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Pregnancy Update: 37 Weeks! What’s New?

It feels like a whole lot, but really it’s not.  Thought I should update this before Finn comes and things are just too hectic to update on a regular basis.  I’m staying home from work today to relax due to a rough night of (fake) contractions as well as a killer allergy attack.  My ears and throat have been killing me due to all the congestion and drainage.  And good thing I’m home today because there’s a severe pollen warning for my city as well as bad air quality all around for the metro Phoenix area!  Can’t see my precious mountains in my backyard.  :(

Okay, so here I am at 37 weeks.  This was last Friday.  Technically full term, meaning if he were to come now they wouldn’t do anything to stop labor.  He could just come.  And boy do I wish he would!  I’m so tired lately.  Tired of working, tired of trying to roll myself in and out of bed all night to pee, tired of getting winded just walking up the stairs, tired of having to contort my body just to get in and out of the car, just tired!  So many things I never thought I’d feel and so many things I thought I had “escaped”.  The first being swollen feet.  I have very narrow, slim, nice feet normally, and I hadn’t had any swelling the entire pregnancy so I thought I was one of the lucky ones to escape that.  Wrong!  About 2 weeks ago they swelled up like the best of ’em and haven’t really gone down since.  It’s uncomfortable.  Not painful, just this tight, uncomfortable feeling.  It’s worse after I’ve been sitting at my desk for 10 hours at work.  What else?  My trips to the bathroom have dramatically increased since the baby dropped at 35 weeks.  That’s no fun considering my desk at work is very far from the bathrooms, and trying to roll myself out of our bed (with no frame) 3-4 times every night is quite the task.  Dan says I speak my own language of grunts and sighs now.  About the only thing that really makes me feel better anymore is a hot bath, except I can’t get in and out of it myself!  Dan has to do all the lifting and sometimes even start the bath and plug the drain because bending over is too much.  Crazy.  I feel like an old person!  I forgot to mention the swelling in my hands in addition to my feet!  I woke up one morning with full on carpal tunnel syndrome.  Turns out, it’s common in pregnancy due to the swelling pushing on that nerve.  Really painful every morning when I wake up.  Have to run my hands under hot water every morning or soak them in the scalding shower so that I can even make a fist!

As far as baby business, we are done with our childbirth education classes.  We did those 2 Saturdays in a row at the hospital across the street where we are going to deliver at.  Didn’t learn much more that we didn’t already know, but it was good to reaffirm that we’re pretty ready as far as that goes and also good to hear what this specific hospital’s policies and procedures are.  We are pretty much done in the nursery.  Mom ended up surprising us with the most beautiful “mobile” for above his crib made of these gorgeous fabric and ribbon jelly fish.  I know she spent so much time, effort, and money on them and we are just thrilled.  They turned out adorable and I really think she could make money selling them on Etsy or something.  I’ll post pics of those in another entry.  We finally did our maternity shoot this past Sunday and so far are really happy with the few preview pics we’ve gotten back.  I will definitely post those as well once we have them back, which I hope is soon!  So glad we did that, we may decide never to have another kid, so having these to look back on of me pregnant will be really nice mementos!  We deep cleaned our house 2 weeks ago, got the air ducts/dryer vents cleaned last Friday, are having the carpets cleaned on Tuesday, finally found a solution for the bassinet mattress pad so he has a place to sleep when he comes home, almost done with my little project I started on the burp cloths (again, I’ll post about that later!), and mom is also starting on the quilt she wanted to make for Finn.  My mom’s the best, have I said that before?  Well, she is.  She’s been such a huge help.  I know she would do this for anyone that asked, that’s how amazing she is.  I went to my mom from the beginning and told her I wanted her help with all these different projects and of course she was happy to do them.  I’m so lucky to have such a talented, giving, creative, and fun mother – she’s already the best grandma to my 2 nieces, and I know she’s going to be equally as good to her new grandson.  I still need to work on baby announcements to fill and send out once he is born… so that’s another thing on the agenda.  Anyways, Crystal is coming on Saturday (I think?) and I really hope Finn decides to come while she’s here.  Baby dropped at 35 weeks, I’m dilating, other things happening, so yeah, things are progressing.  It’s so exciting and overwhelming all at the same time to think that Dan and I are going to be parents sometime in the next 16 days.  I hope sooner!  Today is good for me, Finn… just FYI.  ;)

Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks!

