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Feline Drama


We have definitely had our fair share of drama with our cats this year. It started with Max, who prefers to go to the bathroom outside of his box. And then that turned into random corners of the house and eventually our couch. He’s got a problem, you see? So, we took him to the vet hoping (but not really hoping) that there was some medical explanation for this, buuuuut no. $250 later, apparently he’s just an asshole who like to pee wherever he pleases.

However, I just couldn’t have him peeing everywhere and risking Finn happening upon it. So, my mother-in-law tried to take him over the summer because from what we could remember he didn’t pee in random places at her house. But he still peed there, including right on her bed. On top of it, he was really getting bullied by her 5 cats, so we took him back. Where he continued to pee! We were at the last straw, with selling the house we could not have it smelling like a cat box. So, we followed the vet’s only real suggestion which was to put him on kitty Prozac because apparently that can work for cats with this much anxiety. And once we got our carpets cleaned and the stairs re-carpeted (from the cats ruining them all), all 3 of our animals went back to Dan’s mom’s house to live indefinitely.

Max, being on the Prozac, has so far adjusted pretty okay. He’s used the house as a litter box only a couple of times, but he’s definitely far improved from what he was doing before. And Penny of course loves it over there with her buddy, Wyatt, the German Shepherd. Angie, on the other hand, our perfect little kitty who we did not think would have any problems – did. That was a huge surprise to us. My MIL started calling us saying that she wasn’t sure that Angie was eating and that she never comes out of the drawer. We brushed it off because surely no animal would let their self starve, right?!?

Wrong. I went over there one afternoon after MIL had watched Finn for us and decided to go back and see Angie. And there she was in her favorite drawer and she was EMACIATED. She was so skinny I could see her spine, her hip bones protruding, and the definition between her 2 little leg bones. It was heartbreaking. So, we of course decided to immediately take her back home and nurse her back to health. What we think is that she was getting bullied pretty badly by the other cats and was just so scared to come out of the drawer. She’s a really tiny cat to begin with (which is probably why she was easy to bully), but seeing her skin and bones was just the worst. She was also severely dehydrated because her paws were so dry they were cracking and her fur was just coming out with pieces of dry skin on the end. Poor thing!

We felt horrible. So, she went back home with us and here she’s been now for about 2 weeks. She’s eating, drinking, and most definitely not hiding in a drawer. In fact, some of the time we have trouble getting her to leave us alone. We had to put the Soft Paws nail caps on her so she didn’t ruin our brand new stairs, but other than that all is well. Of course, it’s not ideal to have a cat in the house when trying to sell and show it to people, but there’s no way any of us were going to let a perfectly healthy cat starve herself to death! I just wish I had listened sooner and rescued her before she got that bad. :(

NaBloPoMo November 2013


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Black Bear Diner

I finally got to cross off going out to breakfast off of my Summer List. A little late, but hey, we did it. We were having an open house on Saturday and had to leave before it started so we decided to go to breakfast together and as we were on our way, Dan’s mom called and so we invited her, too!

We went to Black Bear Diner. We had been there once before and I remember it being really good and so I have been wanting to go back. Dan’s mom also heard a lot about it from her friend and she had been wanting to give it a try.

It did not disappoint. Huge portions. Delicious. We all had way too much food for our bellies, and especially Finn! This kid’s meal was ridiculous (below)! Anyways, if you’re local, I do recommend giving it a try. There’s always a long line each time I’ve been there, but it’s worth it. Finn was, as always, the best behaved baby and he sure got a lot of smiles from the other diners. He also had a blast coloring/eating the crayons.


NaBloPoMo November 2013


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NaBloPoMo Update

So, I haven’t had my computer in 2 days, which is why I haven’t had a post since Friday. We had a family party for my niece on Saturday and I took my computer to my parents’ while Finn napped and left it there! So, I’m doing my best to update this from my phone!

I’m enjoying NaBloPoMo because it gives me a goal, something I have to accomplish every day. At the same time, I’m also wondering at this point what the heck was I thinking?!? I am FAR too busy to be blogging everyday, which is why I never did that in the first place, blogging isn’t my job like so many lucky other people, and I’m in the middle of trying to sell a house!

Being that said, I am going to keep at this. I know I’m behind from yesterday and owe myself an extra post, but everything aside, I’m still enjoying and liking seeing my blog fill up with posts. :)

You’ll have to put up with me filling up your feed for a couple more weeks!

NaBloPoMo November 2013


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Happy Hour

happy hour

I had a good night tonight with my friends. The one thing I miss most about my old job was the people I shared it with. The people who greeted me every morning even when I didn’t want to be there, the people who I ate lunch with, the people who I shared so many stories and laughs with for nearly five years. And oh, our conversations, I deeply miss those! I have yet to come across any group of people who made me think the way my co-workers and friends did. We sure had some amazing conversations about politics, religion, you know, all those topics you aren’t supposed to ever cross at work?

