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Everything Can Change in a Moment


One moment I’m at work and the next I’m driving home as fast as I safely can to take my mom to the ER because she is having chest pains. This happened last Friday the 13th and I spent all day in the hospital at my mom’s side as we found out that she had had a heart attack and had to have an angioplasty later that day to put a stent in to unclog her circumflex artery which had an 85% blockage.

Yeah, a lot of things changed for me that day. One, I was faced with mortality, yet again. This time it was somebody’s that I was least expecting. My mom is pretty healthy and didn’t really have any of the factors that you think of when you think of heart disease (doesn’t drink, smoke, isn’t overweight, etc.), but I guess that’s the shitty part about heart disease. It’s silent and it really can strike anybody at anytime. And if you have bad genes, well you have bad genes and that’s that. Then you just have to get your lifestyle in check.

The other was the thought of losing a parent. I am so not ready for that. I know Dan went through that and he got through it and he’s testament that it gets better, but I feel totally unprepared for anything like that and it totally scared me. I feel like that is something that is supposed to happen when I am older, not at my prime, not as my life with Finn is just beginning. My mom is really important to me. She’s my best friend. She’s a really special person to me and everyone around her. She means too much to everybody she knows. To tell you the truth, I don’t like going a day without talking to her. She’s the most interesting person I know. I can’t imagine going the rest of my life without talking to her and when that day comes, my life will forever have a hole in it and my days will forever be incomplete. I will never get used to it.

So it was a major wake up call. For everybody. We all have to start taking better care of ourselves. All my talk about wanting to eat healthier and take care of myself – well now I have to walk that walk. No more soda. No more fast food. I apparently have some pretty bad genes myself with both my parents having heart disease and I don’t want to find myself with a heart attack before 60 and with everything else I already have, that’s probably where I could find myself if I don’t get my own life in check!

Mom is getting better. She’s in no way back to her non-stop, on-the-move, always-doing-something self, but she’s not lying in a hospital bed anymore. My aunt came out for a week to help her take care of her and Finn since she wasn’t in any condition to start chasing after an 18 month old, and really, she still isn’t, but we don’t have much of a choice. She’s going to try to take it as easy as possible (ha!) with an 18 month old in tow and we’ll just take it day by day. She sees a cardiologist tomorrow to follow-up and we’re really just hoping things will be on the up and up from here on out because we need our mom. She’s our rock. However, right now, she needs us to be her rock, so that’s what I’m trying to do. =/

Summer Blues

Finn gets violently ill last week. Has very high temperatures for 3 days of 102-103 degrees. Doesn’t really want to eat for those days, obviously. We take him to doctor because we are worried about his racing heart that went along with 103 degree temp one morning. Virus. And racing heart happens when your body temp rises. Doc says to take Tylenol when his fever hits 102 and that will lower the temp which will lower his heart rate and to make sure he’s getting enough fluids. A couple days later he starts to feel better and then BAM! Saturday morning him, myself, and my mom all wake up with a monstrous cold. Absolutely miserable. Absolute worst timing. Dan is studying for a huge Calculus 2 final and can really be of no help to us so we spend all weekend at my parents. I was really hoping that I’d feel better by today for work (day 3) but all day I was so congested I couldn’t hear out of my left ear. My head, ears, and throat hurt so bad. And Finn is still just as miserable, too. He’s been pulling on his left ear and he has a little bit of a rash around his mouth for some odd reason. I’m hoping the ear pulling is just him going through what my mom and I are going through and it’s not a secondary ear infection and this rash isn’t untreated strep throat! These are things I have to worry about as my brother had these symptoms as a baby and he ended up with a heart murmur from that. So, my mom and I are ever careful and mindful and maybe even a bit paranoid! It’s so weird that Finn didn’t get sick his entire first year and this summer alone he’s been sick… well this will be his 4th illness. I guess he’s playing catch-up? I just want him (and us) to feel better and be his 100% self again. This sick, cranky, grumpy Finn is so sad and worrisome. And I can’t wait to feel better myself! Summer colds are no joke.

