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Right Now: March 2016


I am watching Fuller House on Netflix and unashamedly loving it. I wouldn’t say I was the biggest Full House fan as a kid, but this reboot it exactly as I remember the original, and so for nostalgia’s sake, it’s hitting the spot. Corny as all hell, but just right.

Stressed out as all hell with all of the decisions we have to make about our future with the Count in pharmacy school beginning in June. I think there’s only one other person (than us) on the planet who gets it and that’s my mom. To everybody else, all of our stress and decisions probably seem trivial and like no-brainers, but to us and my mom, they’re really actually deep and life-changing decisions like nobody else could understand. Actually, even my boss told me today that she does not envy my position.

Not really feeling it with school this semester and haven’t put my all into it yet as I have the last three semesters. Maybe that’s because there hasn’t been a whole lot of writing. I am used to writing intensive courses and so far my semester has been a lot of boring discussion boards and easy writing assignments. However, I just turned in my first 8 page paper of the semester and I felt reinvigorated.

So excited as Spring Break is next week from work and school for me and Finn! I plan on getting things ready for his big 4th birthday party and possibly trying to fit in a few museums and parks here and there. And purging paperwork.

Just took another break from Facebook. Again. Getting real fired up about the election and seeing things come into my newsfeed has taken a toll on my mental health. Seriously. If you knew my family, you’d understand. We’re obsessive, passionate, and in my case, a little angry. I needed to step away and literally the ONLY way I can physically or mentally do that is by actually getting rid of it and removing most of the temptation. What sent me over the edge was an argument I had with somebody who said they actually spanked their child for potty accidents. It sent me into a rage. Anyone who knows me knows that children are my weakness (strength?).

Since Finn got sick back in February he started napping in our bed and we haven’t been able to break him of that since. We nap together in my bed everyday, which is nice but I’m afraid I will never get him to nap in his room again! What have we done?

We’re on a “break” from our workout/diet routine. I know, I know. Ever since we all got the flu in February, things got all fucked up. Hoping once were resettled we can get back to a routine. I did lose about 5-6 lbs.

I have very little forgiveness for people who say, “I hate politics”, “I don’t pay any attention to that stuff”, “I don’t know anything about politics”. Because there’s a point where you say that because you really hate it and the whole system, but you still know about it and make sure to stay informed and educated on what’s happening in your country. But if you are willfully ignorant and then complain about shit that you hear on sound bites on the news, well then, I have very little to say to you other than to literally, “fuck off.” If you are one of the dumb idiots keeping our country dumb by not being informed… I don’t even know what to say. Ugh, see?

Right now… I need a vacation.

I wrote this a few weeks ago and figured I better post it before March is over… why do I always do that?

Right Now: December 2015


Recovering from Christmas. I just cleaned up the last of the FOUR bags of wrapping paper and will be hauling those down to the recycling bin tonight. The two days of Christmas spent at our house (due to Finn’s surgery) were joyous and full! <3

Totally geeking out to Star Wars lately. I am by no means a huge Star Wars fan… but we saw the new one last night and LOVED it. I can’t wait to see it again. We watched Episodes 4, 5, & 6 (again) over the weekend and now we are starting episodes 1, 2, & 3. I have so many theories spilling over in my mind!

Anxious for the new rug that my parents got us for Christmas to arrive. It will be so nice to have some new bright colors in the living room that will go more with our new family lifestyle (toys!) than when it was just Dan and I and we had more neutrals, browns, and the animal print thing going on.

Thinking about getting back to eating healthy again. I lost 9.8lbs. last August/September just by counting my calories, but then school got crazy and grading started and eating healthy was the last thing on my mind— but now it is again.

Still helping my little guy recuperate from his big surgery on Christmas Eve where he had his tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy (more on that later). I am SO glad we had it that day so that he and I can both be home while he fully recovers from such a traumatic and painful ordeal.

Thinking again about how much I truly think that I would cut people out of my life if I found out that they were supporters of Donald Trump. It doesn’t matter what relation they were to me, I think if you like and support a guy that espouses hate on the level that he does, you do not belong in my life in any way, shape, or form.