30 weeks

Well, here we are in the third trimester.  Actually been there a few weeks, but I’m slacking on the updates of course.  10 weeks left!  If that.  I have really slacked on taking pictures as the pregnancy progresses, period.  What I’ve posted on this blog is all I’ve got!  12 weeks, 18ish weeks, 23ish or something weeks, and now 30 weeks.  Oh well.  Let me do a run down of how the pregnancy has gone.

I didn’t really talk about it or tell anybody because I didn’t want it to be a big deal until it had to be, but at my 18 week ultrasound they found that I had a marginal placenta previa.  Which basically meant that the placenta attached itself really close to the cervix, and not at the ideal spot which is  the top of the uterus.  These are fairly common in women, but most of the time as the uterus expands they move up the side and out of the way for baby’s exit.  They can be bad if they don’t move or if they’re right on or touching the cervix because when labor begins it causes a lot of bleeding and can be life threatening for both baby and mother.  They don’t do vaginal deliveries if this is the case, it’s solely C-section.  So… they wanted to check mine again between 26-28 weeks to make sure it moved up and if not, I would have had to go on bed rest until about week 36 and then they would have done a planned C-section.  Luckily, at 26.5 weeks it was in the CLEAR!  It needed to be 2.5cm away from the cervix for a normal delivery, and mine was 3.5cm away.  So, good news.  Still, really weird that ONE CENTIMETER makes that big of a difference, but I’ll take it!  Everything on that front is good.

Another thing that was found recently was that my thyroid was slightly hypo!  Totally bizarre.  I see an endocrinologist for my PCOS already (the same one Dan sees for his hypothyroid) and he does bloodwork every 3 months and I’ve never had a high or low thyroid.  To my knowledge.  So, they repeated bloodwork and then wanted me to see the perinatologist again to assess that.  I saw him 2 weeks after my 26.5 week ultrasound where they did another and he put me on a very low dose of Synthroid, the same medicine Dan takes for his thyroid, only a much, much lower dose.  Mine was barely hypo and the doc said that normally an endocrinologist wouldn’t treat it (it was .79 and should be +.80), but because he’s a perinatologist and is concerned with 2 patients, both mother and baby, he didn’t want to take any chances because a low thyroid can have an affect on baby’s IQ and development.  Sooo… on that med now.  And he said after baby is born I likely wouldn’t need it, but we’ll have to keep checking my blood to determine that.

Okay what else… weight-wise I’m feeling pretty good.  I’ve gained 19.6 pounds.  And weirdly enough, haven’t gained anything since December 21st! I somehow made it out alive during the holidays!  Finn is definitely still gaining though, so they aren’t worried.  He went from 2.2lbs at 26.5 weeks to 3.3lbs at 29 weeks.  I know my weight gain will start picking back up here, probably now, as the books tell me that I will gain 1lb a week until the end.  That puts me right where the doctors wanted me to be at, between 25-35lbs total.  So, we’ll see how that ends up.  I feel pretty good that all my weight gain has been in my belly.  My arms, legs, butt, and chest are still pretty much the same.  My face is hard to tell as it’s always chubby (got those famous chubby cheeks and double chin I’ve had since I was a toddler), it may be noticeable in the face, but not much in my opinion.  And I’m the hardest one on myself!

So, movement.  Yeah, there’s lots of it!  I remember telling my sister-in-law, Mary, around Christmas that I still hadn’t felt hiccups and was curious as to how they felt.  Then about 2 days later they started (which was 2 days before 29 weeks – I think!).  Aaaaaand they pretty much haven’t stopped since then.  He has them alllll the time.  Which is slightly annoying sometimes and cute others, feels like an extra heart is beating in my abdomen.  But I’m told that hiccups are a sign of a healthy baby as they are the start of baby learning how to “practice breathe”, so to relish them.  Dan can feel them, too.  He thinks they’re awesome.  I for the most part do love every movement very much, but some are slightly less ideal than others.  The kicks, punches, and wiggles are totally fine.  It’s the pushing he does like he’s trying to burrow right through my abdomen that are not the cutest.  Just imagine someone using all their force (okay so baby’s force isn’t quite that strong, but it is all HIS force) and pushing on your arm and you’re trying not to let them push you over.  Kind of like that.  Only, he can’t knock me over.  ;)