Stream of Consciousness

This is one of those nights where I don’t have any kind of planned post for my blog, but I just feel like writing to relieve stress. About nothing in particular, I just want to write whatever comes to mind. And after all, at the end of the day, that’s why I have my blog. Of course to document our lives, Finn’s life, and all that, but mostly just to write. :)

Toddlers rear-facing in the car. Just do it. Yes, they may look uncomfortable to you, but trust the experts when they tell you, it isn’t for them. Yes, you may think they want to look forward but really any window is fine by them. They may not get as much air, but for the love of your children, face them backwards. Please. It is the absolute safest way for your child to ride. It’s so safe that EMT’s call the rear-facing seat ‘the orphan seat’ because in a bad car accident, that child is often the only one who survives. Dan and I did a lot of research on this. We wanted to know why? Why are child seat safety experts and pediatricians so adamant about this? The car seat seems to be safe enough and he’s strapped in in multiple places, not to mention the actual seat is belted in. So, why does it matter which way he faces for so long? Well, infants and toddlers have large heavy heads in proportion to the rest of their body and very fragile necks. And the straps of the car seat only restrain their body and not their head, which causes their head to thrust forward, easily injuring their spinal cord. Their neck bones are so fragile that the neck bones actually separate during a crash. Picture what happens if someone yanks an electrical plug out of a socket by the cord, causing the wires to break. If they are rear-facing, their entire body is better supported by the shell of the car seat and it’s even better for side-impacts. In a head-on collision, a rear-facing car seat spreads the energy of the crash across the toddler’s entire back, not just across a narrow portion of a tiny body. I know how fragile the spinal cord is. Someone very close to my family once upon a time was paralyzed from the neck down in a car accident and if I could do anything prevent that from happening to my Finn in any way, then I will. And if that means him facing backwards longer, that’s nothing. As Dan says, “We’re just a lump of meat driving around in these big metal machines at high speeds and that’s unnatural. Anything I can do to make Finn safer, that’s fine by me.” We bought a Britax Marathon car seat which Finn can sit in rear-facing until 40 pounds and then the seat is good forward-facing until 70 pounds if you can believe that! I feel really good about Finn rear-facing until he no longer can. I’m not a perfect mom but this was an easy choice, a simple choice, and the right choice for us.

Here’s a picture of a 3 y/o (long legs and all!) rear-facing in the exact same car seat we bought Finn (w/ link to her blog):



scaleSo, what’s on my mind? I stepped on a scale last night for the first time in months and I was in shock. I have never been one of those people that’s obsessed about my weight. Sure, I think about it now and then but it’s not something on my mind daily. Except the rare times when I’m feeling really down on myself or comparing myself to super skinny people. But overall, I’ve always been pretty comfortable in my skin and happy with my looks. I’m not a glamorous person. I don’t wear a ton of makeup or focus a lot on my beauty even though as I age, I probably should. Anyways, what I’m saying is that I know I’ve always been a little overweight but it’s never seriously bothered me to the point where I’ve been depressed about it or anything like that. I eat what I want because I enjoy food. Should I? No. I have issues with blood sugar and cholesterol. I’m bad. But I’ve always maintained the exact same weight. I gained 40 pounds when I was pregnant with Finn. And lost it by the time I went home from the hospital. I don’t know how, it’s crazy. Now, that’s not to say my body went back to it’s same shape but weight-wise, I lost all 40 pounds practically overnight. So where was I? Oh yeah, this is my stream of consciousness, bear with me. Back to the shock after stepping on the scale last night. I’ve lost 20 pounds since November. I’m now close to what I weighed just after high school when I met Dan. It’s crazy. I’m not in that same shape or close to it (I wish), but I’m creeping to that weight and that just shocked me because I’ve done nothing. In fact, I’m eating worse than ever. I eat fast food 3-4 times a week (that’s got to stop). I know how/why this is happening. It’s my anti-seizure medication. It actually was just approved by the FDA as a weightloss drug. Now, WHY somebody would want to take this for weightloss with all of the neurological  side effects that go along with it, is way beyond me! I looked it up last night and read a lot of stories about people on it who had weight loss on it and it just kept going. One person lost 60 pounds. I can’t lose 60 pounds. Not interested in that, I’ll whittle to nothing. Already NONE of my work pants fit me, I feel like I drown in them and look very very frumpy in all my clothes. I need a Goodwill shopping trip with the girls or my mom here very soon. So, that’s one thing on my mind. I can’t talk about it on Facebook because I don’t want to sound braggy to all those people struggling with weightloss when here I am pounds just melting off me by doing nothing. =/