Really enjoying my time off of work, school, and grading, even if it is spent solely at home watching my little guy suffer for most of the day. I know I have said in the past that being a “stay-at-home-mom” is not my gig, but I’m really enjoying it right now. Today I felt so domestic cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming, doing laundry, organizing things in our closet I’ve been wanting to go through for months… but I know it would get old fast, so I’ll just enjoy it while I am. Maybe it’s just the novelty of not having anything else to do for a change?

Still beaming after my first semester at ASU where I took on five classes and got all A’s. But not just all A’s, Three A’s and 2 A+’s! It feels amazing and incredibly validating. I did this while working a 29 hour a week part-time job, another part-time job that was probably equal or more than 30 hours a week, taking five classes, AND still being a mom and not sacrificing TOO much of my time with Finn, although of course some time was sacrificed. As much as I am proud of this accomplishment, I will NOT be doing it again. Next semester I am just taking four classes. ;)

Sad that we missed our annual holiday light visit to the Mormon Temple this year. We’re not Mormon (obviously), but it’s something that the Count and I have done together for most of the nearly 13 years that we’ve been together and we’ve taken Finn twice to in his short four years. But, there just wasn’t time for it with the Count’s work schedule and my grading at night. We’ll see if we make it to Zoo Lights!

Excited but trying not to make a big deal out of it or hold out too much hope, but the Count applied to three pharmacy schools and so far has an interview at one in February. Crossing every body part I have for him (and us!)…

Had a wonderful holiday, even in spite of Finn having major surgery and hope that YOU did, too!

Right Now: November 2015


Tired but trying to endure the rest of my first semester at ASU. I have less than one month week left, but I know there’s a lot to do in that one month week in all four of my classes! The Count tells me that each semester is like a race in a big marathon, I just have to make it to each finish line to catch my breath until I hit the big one.

In the mood to bake all the things but no time to do it! I am pinning shit constantly that I want to eat and bake and sad as my days and weekends come and go where no baking or eating happens.

Feeling creative – I’m determined that this year I am going to finish my “Christmas” cards and send them around Thanksgiving as a Thanksgiving/Fall card. I know I complain about not having a lot of time (which I don’t), but I really want to make time for this. ***As this was written a few weeks ago, felt I needed to update that I ordered my Christmas cards this weekend. Didn’t quite get them out by Thanksgiving, but hey— I’m just glad I am going to be sending them out for the first time in years!

Excited about my new job. I just got a job at the school district I worked at last school year as a Title I clerk. This is my second fourth week and so far so good. It seems easy enough and I especially like that I basically have my own office and will have little contact with kids. Not to sound bad, but they were a lot of work! I want something relatively stress-free with everything else that I have on my plate.

Enjoying the in between weather stage of our weather. It was really cold two days last week where the temps varied between 40 and 60 degrees. Then this weekend it shot up to 75 degrees – making for a perfect day at the zoo! ***This was started a few weeks ago and we’re back to nearly freezing temps again!

Really loving our new apartment. It’s so perfect for us! Trust me when you were used to fitting all your stuff in 2 bedrooms for almost 2 years, a whole apartment feels so luxurious! It’s the perfect amount of space and maintenance for us and we love it.

So thankful that my mom can watch Finn while we’re at work still. I am happy that I got all those months with him, but grateful that she can resume. I don’t ever want to take that for granted. She’s gonna be gone the week of Thanksgiving and we have to *find somebody* and just the thought of leaving him with a stranger has my stomach in knots since we’ve literally never had to do so!

Also thankful to my mom and brother who came over and in one night helped us finally unpack/pack all of the boxes that were lining the walls of various rooms of our apartment and now it finally feels like we are “moved” in and the place looks clean and tidy for the first time! Granted, we mostly moved our boxes of junk that “need to be sorted through” to our closet, so they didn’t just go away, but it still feels super great! Now it feels like we can actually think about decorating…

Getting used to not having all my friends as such as regular part of my life anymore, but Finn hasn’t gotten used to it. He asks about his friends on a daily basis and that especially stings!