I’ve also reached the point in the pregnancy where I am tired allll the time.  I get 7-10 hours of sleep on a regular basis, even on weekdays, so I’m definitely not lacking sleep.  I just get so tired halfway or a quarter through my day even.  And I hear it only gets worse going forward.  So, I’m really glad that most of the nursery is done and all the hard work is out of the way.  Well, sort of.  There is that one job I still have to do in March which will top them all.  ;)  I’m tired and I’m finding out quickly I can’t do the things I want to all the time.  Just leaning over the washer to grab clothes and bend over to switch them to the dryer, after about 2 times doing that my abdomen feels like I did about 1000 sit-ups.  It’s not comfortable.  Same for loading and unloading the dishwasher.  Lifting up the toilet lid.  Yeah, pretty much anytime I have to bend my abdomen I’m intensely sore.  Going to need Dan’s help a lot with this in the coming weeks.

Anyways, it’s been a really rough week for our family with losing Dan’s grandma and I think that’s sort of wearing on me.  I was down all this weekend for some reason and irritable and not myself, and that probably has a lot to do with it.  But, we have a lot to look forward to in the next 2 months.  Baby “Shower” Celebration next weekend for all our family and friends (we didn’t go the traditional “girls shower” route – more on that later), child birth and education classes at the beginning through the middle of February, a maternity shoot at some point in February, and then my bestie, Crystal is going to come out during her spring break in March to be with me!  I’m so excited for that.  I hope Finn decides to make an early entrance so she gets to meet him, but if not, I’ll still love seeing her and spending time with her.  I miss her so much and wish she was here for all this pregnancy/baby stuff so bad.  :(

That’s it for now!

Finn’s Latest Mugshot

I know a lot of people aren’t a fan of the 3D images of the baby… but that’s pretty much all we get!  They don’t really take any good B&W profile shots of baby’s cute shape.  All our B&W shots are of his heart and my placenta/cervix!  Haha.  Regardless of anyone’s preference, this shot looks so cute.  At our last ultrasound (a week ago) we took my mom and I hope she thought it was a cool experience.  We get another one next week.  Being a high risk pregnancy does have its advantages I guess – lots of ultrasounds.  Which I’m sure are going to cost me lots of moolah!

What’s New?

Well… Dan and I are just starting to get over the plague that we had last week.  He got it first, last Saturday, and then I got it by Tuesday.  He was absolutely miserable the whole week and looked terrible!  I was so hoping I wouldn’t catch it.  But, being pregnant with an already suppressed immune system, I guess I was bound to get it.  Friday I had my monthly check up and doctor looked in my ears and said they were super red and full of fluid, so I had me a double ear infection and an upper respiratory infection on top of it.  She prescribed me some antibiotics (they don’t mess around when you’re pregnant and have asthma – don’t want it turning into pneumonia which can be deadly) and even a refill for Dan in case he got sick again.  Since sometimes things can just keep getting passed back and forth.  I did my nebulizer every 4 hours all weekend, drank tons and tons of water, and took Tylenol Cold Severe Congestion like it was going out of style.  Today was the first day I didn’t feel like death, but sounded like a 60 y/o woman whose smoked all her life when I coughed.  Yuck.  But I think I am on the mend!