So, that’s what’s on my mind. And my sick cat who has had blood in his feces since Saturday. Yuck. And sad. We’re worried about him.

A Reminder


So I had a little scare yesterday. And I realize now that it was entirely my fault but it also made me realize how delicate I can be and everything that it has taken to get me to this point. If you’ve been following my blog for the past year you know that health-wise I’ve been through quite a lot. I’ve endured. I’ve succumbed. And I’ve bounced back. Again and again and again.

I take anti-seizure medications daily for some wicked headaches that I got after my second surgery last year to fix my cerebral spinal fluid leak that I had for about a month before they figured out what was wrong with me. Well, I didn’t take my medications before bed the night before and remembered right when I woke up yesterday morning about 7 hours too late and apparently the damage had already been done.

Due to my sensitivity to lights and sound, while I was at work the phone was ringing off the hook and I was standing in front of a bright screen and under lots of fluorescent lights with several customers in line. When I went to sit back down I realized that I couldn’t see out of my left eye and there were dark spots and lines out of either one when I closed my eyes which made me realize this wasn’t just something with my eyes, this was something actually happening in my brain. I had to call Dan and have him pick me up. I went home and took some pretty severe migraine medicine since my head started to throb and that knocked me out for a couple of hours, but when I woke up I felt like I had a hangover and my depth perception was off for the rest of the night. So, while Dan went to school for the evening, Finn and I both had to be watched by my parents since I really didn’t trust being alone with him just in case something else happened.

This can be really scary. And I get frustrated that I am still dealing with this almost one year later. I feel like this last year has been filled with nothing but bumps and sometimes people, but especially me, get tired of it. But Dan constantly reminds me that not having spinal fluid on the brain for as long as I went can lead to a lot of complications and if this is mine, well I guess I’m pretty lucky that it’s not a lot worse and if I just remember to take my medicine on time every single night, well then it’s pretty easy to manage. Losing my eye sight is something I really do not want to re-live ever again. So yesterday brought back a lot of difficult memories for me but it was also, as I said, a reminder of how far I have come. So, today I will relax, take it easy, and enjoy my day off with Finn and Dan and hope that this dull headache in the back of my head goes away before I have to go back to work tomorrow!

We Have a Shitty Situation on Our Hands


You know what wasn’t on my summer list? Finn, Dan, my mom, and myself all getting sick! I am breaking so many of my own rules, but I don’t care because it’s my blog and it’s the first time my baby’s been really sick and we had to actually take him to the doctor other than his regular check-ups. And the Urgent Care, no less! Plus, it was bound to happen. This sure has been one shitty week.

Starting on Tuesday, Finn threw up everywhere. A LOT. My poor mom had to clean it up and keep cleaning it up until Finn’s tummy decided it was done. He had diarrhea that night for us and then on Wednesday he didn’t throw up all day but my mom and Dan started to get really sick themselves and then on my drive home from work I got a little bit sick, too, but definitely not as bad as everybody else! Dan was just glad there was a bathroom right next to all his classrooms at school all week! Then on Thursday he didn’t throw up all day until Dan picked him up from my mom’s. When he was driving home Finn threw up all over himself in his car seat which meant Dan had to pull over and try to clean it up as best he could. I met them in the garage as soon as they got home and took Finn upstairs for a bath which he thought was fun. Friday, Finn was his normal happy self  for my mom but she was sick as a dog and couldn’t even get off the floor. Finn just played around her and every once in a while would go and check on her to make sure she was okay while she laid there in agony, the poor thing (they were both locked in the playroom so he was never far from her). Dan picked Finn up right after class so she only had him for a little over an hour and then Finn had diarrhea the rest of the afternoon! When I finally got off work (late, mind you) that evening I was really torn about whether we should take him to urgent care. Yes, it had been 4 days and everything online said after 48 hours of diarrhea they should be seen, but he was definitely not dehydrated. He was drinking a lot. He just wasn’t eating very much. So, we decided to wait one more day.