I’m so glad that we have kept up with our monthly happy hours and stayed in contact with one another even though most of us have left that employer now. The bond that we shared is one that I’ll forever be thankful for, that they came into my life and are now permanently a part of it.

To Katie, Tim, Jon, Meara, James, and the many others who make it out to Happy Hour when they can – I love you guys. And my Grilled Cheesers will always, always be dear to me. You know who you are. :)

NaBloPoMo November 2013


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The Chemist

by Alberto Rios

Who sees his work in all things is never lost.
Whose life has been iron and vapors in fire,
The elements themselves
Gathered in their thousand meetings
Tasked with making the things of the world,
Who has given and in that giving collected
An equal and like reward, a life served well
Serving yet, finished with nothing
But what is left behind, ahead
Undone and alive with still-to-do,
Humming with wanting-to-do,
Who has made a chemistry of days,
One day joined to a next, seven to five,
Five to five, a quarter to five, 365¾
That great molecule of time
All the alchemy of a single moment
Necessary, again and again, a year of days,
A day of hours, an hour full of work
And humor too, a hat worn on the heart.
This is the science of a man,
The science of composition, structure,
Properties, reactions of matter,
And of what matters.

Dan… one day.

NaBloPoMo November 2013


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As I’ve mentioned a few times, we’re selling our house. After a series of unfortunate events this year, we were left with almost half of our income and a house we can no longer afford. It felt really helpless, painful, and incredibly humbling. We were faced with several choices. Does Dan get a full time job and put school on hold for the time being so that we can afford to stay in our home? Do we rent out our house until Dan graduates and gets a job and we can afford to move back in? Or do we cut our losses and sell and find greener pastures down the road?

Well, I haven’t been working my ass off for all these years at dead end jobs so that Dan can put his school on hold, so Option A was out of the question. And we really thought about renting it out but ultimately decided that we just don’t have the resources or time to do that. We aren’t investors after all. After talking with a Realtor and looking at the monetary side of things we decided it was a good time to sell, we’re not underwater and will definitely make some money off of our home (if it ever sells that is). Then we can put that little nest egg away until Dan does graduate and finds a job, wherever that may be, whether it’s in Arizona or otherwise, and buy our second home. I know once he graduates and finds a job, things will be better eventually.

So, we put our house up for sale 3 weeks ago. We’ve had 4 showings. It’s slow right now and getting slower as it gets closer to the holidays. Our money is running out, we’re definitely feeling a little anxious and worried. We know all it takes is one person to like our house… so we’re just waiting.

Once it does sell, we’ll be moving in with my parents until Dan does graduate and finds a job. It will make things easier as my mom watches Finn and we won’t have to wake Finn up at ungodly hours of the morning to drop him off and make that extra drive. We’ll already be there. We also know it will be hard living there. We make no qualms about that. My younger brother just moved back in after his failed stint in Northern California which really complicated things. But we will make it work because we are family. Hopefully at the very least we can all be a good influence on each other in the eating department by all following a heart smart diet together! That’s our plan anyways.

Meanwhile at home, everyday we have to make sure our house is clean and clutter-free. That’s the biggest pain in the ass part about this whole process. Sometimes at the end of the night after a 10 hour shift, making dinner, playing with Finn and putting him to bed, I’m so tired and the last thing I want to do is clean the kitchen, take the garbage out and put all Finn’s toys away! But… I have to. And often times (like this weekend), Dan isn’t of much help because he’s busy studying for a Physical Chemistry or a Biochemistry or a Genetics test. Oh the life of a future scientist…

This weekend we’re having an open house so we’ll see if that helps drum up any interest. I will be emptying closets all week in an effort to continue to de-clutter the house and then Thursday will be super cleaning mode!

NaBloPoMo November 2013


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2/29 Projects.

I’m finally getting around to blogging about my second project. This entire project may be scrapped as most of the projects I had planned were for our house, and well, now we’re trying to sell it. Trying being the keyword here. So far, unsuccessful. But that’s another post. However, this NaBloPoMo thing has given me the inspiration to keep blogging about my projects and maybe even keep going with it. I do want to complete them still and I talked about doing projects with/for my mom at her house once we are settled there since that will be our home for a little while. We’ll see where this idea ends up.

For my second project I still had in mind to complete our “mantle” aka the shelf above the TV with a nice little collage of pictures and design elements. I found another tutorial on Pinterest and this little project didn’t take long at all. In fact, I did it side by side with Project #1!