Christmas shopping is on a roll! So far we’re done with Finn, myself, my mother-in-law, and pretty much, The Count. Now to worry about everybody else!

I started this post at the beginning of the month and I figured I better get it out before the end of the month so that this picture of pumpkins is relative for one last day. ;)

Right Now: August 2015 Randomness


I am bothered by people who become interested or fascinated with a topic and want to champion it, but don’t really research it other than sharing the latest Facebook post on their wall and spreading half-truths. They also get ALL of their information from Facebook memes or posts which is super annoying.

I am having such a hard time mourning and grieving for my grandfather who died last month because the whole process has become so perverted by my anger towards my dad’s family who took advantage of him in the months before he died and are continuing to do so. Therefore, after the funeral I chose to cut them out of my life because I cannot continue to have this anger and hate in my heart when I think about my loving grandfather.

I have had 2 lumbar spinal epidural injection procedures the last couple weeks and I’m not sure how I feel about them yet. The increased pain the 4-5 days after is pretty bad and I honestly haven’t been able to tell a major difference as far whether they are worth repeating so I’m holding off on the final procedure (you can get a total of 3) until I feel more conclusive about them.

We found a preschool for Finn to help me out with my 4-5 online classes this semester; I need some time to work on schoolwork away from him and with the Count working full time, this may be the only way to get that time. But not only did we find a preschool, we found a good preschool and one we are so excited about! Finn is going to thrive! We went to the parent orientation last night and then Finn got to meet his teachers today and I think this school fits right in with our personal philosophy. Yay!

I have been watching Gilmore Girls non-stop this summer and just finished the final season. I loved this show. The dialogue is quick, cheesy, and witty all at the same time. I love all the references to pop culture and the dynamic between the mother-daughter of the main characters – it makes me want a daughter, almost. And the guest stars on this show are out of control. Almost every episode I am seeing another recognizable face! I’m sad that it’s over (10 years late!) but I can see why it ended. The final season sucked, although the last episode still made me cry.

I have a like-hate relationship with my body. For the most part, I like it. I don’t obsess about my weight or what I eat or *gasp* workout. I know I should to a certain extent because I am getting up there in years and with all my health issues and my parents’ it really is something that I should think about more. However, truthfully I’m really alright with how I look. When I’m about 10 pounds heavier *thats* when I start to hate it. I lucked out and literally have a husband who tells me that he finds me beautiful no matter what but he especially loves my brain.

The Count has started studying for 2 different tests: the GRE and the PCATs. He’s going to take each and throw his hat in both rings (graduate and pharmacy school) and see what comes up first because we’re so desperate to get on our “feet” sooner rather than later. I love watching him study every night. Again. This has me all inspired and itching to get started on my own semester that’s almost a month away still!

Finn just started weekly swimming lessons and we’re so excited for him. He went to his first lesson and cried the whole time but he still listened, didn’t run away, high-fived the instructor, and when we left he told us he wanted to go back next week! So, we thought it was an overall success.

Yay for August and the almost near end of summer. :)

Right Now: March


Sad that I have not been able to blog much this year, but know when I say that I have had no time, that I literally have had NO time. 2 jobs, full-time school, AND a 3 year old make for a very, very busy life.

Really excited about my gel manicure that I got last weekend. I started biting my nails after 5 years of not doing so, and they were really ugly and short, so I decided to get a manicure. The gel is awesome! So shiny over a week and a half later.

Am fighting my urges to eat junk food. Seriously. It’s like, if it’s in the house, I cannot resist it. Absolutely no self control. See pic above.

So relieved to be on spring break! The week before kicked my ASS. Both my jobs at the school district and the university are on spring break and it coincided perfectly with my own school’s spring break. I love waking up to Finn everyday and having nothing to do all day except hang with him (and party prep).

Dealing with horrible back pains. I hope I didn’t rupture or re-rupture a disk. Saw the doctor today and just got put on 2 new medications for this. One is a muscle relaxer that I am supposed to take 3x day and the other is also to be taken 3x a day for nerve pain.