Here I am at 24 weeks now.  Huge.  I feel so so huge.  I feel like I look like women who are close to giving birth.  And yet I still have 3 months and a lot of change.  So, that is sad.  I so hoped at the beginning of this that I would be one of those lucky ones that didn’t get all huge.  Fat chance.  Literally.  My mom keeps telling me she gained 50 lbs. with all 3 of my brothers – and it’s not helping.  I do not want to gain that  much weight.  With PCOS, I would never be able to take that off.  At least not for a really long time.  So far, weight wise, I still feel I am at a pretty good number.  I just look at myself in the mirror and get all grumbly and sad about how huge I am.  Oh well.  No stopping it now!  And of course the holidays are not helping!  Had a whole pumpkin pie to myself over the course of a week since Thanksgiving.  Baaaaaaad.  Why would I post this picture if I’m feeling so bad about myself – well, for posterity reasons of course.  Also, I really need a haircut.  On Friday.  Before the big GoDaddy Holiday Party.  Also, this was Saturday the day I felt like complete DEATH, so my face looks terrible.  But I managed to smile.  For posterity’s sake, remember?  Ugh.

24 weeks

(Again, WordPress, with the formatting???  Ugh I hate you!  I just want the picture centered and nothing I do is making that happen.)

The bright spot of my weekend was that the girl I hired to do my crib bedding finally finished it!  Yay!  It was rainy, windy, and nearly freezing temps so I almost waited to pick the bedding up next weekend.  But really, who are we kidding?  I’ve been waiting 2 months for that, there’s no way I was going to be able to wait any longer!  And I looooove it!  It’s so adorable and is everything I pictured and more.  I put it on the bed, but it’s not finished because we need to order a mattress this week so we can actually put the sheet on and have it look finished.  Here’s a sneak peek of the crib bumper.

Without the mattress there is this gap of space between where the bumper ends and the crib skirt starts, so it doesn’t look complete.  Once I get that, you know I’ll be updating this.  I can’t wait.  It feels more done although we still have so much more to go.  Like all the artwork that Dan’s planning on doing.  He’s just waiting for this semester to be over and to be done with finals and then to finish up all his Christmas gifts he’s making for people since we’re tight on money this year.  Here’s the dresser with the changing pad cover that she made as well as a project Dan was messing with a couple months ago for the walls.  Oh and don’t mind the mess of paint supplies on the right, still haven’t moved them out since we have to repaint the blue – which is even more apparent now that we got the bedding back!

And finally, I just have to share the most perfect little storage bin that I found at Target on clearance that was marked at $11.40, but when we got up to the register to actually pay for it, was marked down even more to the low low price of $7.00!!!!  And it’s the perfect color and just what I wanted for storing books and blankets in by the future glider for late night feedings!

The Republic of Tea


I have to admit – one of the benefits of being on a budget and cooking our own meals is that we eat pretty darn good.  Nothing processed, frozen (other than meat), or packed with any additional preservatives, normally.  We use mostly fresh ingredients and keep it pretty simple.  I say this as I’m eating salsa and Velveeta cheese product.  It’s leftover from our beer cheese soup the other night and it’s not something I eat very often, so I’m okay with it.  Anyways, the moral of this post is that because we’ve been eating so healthy and really controlled what goes into our food for the most part (other than the obvious BS we CAN’T control), we have not had fast food in quite a while.  I say beginning of October was the last time I did.  Taco Bell.  And it was glorious.  Taco Bell is certainly my weakness when it comes to fast food.  Last night I was spending time with my mom and we were heading over to Eric & Mary’s house to see the baby and Annie before my mom and dad left on their short trip to California this morning.  I was really hungry and so we decided to stop at Jack in the Box on the way to bring them food as well as some for ourselves.  I got 2 tacos and a curly fry.  No drink, I stuck with water.  Yes – 2 of those glorious, translucent, grease filled pockets with soy, beef, and cheese product and a sprinkle of lettuce.  I have always loved their tacos, and after doing some research on the internetz today, it seems I am not the only one.  I ate them, it was all good, we left, and on the drive back to my parents’ I got horribly sick.  My stomach was in PAIN.  It was awful.  We got home and I just sprawled out on my parents’ couch and whimpered from the pain.  It seems fast food was not good to me after such a long departure from my palate.

Now, where does this Republic of Tea come in, you ask?  My mom had some in her pantry and she recommended me sipping some to help me feel better.  Okay I know tea has a lot of healing properties and all, so sure, I was all for it.  She made me a hot mug and I started sipping away.  Literally in minutes I was feeling better.  I know this isn’t magic tea or anything like that and that the temperature probably had more to do with it than anything – but it was so calming.  I asked for a second mug.  And I sipped that right down as well.  Before long I was feeling back to my normal self.  And I found my new favorite tea.  My mom sent me home with 4 tea bags to hold me over til I could get my own can of this soothing tea myself.  I am glad to have discovered it.  Now, I better go make myself a mug right now before this horribly unhealthy cheese/salsa blend gets the better of me.