This morning we woke up, he was in a great mood. He had his milk, he ate a big breakfast consisting of waffle, avocado, turkey, and grapes, and no diarrhea. Grandma Jayne was coming over so that Dan and I could take care of some business and get him some new diapers and wipes (since our stock needed to be replenished) and then right before she got there we hear the shit faucet as I like to call it go off. Oh no. I was hoping it was just leftover from yesterday. So we left. We called to check on her maybe 45 minutes later and she tells me he’s had another blowout. And then we get home another 30 minutes later to find out he’s had another four. Then we are home and he has six more. Then he vomits. Then his color starts changing. He starts looking pale and his skin gets all blotchy. All of this happened in about 3 hours. Me, being a first time mom, not knowing what the HECK I’m doing – am a little scared. Hearing diarrhea is the number one cause of deaths in infants, I don’t want to mess around. It’s been 5 days. I thought it was time to see a professional. Of course I call my mom. She concurs. Go to ER (she is the one that gave me the stat above).

We took a quick little trip to the Phoenix Children’s Urgent Care right by our house, which I am SO glad I found, by the way. I had been asking around for a good recommendation for an urgent care and this one was awesome because, well – it’s the Phoenix Children’s Hospital! It wasn’t one that was recommended to me, but it is now one that I would recommend to anybody in Mesa! We decided on Urgent Care because if it was serious enough, they would let us know we need to go to the actual ER. Glad we did. And the doctor said we made a good choice to bring him in. He seemed sincere. He checked all his vitals. He had a low grade fever. 100.2. He’s lost a few pounds actually, which shocked me. His 15 month appointment should be interesting in a couple weeks, I hope he gains some weight back. He made sure he wasn’t dehydrated, which he wasn’t and went over all the warning signs with us to watch for as far as that is concerned. He told us not to worry about Pedialyte at this age and to stay away from juice and water and to stick to straight Gatorade (not G2) because it has the most calories and the Dextrose that he needs while he isn’t eating much. He said not to push food right now unless he wants it, the Gatorade should suffice and to let him drink as much as he wants. He prescribed probiotics and something in case he starts throwing up again. But other than that, he said he was okay. And for $25, I’ll take that peace of mind!

Now if me, Dan, and especially my mom (she got it the worst and still can’t get out of bed) would start feeling better, too then everything would be peachy.

Update: We took Finn back to his primary care doctor on Tuesday after he threw up again on Monday and got another low grade fever on Tuesday. We just wanted to be sure he was okay and since it was Day 8 and the urgent care doctor said if he wasn’t better by Day 8 to take him in to be seen, we did. His primary care doctor said he seemed to be on the mend but to have him take it easy for the rest of the week and if he spiked a fever over 101 or threw up or had any more shits (my word, not hers) for us to take him to the ER. It’s Saturday and he’s much, much better. We still cancelled our planned zoo trip for today since we didn’t want him to spend any amount of time out in the hot sun. We’re going to attempt to go up to Prescott for Father’s Day for our annual Father’s Day celebration for my Grandpa tomorrow. Hopefully everything goes well!

Pregnancy Update: 37 Weeks! What’s New?