Really happy and sad for Finn’s 3rd birthday on Thursday. Happy because it’s going to be a blast as his cousin, Annie is spending the night for 3 nights and we’re going to be doing lots of party preparations and celebrating our little guy (as we have all week). Sad because, well.. he’ll be 3. :*(

Just received my Associates degree diploma in the mail this week. It is something that I could have gotten years and years ago, but just never applied. Finally did last semester and it feels awesome. Such a huge accomplishment for me across the span of so many years. It’s great to see it in writing. More to come!

Feeling surreal that I got into ASU and will be starting there in the fall. That’s been a dream of mine for so long and I’m so proud that I am actually going.

Trying to eat healthy. Trying. I’m on the P90X diet as I finally decided this week that this weight has got to go. It’s not helping my back one bit and I definitely don’t feel good about myself. I also did a P90X3 workout yesterday and felt AMAZING. However, I’m taking it a little easy now because of my back.

All caught up on my grading for the class that I am a TA for NAU. That was weighing heavily and I’m so glad to be caught up!

Frustrated with the feeling of being the one always putting the effort into relationships and not feeling like it is reciprocal.

Loving Jamba Juice “Strawberries Wild” and as always, my “Caramelizer” from Dutch Bros. Coffee. Those are just two things I can’t get enough of.

Looking forward to hanging with Finn and our friends on Saturday for his rainbow art birthday party!

Feeling a little at a loss as to what to do regarding a family member of mine who is spiraling out of control. The fact is… there’s nothing I or anyone else can do except watch it happen. And that SUCKS.

Annoyed that some people think it is okay for children to watch adult content such as Sons of Anarchy. There’s a story there, but I won’t go there. Just know that I’m very annoyed about it.

Hope you had a great St. Patty’s Day. We sure did! Post to come…

Right Now: January

right now_january

Am all over Pinterest scouring for healthy meal ideas as I plan meals for the next week and a half. I really need to kick my butt in gear in the food department this year.

And speaking of, we are researching gym memberships right now as we really want to get in shape. I stopped taking my migraine medication in October and immediately gained 20 pounds, which I am not happy about. Loving the 2 year membership to 24 Hour Fitness from Costco, but sadly, we don’t have $800 up front to spend. So we’re thinking of saving for that and going to the local recreation center until then.

Still reeling over what a wonderful holiday we had in 2014. We both got entirely too much and felt like we gave too little (money was tight!). But, next year is going to be the year of giving for sure.

Reading for the first time in a year (other than required school reading) and so personally and intellectually satisfied. I am reading Still Alice right now, and up next will be The Night Circus. Then onto my stack of books that we got last year. Oh and I got 2 gift cards to Barnes and Noble, so more books will be happening.

Using Finn as my helper around the house instead of seeing him as a burden while I try to get things done. Today I had him scrub the kitchen table, stove top, counters, and sink — and he loved it. He kept asking what we could wash next. I see great things ahead. *evil grin*

Also potty training Finn like rockstars! After about 3 days, we stopped having pee accidents in his pants (other than the rare occasion) and after a week we didn’t need to even set a timer to ask him anymore – he just tells us. He’ll even tell us while driving down the freeway so we can pull over and use the potty seat that we bring just about everywhere with us now. Pooping is another story and I have a feeling we’ll be fighting that for a while.

Gearing up for a brand new semester. Three of them actually; my own college, the elementary school where I work, and the university where I work as a TA. Last semester was a wild ride and this semester is where I see everything clicking for me.

Planning blog posts as that is something that I want to focus on right now. I neglected my blog the end of last year due to my two incredibly time consuming jobs and three intensive college courses. I love coming here and writing, sharing, and reflecting on areas of my life and adventures, as it really is a big part of my life. And boy do I have a lot to share!

Trying to help The Count with applying to graduate schools. Deadlines are coming up, so we gotta get serious and busy.

Looking forward to The Count officially starting his new job as a pharmacy technician. Right now, we are at the mercy of the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy as they process his application, which has been going on since November.

Really enjoying having full on conversations with Finn. I think I say this about every stage, but this one is definitely my favorite. Right now.