Pregnant Profile

I’m still learning to accept my pregnant body, it is shocking sometimes to look in the mirror, but overall I’m okay with it.  Dan managed to snap this shot of me the other night lost in la-la land or something, having a moment to myself, amid all the chaos of our new family member, Katie,  joining us in this world.  I thought it was a good shot, so I’m willing to share it here.  I know people always want to see the pregnant pics.  So — here you go!

An Environmentally, Health and Cost Conscious Mom and Dad?

Never thought I’d say those words.  In keeping with my promise not to “baby-up” my Facebook page too much, here I am making another blog post.  Okay so I’m not some kind of hippie (not that that’s a bad thing to be called!) as I know that I still do A LOT of damage to my environment and the planet.  There are some things I am interested in doing now that we are having a baby, adding yet another footprint on the earth.  Definitely for the benefit of us and the baby,  but also for the environment, and then there’s the cost factor.

I’d say the biggest is that we have chosen to cloth diaper.  I know, it’s crazy.  It’s going to be A LOT of work.  And it’s not PERFECT as far as the earth is concerned, but I feel it’s a step in the right direction.  Disposable diapers make up a huge part of the garbage that we dump in our nation’s landfills each year (4%).  With an average of about 60 diapers per week, that’s 6240 diapers for the first 2 years that I could be saving from sitting in our landfills which they think could potentially take 250-500 years to decompose.  I know there’s the other part of the environmental debate, that we’ll be using our wash machine at least every other day, if not everyday, and the cost of the energy and the water is nothing to scoff at!  I guess I had to pick what I felt the lesser of the 2 evils was.  We do have a brand new washer and dryer which we bought when we moved into our house, so they aren’t as bad as some of the older W/D’s that used ungodly amounts of energy and water, but it’s still not one of those fancy and smart energy efficient front loaders.  We would love to have one before baby comes, but know that most likely will not happen.  But it still could happen eventually.  The other part of of our choice was cost.  Cloth diapering is very expensive up front.  Probably going to cost us about $400 for everything.  However, with the average cost of between $1600-2300 using disposable diapers by the time they are potty trained, I feel like $400 is a much wiser choice for us.  Now, I haven’t ignored the fact that it will certainly be more than $400 in the end.  The energy and water costs are still going to be substantial.  I guess if anything we’ll be able to save ourselves a few late night trips to the store to buy diapers.  We definitely are not rich, are definitely struggling like the other 99% ;), and so this felt like overall a better choice for us.  And finally, I felt that the health benefits of cloth diapering far outweigh disposable diapers.  I’ve read that disposable diapers increase the temperature inside the diaper versus a cotton diaper that breathes which can brew more bacteria and cause more diaper rash.  Of course I’ve also read that there are no significant differences in diaper rash between cloth and disposable diapers.  I choose to believe that having a cloth diaper pressed against my babies skin rather than a disposable filled with chemicals to increase its absorbency is better in the end.  Knowing this, yes, I realize we will probably have to change baby’s diaper more often.  I’m really okay with that.  Yes, I’ve read all sides of the debate, neither one is perfect (at the end of the day, we’re still talking about how to deal with WASTE), so I know there will be those that will challenge our decision or disagree with it.  Guess it depends on which studies you read.  I know the internet can be a fickle thing and you can pretty much find something to support or unsupport anything you desire.  I don’t plan on judging those who choose to go with disposable diapers.  I think cloth diapers are a big commitment, and one that I really hope that we can stick with.  But – you never know.  We may find that it doesn’t work for us.  We’ll see next year!

Find out more about the benefits of cloth diapering here.