It feels like a whole lot, but really it’s not.  Thought I should update this before Finn comes and things are just too hectic to update on a regular basis.  I’m staying home from work today to relax due to a rough night of (fake) contractions as well as a killer allergy attack.  My ears and throat have been killing me due to all the congestion and drainage.  And good thing I’m home today because there’s a severe pollen warning for my city as well as bad air quality all around for the metro Phoenix area!  Can’t see my precious mountains in my backyard.  :(

Okay, so here I am at 37 weeks.  This was last Friday.  Technically full term, meaning if he were to come now they wouldn’t do anything to stop labor.  He could just come.  And boy do I wish he would!  I’m so tired lately.  Tired of working, tired of trying to roll myself in and out of bed all night to pee, tired of getting winded just walking up the stairs, tired of having to contort my body just to get in and out of the car, just tired!  So many things I never thought I’d feel and so many things I thought I had “escaped”.  The first being swollen feet.  I have very narrow, slim, nice feet normally, and I hadn’t had any swelling the entire pregnancy so I thought I was one of the lucky ones to escape that.  Wrong!  About 2 weeks ago they swelled up like the best of ’em and haven’t really gone down since.  It’s uncomfortable.  Not painful, just this tight, uncomfortable feeling.  It’s worse after I’ve been sitting at my desk for 10 hours at work.  What else?  My trips to the bathroom have dramatically increased since the baby dropped at 35 weeks.  That’s no fun considering my desk at work is very far from the bathrooms, and trying to roll myself out of our bed (with no frame) 3-4 times every night is quite the task.  Dan says I speak my own language of grunts and sighs now.  About the only thing that really makes me feel better anymore is a hot bath, except I can’t get in and out of it myself!  Dan has to do all the lifting and sometimes even start the bath and plug the drain because bending over is too much.  Crazy.  I feel like an old person!  I forgot to mention the swelling in my hands in addition to my feet!  I woke up one morning with full on carpal tunnel syndrome.  Turns out, it’s common in pregnancy due to the swelling pushing on that nerve.  Really painful every morning when I wake up.  Have to run my hands under hot water every morning or soak them in the scalding shower so that I can even make a fist!

As far as baby business, we are done with our childbirth education classes.  We did those 2 Saturdays in a row at the hospital across the street where we are going to deliver at.  Didn’t learn much more that we didn’t already know, but it was good to reaffirm that we’re pretty ready as far as that goes and also good to hear what this specific hospital’s policies and procedures are.  We are pretty much done in the nursery.  Mom ended up surprising us with the most beautiful “mobile” for above his crib made of these gorgeous fabric and ribbon jelly fish.  I know she spent so much time, effort, and money on them and we are just thrilled.  They turned out adorable and I really think she could make money selling them on Etsy or something.  I’ll post pics of those in another entry.  We finally did our maternity shoot this past Sunday and so far are really happy with the few preview pics we’ve gotten back.  I will definitely post those as well once we have them back, which I hope is soon!  So glad we did that, we may decide never to have another kid, so having these to look back on of me pregnant will be really nice mementos!  We deep cleaned our house 2 weeks ago, got the air ducts/dryer vents cleaned last Friday, are having the carpets cleaned on Tuesday, finally found a solution for the bassinet mattress pad so he has a place to sleep when he comes home, almost done with my little project I started on the burp cloths (again, I’ll post about that later!), and mom is also starting on the quilt she wanted to make for Finn.  My mom’s the best, have I said that before?  Well, she is.  She’s been such a huge help.  I know she would do this for anyone that asked, that’s how amazing she is.  I went to my mom from the beginning and told her I wanted her help with all these different projects and of course she was happy to do them.  I’m so lucky to have such a talented, giving, creative, and fun mother – she’s already the best grandma to my 2 nieces, and I know she’s going to be equally as good to her new grandson.  I still need to work on baby announcements to fill and send out once he is born… so that’s another thing on the agenda.  Anyways, Crystal is coming on Saturday (I think?) and I really hope Finn decides to come while she’s here.  Baby dropped at 35 weeks, I’m dilating, other things happening, so yeah, things are progressing.  It’s so exciting and overwhelming all at the same time to think that Dan and I are going to be parents sometime in the next 16 days.  I hope sooner!  Today is good for me, Finn… just FYI.  ;)

Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks!

30 weeks

Well, here we are in the third trimester.  Actually been there a few weeks, but I’m slacking on the updates of course.  10 weeks left!  If that.  I have really slacked on taking pictures as the pregnancy progresses, period.  What I’ve posted on this blog is all I’ve got!  12 weeks, 18ish weeks, 23ish or something weeks, and now 30 weeks.  Oh well.  Let me do a run down of how the pregnancy has gone.