In shock that the mountains all around me in Phoenix are covered in snow! (see pic above)

Kind of laughing that I just got an email that said, “A Beginner’s Guide to Meal Planning” from MyFitnessPal. That must be something popular going on right now with the new year.

Completely unsatisfied with Pei Wei. We were craving Thai food on New Year’s Day (both have colds and cooking was not in the books) but our favorite place was closed, so Pei Wei was right across the street and boy did it suck. They used to be so good to me and were almost a treat. Now I see them as very mediocre expensive fast food. Seriously the last time I will ever get it. I’d rather have Panda Express any day and I never would have said that in the past!

Heading to the grocery store to purchase said meal ingredients.

And that’s us for January right now… Happy Friday!

Right Now: August

doctor_finn copy

Doing a lot of passive job searching for The Count since he’s about to enter his final semester and will be graduating in December. I’m actually even looking at jobs in other states and dreaming about other countries and it has me really excited.

Working on two photo projects at the moment; a photo book for our Europe trip and Finn’s first year Project Life album.

Eating so many home cooked meals and loving it! Finally! I had fast food today for the first time in weeks and it was my mom who bought it. Feels good to be saving money and my cholesterol.

Watching House of Cards and House. So, so much House. Love him and that quirky show. We just finished the second season of Orange is the New Black. I liked it so much better than the first. Focusing on the other characters was a plus in my opinion. I still hate Piper, though!

Glad that this massive second hand consignment project that I took on with the help of my good friend, Tiffany is over with. I spent 12 hours yesterday going through 4 garbage bags of clothes; prepping, hanging, and tagging them. Hoping to make a couple hundred bucks this weekend!

Really trying to motivate my parents (i.e. my dad) to make some home improvements around their house. They have boxes and boxes of wood laminate flooring and tile for all their floors and their counters in the kitchen… they just need the motivation to do it!

Frustrated with Finn’s lack of eating a lot of days. We all wonder what he survives on. And then he’ll surprise us and have a day where he eats GREAT.

Have been avoiding taking pictures off of my phone for a few weeks now so my Instagram updates have been very few and far between because my phone is full to the max. Why is that such a pain to me?

Worried about my 5 month old niece who was just diagnosed with a hole in her heart that most likely will not heal on its own and will require surgery when she’s about 4. Why do the little ones have to go through things like this?!? Hopefully science will have improved so much by then it will be a walk in the park.

Loving Finn’s haircut (above) but now wishing we had waited since we have the BEST. IDEA. EVER for his Halloween costume.

Just so happy and marveling at how much Finn is talking and communicating with us now. It’s THE BEST. He repeats everything we say (which is not so good sometimes…) and it’s just remarkable! And also loving his wonderful personality that shines through more and more everyday through that communication.

Really thinking a lot about out future right now…

Playing a lot of WoW at night once Finn’s asleep with my brother and the Count.

Curious about this new treatment my new neurologist wants to try on me for my migraines; Botox. I’m at the end of the line. They have to take me off of my current meds (which I love) because it’s damaging my kidneys, and 2 others I can’t go on because of other conditions!

Wanting the weather to cool the eft down already. I’m sick of this humidity. Go away monsoons.

Trying to get as many of my Europe blog posts done for my friend Katie before she goes on her big European vacation.

And that’s us for August right now

Right Now: July


Well it’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these! This image will make sense soon, once all my ducks are in a row and I have something great to share with you. But boy, does it feel both terrifying and amazing right now. Don’t know how I’ll feel about it in a couple of months! ;)

Contemplating a huge life decision I just made and how I need to get started on my next steps very soon (more to come later – sorry for being so elusive?).

Loving that Finn asks me to “kii” (kiss) any owwies he has, even if he has to make one just to get me to kiss it.

Watching House M.D. and nothing else although we have a lot of tv to catch up on! We just finished Game of Thrones so we’re in this weird in-between phase.

Really enjoying that we finally got our pool to clear up and we are now officially swimming everyday. Finn, 2-3 times a day.

Thinking about how hard it is to mesh two families in one household but that I really need to do a better job on my part.

