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Hello 2013


My goal was to have this shiny new blog up and running by the new year and I was going to start checking things off of my list as far as what my new blog was going to be about, what the new year had in store, and basically what the new me was going to be about. Buuuuut that didn’t happen. Had some major road blocks as far as the blog was concerned, life had a few stumbles already (I know!), and so here we are now 23 days late and the blog is still a work in progress. Which is just fitting for what I’m all about and what this blog is all about. Progress. And now, hopefully maintenance.

Last year was a heck of a year. It was a wonderful year in one aspect as we added to our family and have this amazing little person that we get to share this big odd world with. But it was also a year filled with so many trials. Three surgeries for me, one that I haven’t even gone into on the blog and I’m not totally ready to hash out in words yet. I can talk about it pretty openly with just about anybody but found when it came to writing about it, I’m just not ready. So, yeah – heck of a heck of a year. One that I am so thankful for but at the same time so very thankful that it is behind me.

And so we move on to progress. To 2013. The Count and I have so many plans for this year. And it’s already started out with a bang which I’ll go into in a later post (sorry to be so elusive?). This year we’re focusing on fixing up our house. We bought this house in 2010 and other than the Kid’s nursery which we lovingly spent so much time on in 2011 and 2012, the rest of the house has been neglected and we’d like to fix that. So our hopes are that this blog will keep us accountable on that quest and give us some inspiration as we share it with others. And of course we’ll still be sharing lots of the Kid and other snippets of our lives along the way.

And so, goodbye 2012, we won’t miss you. And hello, 2013, it is nice to meet you! Stay awhile, won’t you?