothing but hope for that young man.
ENJOYING: Spending time with my parents Tuesday-Thursday when I pick Finn up and Dan is at school.

[Right Now on 6/17]


LOVING: My new garden plants I bought and coming home everyday after work and watering and talking to them with Dan and Finn. Of course all Finn wants to do is tear leaves off but it’s still a fun hobby and I’m enjoying it. Maybe they’ll last more than a month? Or maybe I’ll surprise myself and we’ll actually grow something? We have a cherry tomato plant and basil. And we’re already planning more. There’s something so therapeutic about growing and taking care of them. It’s like a little friendship. Also loving that summer’s pretty much officially here (I don’t care what the calendar says) and that means we refilled the gas on our grill and we’ve been grilling every. single. night.

HEARING: Dan play his new video game, The Last of Us which apparently has “one of (if not THE) best opening sequences in video game history” according to several people on my Facebook profile and Dan. I haven’t been that in to video games since Finn was born and that’s weird coming from me because I grew up playing video games and was a pretty big gamer with Dan up until several years ago. I don’t know, I think it may have something to do with my addiction to my iPhone. =/

READING: Nothing. I need to get on my summer list. I plan on bringing a book camping this weekend although I doubt I will get any reading done at all due to chasing a toddler around. But I’ll still try.

EXCITED: About our camping trip this weekend! My dad has been wanting to go for 2 years and we finally planned a really spontaneous and quick trip. We are going to the same spot we’ve been going to for 10 years. It will be interesting with toddlers who walk this time though. Yikes.

LAUGHING: At Finn everyday. Tonight at dinner it was because he was batting his eyes at us and laughing when we would laugh. He’s so silly.

WATCHING: Still loving Hannibal and are on the edge of our seat even more each week. Love Lawrence Fishborne, Hugh Dancy, and the actor that plays Hannibal. We’re also on the 3rd season of Arrested Development and as soon as we’re done we’ll get to start the new season. Yay!

THINKING: About a job that Dan applied for and he heard back about. They asked for his transcripts and for his availability next semester. Now we’re just hoping they like what they see and his availability will work because this job is perfect. No, more than perfect. It’s exactly what he needs and wants. *crosses fingers but not too tight because we’re scared of getting our hopes up?*

STRESSING: Not too much right now. Believe it or not. We’re feeling pretty alright at the moment.

WANTING: A backyard. This is a reoccurring theme that pops up here about every other “Right Now” post. We’re looking into how much it will cost to rent a tiller (since doing it by hand would be the most back breaking work imaginable) and then we’re going to plant grass pretty soon. To start. It’s a little late to be planting, but it should still be alright for fall playtime for Finn.

[Right Now on 5/26]


LOVING: Long maxi dresses. I’ve bought several recently and they make me feel so pretty. :)

HEARING: Pandora Radio. Finn just loves dancing to music so we have it on pretty regularly. Raffi Radio, Death Cab for Cutie Radio, or Bob Marley Radio. We’re a pretty chill household and he’s a pretty chill kid.

READING: I’m starting to read again. Yes, oh yes. Since one of my last posts where I talked about being present and my “addiction” to my phone I decided recently that instead of being glued to my phone all the time I’d rather be glued to a book. So I got through a good portion of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion as I want to finish that once and for all and then get through several other books this summer that I’ve mentioned here before. And blog more. Because I enjoy it. :)

EXCITED: That we found a solution to Dan not having insurance for a month and he officially is covered again! Thank goodness!

LAUGHING: At me catching Finn on top of the dining table last night as he is now officially climbing on EVERYTHING.

WATCHING: We just finished Hemlock Grove on Netflix and really enjoyed it. And we’re also watching Hannibal and really like it. It’s a very quality network television show. Now we need to hurry up and catch up on Arrested Development so we can watch season 4 on Netflix along with everyone else and their mother!

