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Finn’s Dino-ROAR First Birthday!

Part II.

So here’s the big day! Finn has lots of people who love him and so many good friends. His best buddy Brayden, his other bestie, Charlotte, his cousins, Annie and Katie, and his two camping buddies, Noah and Aaron all came to celebrate him turning the big O-N-E. It was a roaring good time and we felt so special that so many people came! It was a great day. We were only missing his two uncles, Justin and Jack and it would have been complete. Justin couldn’t make it and Jack had just moved to Northern California the weekend before. They were surely missed!






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And what birthday party would be complete without a picture of Gramps asleep on the couch?


Now… to get on those Thank You’s! Boy this month has been a crazy one for us and I can’t wait for this week to be over so we can find out what our new “normal” is going to be.

Decorating for Finn’s First Birthday

Part I.

Finn’s first birthday party was awesome. I need to say up front that we couldn’t have pulled it off without a few people:

A.) Finn for turning one. So, thanks Finn for that!
B.) Our dear friend Julie who did all the decorations and helped me plan it. She was incredibly helpful and gave us so much of her time and it turned out wonderfully. We were pinning stuff back and forth on Pinterest and then shopped and put it together and I think we were both happy with the way it came out. She’s an excellent party planner. She also did our baby shower. I think she needs to go into business. ;)
C.) My parents who helped a ton. Thanks Mom and Dad! It is always appreciated! I’d have sunk with the ship by now if it weren’t for you!

His party was already planned and then the week before it happened I lost my job. Dun dun dun. But we got by with a little help (and encouragement) from our friends and family that the party must go on. And it did! And it was a ROARIN’ success!

This is just going to be a big picture smörgåsbord of photos of all the decorations including the food that we ate. Enjoy! I decided I will split his birthday into two posts since there’s just sooo many pictures.

Julie made this awesome wreath and I put together this little photo of him at the last minute:


Julie did this awesome banner out of scrapbook paper that we picked out together and the letters were cut using her Cricut (I believe):


Julie is amazing, she made this tissue paper dinosaurs at the last minute, literally right before guests walks in the door:

dino_puff_balls-no resize_edit

I bought the big mylar balloon off of Amazon a few weeks before and my mom had it blown up along with this bouquet of balloons the day of the party. Finn loved staring at them. Julie put together these awesome dino-dig buckets for all the kiddos:


LOVE the “Year of Firsts” poster that Julie made with chalkboard paint and chalk. I conceptualized it and she made it happen. She’s amazing like that. I sent her a bunch of special pics of Finn and she brought it and it was more amazing than I thought it would be:


Mom found these blow up dinosaurs at the dollar store which were perfect for strewing about and Julie painted the R-O-A-R letters and added the dino flair. Love how this came out:


Dan made the volcano and got dry ice and it was a big hit with the kids. I made some concoction of lemonade-fruit punch or “lava lemonade” as we called it:


Our sandwich platter makings, for the “Carnivores”:



I made pudding cups with chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos, and dinosaur gummy snacks for our “Sweetivore” table:



Aaaaand the cupcakes that my mom, Dan, and I made all day the day before. Mom and I made the cupcakes and then Dan and I made the frosting and decorated them. We had to make a special frosting for Finn since he’s allergic to dairy and it didn’t cooperate and want to “peak” so it was kinda flat. But they turned out cute anyways! We bought chocolate rocks and these cute little bones at the candy store in the mall and I special ordered these cupcake liners off of Amazon:


And Finn’s special “1” cupcake which he wasn’t too fond of because he’d rather have a whole avocado than sweet stuff, which I guess is a good thing and we should be thankful for now since that more than likely won’t last:


GoDaddy Party 2011

My company party was again, amazing.  It was an all-American theme this year so there were different exhibit things set up all over the place honoring places around America such as New York with the Statue of Liberty (and hotdogs & pretzels that our CEO had flown in from NYC), New Orleans with a replica of their famous architectural style buildings and homes that line the French Quarter, Mount Rushmore with the heads of the presidents replaced with our 4 biggest GoDaddy girls, San Francisco with a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge and a Chinese Pagoda which I think was supposed to symbolize SF’s China Town, Las Vegas with the craps tables, and Hollywood with our very own GoDaddy carpet and walk of fame with paparazzi there to take pictures and all!  Then of course there were the usual things we have like arcade games, NASCAR race cars belonging to Danica Patrick and I think a few others like the Andretti brothers, but I’m not sure – don’t have a whole lot of interest in that, miniature race car games, a video/photo booth thing, and all the game consoles with big screen tv’s scattered about the field.  Oh and it took place at Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks in downtown Phoenix.  It was awesome.  There were our usual celebrities there like the GoDaddy girls, Danica Patrick, Jillian Michaels, Vanessa something-or-other, and the original GoDaddy girl, Candace, the one that started it all with our crazy Superbowl commercials.  The Andretti brothers were there… hmm I can’t remember who else.  Whatever.  At least it wasn’t Joe Arpaio this year.  And as for the entertainment, keeping with the all-American theme we had 2 country acts, Dierks Bentley and Trace Adkins.  Not a fan of either, or country.  But lots of people were.  And then the big act was Kid Rock, the self proclaimed “American Badass”.  I was a Kid Rock fan in high school, not so much anymore, but I will say he was entertaining.  Dan and our friends Jason and Julie got up towards the front row and rocked out to him the whole time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  I stayed back at our table as I am not a huge fan of really loud music all up in my face.  Go figure – daughter of a rocking bass player and I hate loud music.  Maybe because I’ve been around it all my life?  Oh and our CEO gave away $1.1M dollars, which is the best part.  I didn’t win but my good friend and co-worker won $10k again on top of the $15k she won last year.  So happy for her.  Several of my other good friends and co-workers won decent amounts of money as well.  Happy for all of ’em.  I say it every year, and I will keep saying it until it happens, by NEXT YEAR IS MY YEAR!


GoDaddy Holiday Party 2009

What can I say, I work for a wonderful company and they throw one helluva party!  A $3 million one at that!  We also thought of this weekend as our one year anniversary event.  We got to get all dressed up in our fancy clothes (You know, clothes we never wear and won’t wear probably again!) and stayed at a nice hotel in downtown Phoenix.  We were shuttled over to Chase Field (The Diamondbacks’ ball field) with our good friends, Jason and Julie and a bunch of other GoDaddy peoples.  We got in to the party and it sure was quite a scene!  The theme was a Winter Wonderland and it looked awesome.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

Check out this article on azcentral.com all about the party!