We chose to go with BumGenius’ new Freetime diaper (above).  I follow/read a lot of mommy blogs these days (fucking weird, right?) and especially ones that lean towards being environmentally and health conscious.  These were really recommended.  We’re also going with cloth wipes (duh?!).  And we’ll be getting a diaper sprayer to hook up to our toilet to help our diapers stay cleaner and stain-free longer.  Cloth diapering is not like it used to be!  I know when we told my parents and Dan’s mom that we were going to do this, all 3 of them thought we were crazy and said we would change our minds shortly after realizing how much work it is.  We’re slowly trying to win them over by explaining to them how the new cloth diapers are and how they are nowhere like the old school pre-folds (although we still plan on having some of those around for when we are behind on laundry) where you have to dunk and squeeze like back in the old days.  They’re as simple and easy as disposable diapers, only instead of taking them out to the trash, we’ll be throwing them in the wash.  I know once we get them and we show them how they work, they will see this and be in full support and even be willing to do it themselves when they’re watching baby.


Another thing we’ve chosen to use with baby (For now he will be called baby on these posts.  We’re chosen a name but are not ready to reveal it on the blog yet!) are glass bottles.  This one is pretty basic.  Glass is one of the greenest man-made materials on the planet and 100% recyclable.  It’s also free of BPA and other toxic chemicals that can possibly seep into its contents.  Glass also keeps something at a constant temperature longer.  With milk for a baby, that’s probably a good thing.  I know that now most bottles are BPA-free and most parents wouldn’t dream of purchasing anything but BPA-free, but only glass is 100% BPA and toxic chemical-free.  The jury is still out on all the BPA-free plastics out there and what other chemicals in the plastic can do.  I thought we’d bypass any potential harm by going glass, but admittedly, I happened to run across these adorable Lifefactory bottles and the decision was made for me.  Made from durable glass (in France no less), with fun, colorful silicon sleeves to protect it from drops/falls (silicon being made from sand, just as glass is), and converts to a toddler sippy cup as well as has caps to hold solid foods (such as Goldfish, mmmm!).  The only other con, other than them being more breakable that plastic, is that they are expensive.  At $12-15 a pop they definitely aren’t cheap.  But I’m told that we won’t need that many.  A lot of people go overboard and get like 15-30 dang bottles, but really it’s not necessary.  As long as we stay up on washing them regularly so baby always has one ready, we should be okay with the few that we will have.  We have several things in our kitchen that we use and only have one of, which requires almost daily washing, so that’s not the end of the world for us.  I’m really excited for them.  If we hadn’t gone glass, our other front runner was stainless steel.  In fact the toddler sippy cups we were looking at were stainless steel, until we discovered that the Lifefactory bottles convert to sippy cups.  We are, however, going with stainless steel plates/bowls/utensils for baby once we’re at that point.

You could Google and find a million articles on glass vs. plastic bottles – I found one brief one here.

Another environmental and health conscious route we decided to go with was to use organic and natural baby products, such as shampoo, lotion, bubble bath, etc.  Actually for this category, health won out over the environment.  I was allergic to metal as a baby/child, including the little snaps from my Carter’s pajamas and Dan has the most sensitive skin I have ever come across.  He’s got faded scars all over his chest/back from all the little stickers that the hospital has stuck on him over the years for the heart monitors.  He also gets rashes on his shoulder every time he goes to the gym from the equipment and gets little indentations on his back/arms from our sheets that have little threaded dots all over them that stick out which take a few days to go away.  Needless to say, we don’t use those sheets anymore.  So, we wanted to be prepared for the possibility of baby having sensitive skin as well.  We chose to go with California Baby products for shampoo/body wash, and calendula cream for for face, body, diaper rash, cradle cap, eczema, dry skin, etc.  It’s rated really highly on lists for both the environment and health.  We also decided to go with Badger Baby sunblock to protect the boy from the sun’s harmful rays.  It’s at or close to the top of almost every list I could find online, including the EPA’s.  The down part of all these is that they are considerably more expensive.  But hey, I spend a bit more on my own beauty arsenol like make-up and shampoo/conditioner that’s animal cruelty-free, so I figured I could do the same for baby.  Luckily, we’ve chosen just 3 products to keep it minimal so we don’t have a million creams for different things, in an effort to try to keep the cost down.  The calendula cream was highly recommended for lots of different health solutions for baby.