THINKING: About the job application Dan put in recently and whether we are going to hear back and what we need to do from here and how to go about renting our house. =/

STRESSING: Well we were stressing about our broken A/C for about a week but thanks to my good ol’ dad it’s fixed. The squirrel cage that the air handler/motor was in up in the attic had fallen down and completely broken and therefore wasn’t moving air at all. So, we had to order a part and spend a few nights at my parents while we waited for it to come in and then Dan and my dad went up in the attic and installed it and now it’s as good as new! Saved ourselves several hundred dollars. Pheww!

WANTING: A day off from work. I’m feeling a little burned out. :(

[Right Now on 4/21]


My niece, Annie’s 6th birthday was this weekend, which was a Little Mermaid theme at a karate place and Finn had a blast jumping in a bouncy house for the first time!

LOVING: My family. I am so thankful for them. My mom and dad do so much for us and I know in the months ahead we’re going to be leaning on them more than ever and I know they’ll continue to be there for us and that’s a very comforting feeling. Our whole world was turned upside down in the last month and it feels like it just continues to be floating away from us but they are the one constant. I don’t know what we would do without them!

HEARING: Dan snoring away. I’m letting him sleep in a bit. We have had a really tough weekend emotionally and he’s got 2 more tough weeks ahead with finals so he needs his beauty rest.

READING: Reading is something that I don’t get to do right now and haven’t for quite a while. I need to find a way to fit it in, but right now it’s just not happening. However, I’m still continually adding books to my list to read because I have an ever expanding need for knowledge and entertainment. Right now I have Elders: A Novel, Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar, and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle on my list to read as well as to finish what’s left of The God Delusion and Peter and the Starcatchers. I would like to try to find a way to fit more reading in this summer as it truly is something that I enjoy, but find it very difficult to do with a one year old. Any tips? :(

EXCITED: About taking Finn to the zoo and doing lots of other activities with him this summer. Mostly indoor. The zoo will probably be the last outdoor thing (other than ones that involve water) this spring and then we have lots of things planned like the Science Center and other museums and little day trips out of town as well as going with Grandpa to have a campfire!

LAUGHING: About this coming week as we try to wean Finn off of the bottle. That’s right. Part of me is thinking that maybe the way to control his milk intake is to let him control it, and to do that, take away the bottle so there isn’t this set amount of milk anymore and he will have to work harder for it and maybe he won’t drink as much and he will be forced to eat more food? He doesn’t like drinking milk from his sippy cup but I think at 13 months (other than maybe at bedtime) he’s going to have to get used to it. So yeah, I’m laughing at myself because I know this hair-brained idea is going to turn into a big frustrated mess and I’m probably going to change my mind halfway through this very day when he’s screaming for the bottle. =/

WATCHING: We finished The Walking Dead, well almost. Dan has the last episode to watch. And we started two new shows this week. Hannibal and Hemlock Grove. I like Hannibal (I read Red Dragon many years ago) although at times the acting leaves a little bit to be desired, but I am still really enjoying it. Hemlock Grove we have only watched one episode, but so far we like it. Seems interesting although again, some of the acting could be better. I’m not a fan of Famke Janssen at all, she always seems like she’s acting.

THINKING: About some serious upcoming changes and challenges that our family is facing. Things are going to get very difficult, but I guess now more than ever I realize that I needed to leave my previous employer (something I’ll never be able to go into on this blog). I don’t know what we have ahead, but we have each other and like I said above, we have my wonderful family.

STRESSING: See above.

WANTING: A backyard! We’re in the planning stages of how to make this as cheap as possible but we need to plant some grass so that come fall Finn will have a backyard. :)

[Right Now on 4/2]


LOVING: That I have the next two days “off” of work as I took my last two days as vacation. Then I’m done forever at that job. So, bittersweet. Sad that it turned out the way it did as I would have liked to have stayed there another year or so until Dan finished school but I’m actually glad as this is the kick in the butt I needed to make a change in the job department as I have been miserable for a while as you could see from my last “Right Now” post. Things at the company I work(ed) for just haven’t been the same for a while and the culture has completely changed since I started there and I have had enough. So, I’m going to soak up the next two days off with Finn (other than the two hours of training I have in the afternoon at my new job)!