I bought a blank canvas, some black acrylic paint, and a copper leafing kit. I used some trusty Trader Joe’s bags to paint my canvas on using just some cheap foam brushes.


Then I applied the copper leafing. This step was kind of a bitch and The Count had to help me out at the end because I was pretty frustrated. Those kits and the sealant/glue are also pretty pricey, just FYI!


Finished piece on the left, although I have never been happy with any pictures of it, and especially not this one, which is why it’s taken me so long to post about it. But you get the idea, right? It’s just to be used as a backdrop. Right now I have a little terracotta pot (which I plan on painting) with a colorful cactus in it in front of the canvas.

logo_textThis is 2/29 projects that I am attempting to complete before my 30th birthday next May. Wish me luck.




NaBloPoMo November 2013


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Halloween 2013


This is one of those holidays that you look forward to your whole life. It never gets old. At least for us. We’ve always really enjoyed decorating our house for the occasion and passing out candy for all the adorably and ghoulishly dressed kids. And when we had Finn we looked forward so much to doing the same with him. Last year he was just a baby, only seven months old and had barely started crawling so going trick-or-treating would have looked pretty bad on our parts – “Hi, can we have some candy? We have a cute little baby dressed up as a spider for your amusement.” But this year was different. Finn is a walking, talking (kind of) kid and this experience was going to be as amazing as we could make it.

We scratched our heads for weeks before Halloween on what Finn should be. Without a lot of money or time for creativity, it’s hard to come up with something really cool. About a week before the day, Dan decides he should be a monkey, Curious George to be exact because that’s one of his favorite shows. We love it, my mom loves it, it’s approved. Then Dan decided that he should go as the Man in the Yellow Hat. Perfect! I was going to be his Scientist lady friend, but completely ran out of time on Halloween night.

A few days before Halloween, in just our style, we got Finn’s monkey costume 50% off at Babies-R-Us. It’s a gamble going so late, but we did the same last year and got his spider costume 50% off as well. It’s worth it not to pay full price for something they’ll wear one night! Much like a wedding dress… Dan got his yellow get-up at Goodwill, Party City, and Kohl’s all for under $15! He totally lucked out that Kohl’s had bright yellow pants for 90% off right when he needed them. And a red shirt for Finn so we could draw the Curious George logo on it. :)

Halloween night I worked until 4:30 and didn’t get home until about 5:15 so we didn’t have much time to get everything together for trick-or-treating at 6. Finn didn’t mind his costume (he only minded when I took my phone away – pic below) although by the end of the night he was certainly sweating. My parents came over for pollo asada street tacos and I think we got out by about 6:30. Finn was mostly carried in Dan’s arm to each door as he was Dan’s “accessory”, as Dan put it. Lots of people got what Finn was, “Oh Curious George, you’re so cute! Perfect!” but didn’t get Dan’s until one guy turned around and said, “Let me guess, are you the Man in the Yellow Hat and your kid is Curious George? That’s so awesome!” He was the “tower” and his daughter was Rapunzel. Too clever. Towards the end we let Finn walk around while he held dada’s hand but he was mostly happy in dada’s arms or in his stroller. We just went around one loop in our neighborhood, not the whole thing because at that point it would have been out of greed. How much candy does an allergy-ridden 19 month old need?

We gave him one piece of candy – a sucker. And he got it everywhere. Himself, the carpet, his stroller. But of course it wouldn’t have been Halloween without candy! We came home and made yummy tacos (my parents didn’t understand why these “street tacos” didn’t have lettuce) with Trader Joe’s marinated pollo asada, chopped onions, cilantro, avocado, greek yogurt (instead of sour cream), and salsa.


It was a great night, a great Halloween, and Finn was the best little monkey ever!

P.S. I saw my first scorpion this night. Stuck in our garage door. Little creepy bastard.



NaBloPoMo November 2013


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This morning I made a spur of the moment decision to sign up for National Blog Posting Month (aka NaBloPoMo). Much like NaNoWriMo, but for bloggers. It’s an annual event that takes place each November where bloggers commit to writing everyday in November. What did I just do? I fail at almost every goal I set for myself… but after talking with my husband, we came up with a list of posts and I felt like I may be able to do this.

I really enjoy my blog but something I struggle with is posting regularly. Sometimes I’ll find a lot of time on a weekend day and I’ll write 3 or 4 posts all in one day, instead of writing them and then scheduling them to be posted throughout the week, something I definitely should be doing from what I’ve read about how other bloggers do it. But alas, this is just my personal blog about little ol’ me, The Count, and our little one, so it isn’t any big operation and I’m definitely not making any money! ;)

I did only 9 posts last month… let’s see if I can add 19 more. This was just a goal I decided to set for myself and I’m determined!

NaBloPoMo November 2013


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