This decision was definitely reaffirmed for me when I heard yesterday that Johnson & Johnson, you know the “baby experts”, the trusted “no more tears” brand, the one that almost every new mother/father is gifted due to its “trusted” name – has had 2 toxic chemicals in their products that they have finally agreed to phase out in the next TWO YEARS due to health concerns.  Read more about that here.

And lastly, we are hoping to have a 100% breastfed baby.  Dan, with his medical education background, is a huge proponent for this.  I never had given it much thought before.  Growing up with daycare kids I only ever saw babies being fed formula that their parents provided to my mom, so I think I just assumed that was the way to go.  Plus, I guess the immaturity in me felt that it would be weird to breastfeed.  However, with Dan having such strong feelings about the benefits of it, I thought it would be important to give it a try.  Now, 5 months into the pregnancy and many hours of research later, I am so totally 100% gung-ho about doing it and making it work at any cost.  There are almost no cons to breastfeeding, as opposed to formula which has countless cons.  And sticking with our theme – it’s free.  Breastfeeding supplies (such as pumps and everything that go along with those) are now tax-free as of this year (after years and years of pediatricians, parents, and pro-breastfeeding foundations fighting Uncle Sam for that one).  I’m stoked.  I’ve already signed up for a breastfeeding class, bought a book on it, and looked up foundations in my area that will be there to help answer my questions and even come to my house if needed once baby is born.  My mom had trouble with it for all her kids due to not having enough support from the military doctors as well as our society who at the time looked down upon it.  I’m determined not to let that happen to me.  My mom had a discussion about it the other day and how during the 50’s (right as moms started working regularly) breastfeeding took a backseat to formula.  My grandma made my mom’s formula out of water, evaporated milk, and a dash of corn syrup to make it sweet.  It’s so sad that our society put such a stigma on women’s bodies and breasts were made into such a sexual body part, as opposed to a source of food for life.  It wasn’t as acceptable to see women breastfeeding, and still isn’t here in the states.  I remember on our trip to Europe I saw women whipping them out all over the place to feed their baby and how odd that seemed to me.  Now, in the position I am in, I think, GO MOM!

Read more about breastfeeding here, although this is hands-down the way to go and I don’t think anybody could argue otherwise.  Not that I would judge a mom who decided to go with formula.  Breastfeeding is harder than it looks and you need the right amount of support to be successful with it.

I think that about covers it for now for this post.  A very long one indeed.  But it felt good to write it because it helped reaffirm that we have made the right decisions.

Ok, So More on Baby

12 weeks

21 weeks










Admittedly, this blog may be very baby related for a while.  It’s pretty much consumed our lives at this point.  This is why I’m posting about it on my blog and not Facebook where I know there are many people who could care less about our baby adventures.

Dan and I have always talked about kids but for the most part we leaned the other way.  We like our lives just the way they are and we also were afraid of anything taking away from the love we have for eachother.  Dan always said he didn’t know if he’d be able to share any of the love that he has for me with anybody else.  I felt the exact same.  How could I ever love another human as much as I love Dan?  The answer: I can’t and I won’t ever be able to.  But I can love them totally differently.  And we will.  I know we’re going to meet this little guy and he’s going to change our whole world and both Dan and I will love him instantly as much as one another, but completely differently.  We already do just talking to him at night and sharing his movements.

Something happened while we were in Europe where we realized there is this whole, huge world out there and how amazing would it be to share it with a third person?  We’ve been together nearly 9 years (in February), married for nearly 3 (next month), been through the worst struggles you could imagine early on, gone on many amazing trips so far together, and just grown with each other so much that we felt that it was right.  We got home from Europe in June and decided that we were going to start trying.  With my health condition (PCOS – the #1 cause for infertility in women) I didn’t think it would happen so fast.  I talked to my doctor, took all the right preparations, went on/off all the right meds, read the books, and figured it could be 6 months to a year before we had any success, if at all.  Thankfully, I was wrong!  Our first month trying was a success.  It was shocking but in a totally good way!  We were really lucky not to have to go through that struggle months over.  I think it is because I take really good care of myself and my PCOS.  I’ve been on the meds for that for about 4 years now and I’m very in tune with my body.  Most women don’t find out that they have PCOS until after they’ve been unsuccessful in trying for a baby for quite some time, and then they get put on the meds which needs several months, if not, years to really level out.  So, I think that is why we had success so fast.  And I’m so glad because this really has been an amazing experience so far.

