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Big Plans for Fall 2014

Happy Fall 2014! I realize that it is already halfway through November. I had the best of intentions to post this at the beginning of Fall, but let me tell you — I’ve been busier than ever before! SO, this got away from me big time. I want so bad to carve just a wittle-itsy-bitsy-teensy bit of time out of each week to blog, but there is none. That sucks for my blog (and for my love of writing about myself haha). The good part about posting this so late, is that I get to do a 2-for-1. I can already recap what we did and didn’t do. :)


We had some pretty big plans for Fall 2014 and it was awesome. Aside from both being super busy… it was memorable. I realize fall technically isn’t over, but the holidays are here, so it’s over as far as I’m concerned. That happens about Halloween. To conclude, we hit everything on our list except the Haunted House that we’ve been wanting to go to for the last eleven years (since we met), the State Fair, and having a bonfire. Alas… there’s always next year!

So, onto the even busier holiday season!

P.S. Doesn’t he look huge? Like a *gulp* big kid?

Easter 2014

Still playing catch-up around here. The day before Easter was spent up in Prescott at my Grandpa’s house with the whole dang family. It was also my niece, Annie’s 7th birthday. Seven. Unbelievable. Then on the actual day of Easter we had a little basket waiting for Finn and we hid eggs around the yard while chocolate quickly melted in them. Here’s some pics:

easter_1 easter_2 easter_3 easter_4 easter_5 easter_6 easter_7 easter_10 easter_9 easter_11 easter_12

Christmas Morning 2013

Our Christmas morning was spent with the 3 of us waking up to Finn’s sounds on the monitor and neither one of us could wait to go get him from his room and see his reaction to his Christmas present from Santa! We got him this awesome scooter that he fell in love with at my brother’s house back in November and couldn’t wait to give it to him. Uh-hum… err for Santa to give it to him. We had our camera all set up to catch his reaction. I went up and got him while Dan waited downstairs with the camera ready to video. Of course, Murphy’s Law, the camera died. So it was snap shots with our phones and regular point and shoot camera instead of the big gun Nikon. Ah well. Finn still loved it. Here’s what we got:

christmas morning 1christmas morning 2christmas morning 3

Then we opened our stockings to/from eachother/Santa.

christmas morning 4christmas morning 5

And then my parents and two brothers came over for Christmas mimosas, french toast, and sausage before we headed over to my oldest brother’s house for the big Christmas celebration and turkey dinner.

christmas morning 6christmas morning 7christmas morning 9christmas morning 10christmas morning 11

It was a great start to our day even though some of us look a little tired here. ;)

Christmas Eve 2013


Hellooooo! [echo] This is way overdue. And almost forgotten about, but not quite. We’ve been a leeeetle preoccupied with the sale of our home (!), but that’s for another post. I plan on playing quite a bit of catch up on the ol’ blog here. We had a really wonderful Christmas. Our last Christmas in our very first home and it was definitely memorable. We had Christmas Eve at our house with Dan’s family (his mom, brother, grandma, and aunt who was in town visiting) and it was just perfect. Dan’s lasagna was perfect. The company was perfect. And Finn actually sort of got the idea of opening presents. Well, he liked the idea of opening one. And then didn’t understand why we kept wanting him to open, more, more, more when he just wanted to play with the one he got! Here’s some pics of our evening (and earlier afternoon at the park):

park 1park 2family couchlasagna 1appetizersst germain ladiespresents 1presents 2presents 3presents 4foodtom funtom fun 2family picscooter

Happy Happy Thanksgiving


From our little turkey and us. We spent the day at The Count’s mom’s house where we had the BEST turkey ever, as well as my little bro, Jack. It was a terrific day.

This is post #19 of NaBloPoMo.

National Blog Posting Month is an annual event that takes place each November where bloggers commit to writing everyday in November.



This is post #19 of NaBloPoMo.

National Blog Posting Month is an annual event that takes place each November where bloggers commit to writing everyday in November.

Thanksgiving Printable

I saw this Thanksgiving poster on Pinterest, but sadly every pin for it that I found for it was dead and did not bring me to any site to download or purchase. I really wanted this in a printable form so that I could frame it and replace some of our personal photos for an open house we were having one weekend. So, I made it myself. And you can download it, too!



NaBloPoMo November 2013


This is post #15 of NaBloPoMo.

National Blog Posting Month is an annual event that takes place each November where bloggers commit to writing everyday in November.

4th of July

We went to our friends’ house where they had a yummy barbeque with the right amount of family and friends that we got to catch up with. We ate, chatted, swam, and watched ‘Duck Dynasty’ for the first time. It was a wonderful day.

Of course, as per the norm, most of our pics were of the kiddos! And I forgot the memory card for my camera so all were taken with Dan’s iPhone.

upstairs1couch buddiescollage1charlottejuicecollage2upstairs2collage3kids


And because it wouldn’t be an “Independence Day” without a leetle politics, now would it? Dan and I especially liked this meme.

“We celebrate the 4th of July as a reminder of earning our independence from an oppressive government.

Just a reminder to our current administration… there’s plenty of room on the calendar for another holiday.”

I would also like to take this moment to wish Ed Snowden many good thoughts on this day of Independence and Freedom. Our little bird, I hold for you nothing but hope. Transparency is so important in the current world climate that we are living in and I thank you for your attempt to bring that to us.