Missing Aaron Swartz and the brilliant, kind-hearted soul that he was. Just watched this documentary on him last week and was saddened at the needless loss of his young life, ashamed of our government, but hopeful for more people just like him out there. Speaking of the government…

I am hating our Supreme Court right now for making the absolute worst decision in the history of the United States of America with their Hobby Lobby Decision. Fuck all those guys and Hobby Lobby. Totally will never shop there again (not that I have in over a year or so anyways).

Eating a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches this past weekend and am totally happy with every one of those decisions.

Marveling at how Finn is now starting to use sentences! I’ve always felt that he’s been a little behind in the talking department (but ahead in other departments) so I’m in awe that he’s now starting to put together two and three word sentences.

Wanting to make this french toast casserole after my friend made it for our cabin retreat last weekend. It was divine!

So happy with my new skin care system by Mario Badescu.

Buying too much fast food and take-out. I have a feeling that will change now that I’m not working (oh did I just let the cat out of the bag?).

And that’s me right now…

Right Now on 4/9

Finn Right Now

I know I need to update the kid’s actual 2 year post (!) but I wanted to drop in with a mini right now update on a few things that I never want to forget. His talking has really taken off and before he is super proficient and mastering all these words, I thought I’d write down all the wonderful, cute ways that he says them… and a few other things that warm my heart right now.

The way Finn says strawberry as “bur-bay”. And how much he loves them.

And milk as “noK” (enunciation on the “K”).

Or George as “Gorge”, as in Curious George.

Or the way he says rainbow as “bow bow” when he wants to read one of his two rainbow books that he loves so much. And yet, he still says rain any chance he gets when water splashes on him or when he turns the shower on accidentally in the bath.

Computer as “pater”.

“Conkles” are sprinkles or twinkle.

Outside is “diiie”, very dramatically when he wants to go outside.

Uncle Jack is “Jaa”, who he spends a lot of time with.

He learned to say Finnegan: “Tin-gen”. I should post a video of that… see below!

Our dog Sadie is “Saa-ie!” with an exclamation point, every time.

Crayon is “gan”.

“Har” is for heart, which he can name when he sees one, his other favorite is a star which he’s been good at recognizing and naming for a couple months now. <3

That he knows most of his colors including black and white, except blues and greens as they confuse him (they’re too alike!). Purple and red are his favorites and most easily recognizable.

That he hums and sings along to Baa-Baa Black Sheep and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with us or alone when it comes to him. :)

Drum is “daum” as he beats on our bongos and then claps and exclaims excitedly and waits for us to to the same.

Loves water. He grew out of saying “wa-wa” many months ago and I just love hearing him say water for most any liquid.

The way he says baby when he sees a picture of a baby, including himself! Please continue to see yourself that way, Finn… just as I do. :)

Anyways, that’s just a little snapshot of his words right now. At least the ones that I can think of and that really stick out at me that I truly want to bottle up and never forget.

Right Now on 12/29


[I don’t know this image’s source]

I slacked off on these the last few months. The holidays are always so busy. I want to continue with these posts next year because I like the “snap shot” of what’s going on “right now” to look back on, but I’m going to simplify it a little bit.

This quote really resonated with me lately. I got a little high and mighty recently and this grounded me and brought me back down. I had to remind myself that everybody has different experiences and reasons they’ve been brought to the point they are and the same goes for myself and I’m nobody to judge. Definitely nobody to judge.

Thinking about how the holidays are over and now it’s back to trying to sell our house so things need to be in tip top shape.

Or do they? Contemplating how we could possibly stay in our first family home and what the best decision is for our family.

Watching Fringe and How the Universe Works.

Listened to this interview on Science Friday and it had a profound effect on me. Love that man.

Reading Flight Behavior.

Still eating all of the delicious treats I made this Christmas.

Buying Halos and Cuties by the bucket.

Marveling at how big Finn is getting and how pretty soon I’ll barely be able to carry him.

Loving Finn’s love for his new vocabulary: red, nine, water, & more.

Pinning the hell out of Pinterest.

Wanting to make this cake.

So very thankful for all the thoughtful and amazing gifts that the 3 of us got this Christmas.

And that’s me right now…