HEARING: Raffi! Finn and I listen to Pandora on the computer when we’re together and we have a Raffi radio station set up – he’s a favorite of ours. I’ve been listening to him since I was a kid and I love sharing his music and lovely voice with Finn.

READING: Lots of information on COBRA and other job related stuff. I also stumbled across a really interesting article about people who say they “hate children” called Why I Hate “I Hate Children” which made a whole lot of sense to me because it’s something I hear a lot. I wonder if this is something people think about. I’ve always felt that when people encounter children who act out in public, it’s the non-parenting parents who should be hated, not the kids. It’s just so much easier to say they hate kids because kids are an easy target.

EXCITED: About my new job. I’m getting paid less, the hours won’t be as good (although my new boss told me I’d still be working days and would only have to work a weekend every once in a while when a weekend-er has YTO or something), and it’s still pretty far, but most importantly I’m out of that horribly abusive corporate environment that I had been putting up with for too long. And that means a lot. My mental outlook was starting to get really shaky for a while there.

LAUGHING: Sad to say, nothing is making me laugh right now. But I hope that changes soon. :(

WATCHING: I watched Silver Linings Playbook two nights in a row last week and I loved it! I’m also chomping at the bit to finish The Walking Dead. Dan is too busy with school to finish. Admittedly, my parents and I went and watched one episode ahead of him and that’s something I’ve never done to him! I felt too bad to finish the last two, so I’m trying to patiently wait for him to finish the semester for the rest but I don’t know if I can make it.

THINKING: About how much we have been through over the last year and how much stronger we are because of it.

STRESSING: That we may be giving away our male cat that we have had for the entire ten years we’ve been together. He’s having some serious behavioral problems that is resulting in him urinating all over our house and you know that’s a smell that just doesn’t go away. We think it’s related to a male cat who lives outside who pees on our front porch and who likes to taunt our cats by sitting on the back porch and other places. Max just can’t seem to take it because he can’t get to that cat and he’s trying to say, “this is my place”. Dan’s mom has offered to take him on a trial basis to see if he does the same thing at her place, and if not, then it could become permanent. We just can’t have him doing that everywhere with a baby in the house as much as we do love him, unfortunately we don’t have control over this asshole outdoor cat.

WANTING: Normalcy. Time to scrapbook. Goodwill shopping days will the girls. Time to watch movies and cuddle on the couch with Dan. A date. A landscaped backyard. A clean car. Okay, as usual I want a lot. But mostly I just want time with Dan and Finn as a family, we really don’t get that a lot. We spend most of our time at my parents’ M-F and then come home late, go to bed, and on the weekends Dan is upstairs in the office working on homework and I’m downstairs taking care of Finn. So, it’d be awesome to have some time together. :)

[Right Now on 2/18]

LOVING: That Finn took 4 steps last weekend and now has been going 2-4 steps everywhere and is on the verge of full on walking. This is so very exciting for these new parents, and I’m sure Finn!

HEARING: Rain. I’m a little tired of it to be honest. I’m over the cold. I know, I’ve seen the internet meme: “Arizona, the only state where we can’t wait for the cold to end so we can bitch about how hot it is.” Something to that effect. Today’s low is freezing and the high is 57 and I’m chilled to the bone.

READING: Still working on Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion. Once I got over my reservations [about his writing style and voice] I really started enjoying it. I don’t have very much time to read but when I do get a few minutes to steal, I try to soak up as much as I can until I am interrupted. Then after I finally finish that I have the rest of Peter and the Star Catchers to finish.

EXCITED: About Finn’s first birthday party. I imagine it will be small as life is so busy and everyone I know [especially us] is busy, but I want to make it as special as possible. I’m excited that he will be one. And should be a pro walker by then. Roar! ;)

LAUGHING: About something I read on the Internet that said that Obama caused the meteor shower on February 15 to prove that global warming is real. How does that? Really? I just. I. Got nothing.