I didn’t really talk about it or tell anybody because I didn’t want it to be a big deal until it had to be, but at my 18 week ultrasound they found that I had a marginal placenta previa.  Which basically meant that the placenta attached itself really close to the cervix, and not at the ideal spot which is  the top of the uterus.  These are fairly common in women, but most of the time as the uterus expands they move up the side and out of the way for baby’s exit.  They can be bad if they don’t move or if they’re right on or touching the cervix because when labor begins it causes a lot of bleeding and can be life threatening for both baby and mother.  They don’t do vaginal deliveries if this is the case, it’s solely C-section.  So… they wanted to check mine again between 26-28 weeks to make sure it moved up and if not, I would have had to go on bed rest until about week 36 and then they would have done a planned C-section.  Luckily, at 26.5 weeks it was in the CLEAR!  It needed to be 2.5cm away from the cervix for a normal delivery, and mine was 3.5cm away.  So, good news.  Still, really weird that ONE CENTIMETER makes that big of a difference, but I’ll take it!  Everything on that front is good.

Another thing that was found recently was that my thyroid was slightly hypo!  Totally bizarre.  I see an endocrinologist for my PCOS already (the same one Dan sees for his hypothyroid) and he does bloodwork every 3 months and I’ve never had a high or low thyroid.  To my knowledge.  So, they repeated bloodwork and then wanted me to see the perinatologist again to assess that.  I saw him 2 weeks after my 26.5 week ultrasound where they did another and he put me on a very low dose of Synthroid, the same medicine Dan takes for his thyroid, only a much, much lower dose.  Mine was barely hypo and the doc said that normally an endocrinologist wouldn’t treat it (it was .79 and should be +.80), but because he’s a perinatologist and is concerned with 2 patients, both mother and baby, he didn’t want to take any chances because a low thyroid can have an affect on baby’s IQ and development.  Sooo… on that med now.  And he said after baby is born I likely wouldn’t need it, but we’ll have to keep checking my blood to determine that.

Okay what else… weight-wise I’m feeling pretty good.  I’ve gained 19.6 pounds.  And weirdly enough, haven’t gained anything since December 21st! I somehow made it out alive during the holidays!  Finn is definitely still gaining though, so they aren’t worried.  He went from 2.2lbs at 26.5 weeks to 3.3lbs at 29 weeks.  I know my weight gain will start picking back up here, probably now, as the books tell me that I will gain 1lb a week until the end.  That puts me right where the doctors wanted me to be at, between 25-35lbs total.  So, we’ll see how that ends up.  I feel pretty good that all my weight gain has been in my belly.  My arms, legs, butt, and chest are still pretty much the same.  My face is hard to tell as it’s always chubby (got those famous chubby cheeks and double chin I’ve had since I was a toddler), it may be noticeable in the face, but not much in my opinion.  And I’m the hardest one on myself!

So, movement.  Yeah, there’s lots of it!  I remember telling my sister-in-law, Mary, around Christmas that I still hadn’t felt hiccups and was curious as to how they felt.  Then about 2 days later they started (which was 2 days before 29 weeks – I think!).  Aaaaaand they pretty much haven’t stopped since then.  He has them alllll the time.  Which is slightly annoying sometimes and cute others, feels like an extra heart is beating in my abdomen.  But I’m told that hiccups are a sign of a healthy baby as they are the start of baby learning how to “practice breathe”, so to relish them.  Dan can feel them, too.  He thinks they’re awesome.  I for the most part do love every movement very much, but some are slightly less ideal than others.  The kicks, punches, and wiggles are totally fine.  It’s the pushing he does like he’s trying to burrow right through my abdomen that are not the cutest.  Just imagine someone using all their force (okay so baby’s force isn’t quite that strong, but it is all HIS force) and pushing on your arm and you’re trying not to let them push you over.  Kind of like that.  Only, he can’t knock me over.  ;)