We found out that we were pregnant in the middle of July.  Went for our first ultrasound at 9 weeks in August.  Our second at 12 weeks in September.  And our third, where we found out it’s a BOY at 18 weeks in October.  Ultrasounds really are amazing.  They look so alien-like due to the bumpy texture of the skin and how everything is just slightly misshaped.  But they are an experience I won’t ever forget.  The first one he was so tiny, about 2 centimeters (less than an inch) and yet we could see him bouncing around like a little jelly bean and his heart pumping already.  The second one is where we found out he was shy as he would cover his face and eyes with his hands or put one or both arms above his head (like me when I sleep), and this last one we got to find out the gender (which we were torn about doing, but ultimately glad we did now) and find out that his heart is PERFECT.  That was really all we cared about.  With Dan’s heart conditions not being congenital, the doctors told us the chances of them being passed on to the baby are almost zero, but they wanted to do a fetal echo just to be safe.  Glad they did because it gave us such peace of mind!

As far as pregnancy symptoms (please forgive me, I may be going TMI, but like I have said before, it’s MY damn blog) I totally missed the morning sickness boat, thank goodness.  I had about 5 bouts of a slight nauseous feeling in the first 6 weeks but almost all of them were while I was getting in to a hot car in our lovely 115 degree Phoenix weather.  I think the pregnancy made me a bit less tolerant to the heat.  Luckily, it’s cooling down now and I have never felt that feeling again.  My biggest complaint has been the gastrointestinal stuff.  I’ve just had to get used to not going to the bathroom everyday.  ;)  It was worse in the beginning while I was on the prenatal vitamins due to the high amount of iron, but I took myself off those after the first trimester was over and a month in to the second.  It was the right thing for me.  I can’t say I’ve had any heartburn, because I already have GERD and acid-reflux disease that I take medication for everyday.  My asthma has been well controlled for a while although I do get some shortness of breath every once in a while that is pregnancy related, so I just try to take it slow and not give myself any anxiety about it.  I take my allergy pill everyday (can’t live without it!).  I do have a history of sciatica which was something I’ve been worried about from the beginning – what would I do if that happened?  What can I take?  And it happened 2 weeks ago.  I ended up in the emergency room where they said it was okay at this time for me to take some ibuprofen and the percocets they prescribed me.  I took those for 1.5 days, 2 days off of work, and have overall recovered.  I’m having some adjustments made to my desk at work so that I can both sit and stand at my desk when needed.  That should help with my sciatica and my unfortunate situation of sitting for 10 hours a day at work, and 2 in the car.  Overall, I think that’s it for my side effects!  Well, of course other than gaining weight!  Although, I haven’t gained that much to be honest.  12 pounds and I’m over halfway done.  Although my mom reminds me that that means nothing, I’ll gain most of it towards the end, and that I”m going to gain what I need to gain and not to obsess about it.  Thing is, I lost 12 pounds in Europe… so technically I’m right at where I started before we left!

Okay, that’s about it for now.  Here’s what Dan says about it (stolen from another email to somebody else, hehe):  “I am more excited than I have been about anything. My life has already changed for the better knowing that I will be a father. I feel more motivated than ever to give my family the best life I can. I am honestly looking forward to the challenges.”

And Baby Makes 3!

It’s been quite a while since I updated this blog last.  I know nobody reads this.  It’s for posterity reasons that I do it.  For myself and Dan.  The big news is that Dan and I are having a baby.  A little boy to be exact.  So excited to start this next chapter in our lives.  I am 21 weeks today, so yeah, I’ve known for a while obviously.  Just have been neglecting my blog, unfortunately.  Pregnancy has gone very well so far, haven’t had any real horrible symptoms that a lot of women get such as the famed, morning sickness.  I think I had 5 episodes of a slight nauseous feeling in the first 6 weeks and that’s been it so far!  *crosses fingers*  More to come later!