WATCHING: Downton Abbey! Dan and I love this show so very much. We just finished the season finale and are waiting for the Christmas Special now. We know one thing that happens and it already is seriously bumming us out.

THINKING: About familial ties and the bonds that Finn is forming in his one short year on this earth. How people he hasn’t met yet, people he has, people who have made themselves very scarce, people who have made themselves abundantly present, and how that will have an effect on his life forever.

STRESSING: About a big change that is needed in my life after four years. I am trying to brush up on some of my technical knowledge so that I may make that change at some point in the future here.

WANTING: A vacation. I’m constantly thinking about time away from my life here. Dan away from school. Me away from work. Finn to see a different part of the world, even if it isn’t very far away.

[Right Now on 9/28]

LOVING: That I had the last 3.5 weeks off to not only recover from my very scary and serious back surgery, but for the gift of 3.5 more weeks to spend with my darling Finn.  I was just thinking today that that was the biggest positive out of all of it.  I had so much fun with him and seeing how he and Dan’s days are while I am at work.  Also, I got to spend a lot of time with my mom while she took care of Finn and I, so that was really nice, too.  It was a shitty reason to be off work, but I’m also really thankful for it in the end.  I was able to just focus on recovering and not have to hobble around work in pain.  I’m very thankful that Finn has pretty much had either Dan or I for the first 6.5 months of his life.  What a lucky guy and what a lucky family we are.

HEARING: Finn waking up from a nap on the monitor.  I’m going to miss hearing that next week when I go back to work!  Those first few little whimpers that then turn into him quietly talking to himself.  I sometimes like to just listen and try to picture what he’s doing in there.

READING: Blogs on baby led weaning, of course!  And looking for inspiration online to start Finn’s first few weeks of the Project Life book that I am still making for him.  I’m almost done with week 1… I have set a goal to finish it before this weekend ends.  I think once I get the big stuff out of the way, I should be able to do each week more quickly.  His birth story and first week are obviously a little bit more special than any other week.

EXCITED: For a date night tonight with my sweetie.  We haven’t had one in such a long time.  Grandma Jayne is going to watch Finn tonight.  I’m going to miss being with Dan everyday, in addition to Finn.  He is seriously the best and my heart is just so full of love right now for him.  He’s taken such good care of Finn and I this past month – something that was really hard for me to accept since I’m usually the one who wants to take care of others.  It was a rough month, but Dan’s been truly wonderful and I think he and I are due, and deserve a little night out.

LAUGHING: At my kitchen. I swear, it’s playing a game with me.  I clean it and it tries to get as messy as it can as fast as it can.  This past week I have been trying to keep up on it (ha!) so that making dinner at night is easier.  Well, I load the dishes every night but for some reason, it’s a big mess in the morning still.  But it shall wait til tomorrow when Dan and I deep clean the house.  Because tonight I am all about date night!

WATCHING: Well, Baby First TV is on right now.  But last night we caught up on one of our favorite shows, Face Off.  It’s a competition reality show about make-up artists on SyFy.  We love it.  Another one of our favorite shows, Work of Art on Bravo, we just found out was canceled!  So bummed.  Why is it that the really cool and creative shows get canceled and then things like American Idol and all those others can stay on for 10+ seasons.  Ugh, it hurts my heart.  Work of Art was such an entertaining and quality show.  I hear the producers are trying to shop it to other networks and I hope, I hope, I HOPE someone picks it up!

THINKING: That I really hate cancer.  Someone so dear, I mean SO SO SO SO dear and special to me was just diagnosed with cancer.  And thinking about a world without them is just unfathomable.  Like, it’s inconceivable.  Totally, utterly, inconceivable.  So, I’m thinking a lot about that and it’s really weighing heavily on me.

STRESSING: About work.  I wish everything would just settle down and we can move in the new direction and not have any more changes or surprises thrown at us.  I’m sick of it!

WANTING: More time to scrapbook and work on house projects.  :)