I’ve also reached the point in the pregnancy where I am tired allll the time.  I get 7-10 hours of sleep on a regular basis, even on weekdays, so I’m definitely not lacking sleep.  I just get so tired halfway or a quarter through my day even.  And I hear it only gets worse going forward.  So, I’m really glad that most of the nursery is done and all the hard work is out of the way.  Well, sort of.  There is that one job I still have to do in March which will top them all.  ;)  I’m tired and I’m finding out quickly I can’t do the things I want to all the time.  Just leaning over the washer to grab clothes and bend over to switch them to the dryer, after about 2 times doing that my abdomen feels like I did about 1000 sit-ups.  It’s not comfortable.  Same for loading and unloading the dishwasher.  Lifting up the toilet lid.  Yeah, pretty much anytime I have to bend my abdomen I’m intensely sore.  Going to need Dan’s help a lot with this in the coming weeks.

Anyways, it’s been a really rough week for our family with losing Dan’s grandma and I think that’s sort of wearing on me.  I was down all this weekend for some reason and irritable and not myself, and that probably has a lot to do with it.  But, we have a lot to look forward to in the next 2 months.  Baby “Shower” Celebration next weekend for all our family and friends (we didn’t go the traditional “girls shower” route – more on that later), child birth and education classes at the beginning through the middle of February, a maternity shoot at some point in February, and then my bestie, Crystal is going to come out during her spring break in March to be with me!  I’m so excited for that.  I hope Finn decides to make an early entrance so she gets to meet him, but if not, I’ll still love seeing her and spending time with her.  I miss her so much and wish she was here for all this pregnancy/baby stuff so bad.  :(

That’s it for now!

Last Post of 2011


The end of the year has come.  Not that that means all that much, as the sun will still rise tomorrow just like any other day and it won’t be any different.  Only difference will be what number we jot down for the date.  I will say that 2011 was a great year for us.  Sort of uneventful now that I sit down to write about all the things that happened this year.  I guess there were only a few that stick out:

Dan’s health improved greatly.  If you remember, last year was a rough one with him having surgery to replace his ICD with a dual chamber one, then becoming anemic for a while, and going back into heart failure as his EF dropped to about 15%.  He started on the mend in March of this year and when we returned from our trip and he was seen in July, doc said he wasn’t in CHF anymore.  His EF still has a ways to go (we’ll find out what it is in March of this year) but he’s feeling really good!  So good that he was able to hike the Italian Riviera in June:

We went on the trip of a lifetime.  For realz.  Not sure we’ll ever get to take a trip like that again, but I sure hope so.  And hopefully it will be with our soon to be little family member.  We saw 7 countries on our trip to Europe, although I’m sorta exaggerating about the 7th as it was a quick stop at the train station in Belgium.  ;)  But 6 is still amazing.  England, Holland, France, Germany, Austria, and Italy.  Wow.  It was a whirlwind trip but we had a blast and wouldn’t have done it any other way.  We still have so many places we want to go back and see (Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, and Eastern Europe) but this was a good first taste of what’s out there.  1 month in Europe, not everybody gets to experience that!  It was such a wonderful trip with some of our best friends where we made so many memories and experiences.  And one of the best things that came out of it was our decision to finally become a family of 3.

We returned from Europe at the beginning of June and it didn’t take long for us to decide we wanted to add to our family.  A month later we found out we were expecting.  And it’s been another whirlwind trip since that moment!  Things haven’t slowed down one bit but I guess that’s just the way it goes from here on out.  We are so happy to start this next big adventure.  And so thankful we have so many great people in our lives to share it with.  It’s been really surreal for me to think about each holiday that’s passed (not to mention every single day) being our last “alone”.  Next Christmas and New Year’s will be spent with what we happen to think is going to be an amazing little person.  :)  Can’t wait to continue to blog about it and keep everyone posted as he grows and our family becomes something totally fun and new.

For our last day of 2011, we went on a hike to a beautiful trail about 15 minutes from our house (I looooove where we live) in the Superstition Mountains with my dad, Eric, Annie, and the 2 dogs, Sadie and Penny.  Sadie and Penny actually got along just fine, surprisingly enough.  Nothing like the last time they saw eachother.  Pheww.  They were both so excited just about all the smells and tired from the strenuous hike.  This wasn’t a real easy hike, definitely not a “walk in the park”, but believe it or not, we finally all had to call it a day when Sadie (who is beyond fat and out of shape, the poor thing) just didn’t want to move any more.  She was so pooped, I imagine she is at home just passed the hell out right now!  It was a beautiful day, about 70-75 degrees, we were mostly shaded, and we had a lot of really nice conversation.  It was great.  We’re going to go again next weekend.  And believe it or not, I was feeling good!  Didn’t get tired or too sore while we were out there, although now it’s 10pm and I can barely hold my eyes open.  I know that means it was definitely tiring and hard on my body because admittedly, I haven’t even been awake 12 hours today!  I got up after 11am!  Hehehe.  Being off the past few days means we’ve been staying up late and sleeping in.  Only 2 days left to get back on schedule.

Just as a side note, me and Dan were talking today as we drove to the trail about how no matter how long we have both lived here in AZ, it never ever gets old.  The desert is so beautiful and we love having these mountains right in our backyard!

Bountiful Baskets: Take 2

We haven’t participated in Bountiful Baskets in about a year, but in an effort to eat healthier, spend less money, and make fewer trips to the grocery store, we decided to try it again and it was a success!  Getting up at 7am on a Saturday morning is never fun, but we picked up our produce, put it away and slept a few more hours so it wasn’t absolutely terrible.  If you aren’t familiar with Bountiful Baskets, you can check out their website here as they are available all over the country.  Their Facebook page is here.  It’s a food co-op that pools all their money together and buys food in bulk from smaller farmers in Mexico and as much locally (or atleast in the US) as possible.  It’s only $16.50 and that lasts Dan and I 2 weeks.  We’ll be doing it again next week.  You can read about our first experience with BBFC back in May 2010 here and later here.

This time we got:

  • 1 container of butter lettuce (was sooo good!)
  • 1 bunch of celery
  • 1 bag butter gold potatoes
  • 1 bunch of both red and white yellow carrots
  • 1 bag of pears
  • 6 corn on the cob
  • 1 large bag of red & green grapes
  • 1 seedless watermelon
  • 2 avocados
  • 2 large onions
  • 2 large grapefruit

So far, this is how we’ve used everything:

  • butter lettuce and avocados we served with bean tostadas
  • celery, potatoes, and carrots we used in Beer Cheese Soup
  • pears, celery, & onions we used in our Christmas Day turkey stuffing
  • I ate the entire watermelon myself in one sitting because I needed to increase my water intake but was sick of drinking water!

So, it was a success.  We’ve used almost everything.  The corn on the cob & the rest of the carrots we plan on eating tonight with barbecue chicken.  We also still have some celery and pears left that I am sure we can find something to do with this week.  The grapes & grapefruit – I dunno yet.  I’m not a fan of grapefruit, but Dan is so hopefully he will eat them soon, and as far as grapes, I only like green grapes… not reddish green ones.  And I’m not sure if they’re seedless yet.  What can I do with these 2 short of out right eating by themselves or tossing?

I like that this encourages us to use fruits/veggies in our meals everyday, looking forward to seeing what we get next week!

Dan corrected me, they were actually yellow carrots, not white.  But while I’m fixing that I thought I’d also point out that it’s pretty cool that we get different kinds of produce that we wouldn’t normally buy.  I had no idea there were so many carrot varieties and why.  This is what I found out about red & yellow carrots:

Yellow carrots
The yellow pigment of carrots often contains high levels of lutein, which protects our eyes from the damaging effects of bright sunlight.This substance is also a protective against cancer- and heart-related diseases.

Red carrots
An extra high concentration of beta-carotene is responsible for the red color of this carrot. The amount of vitamin A in a red carrot is twice as high as in regular carrots. The red carrot is recommended for making carrot juice.

So now, I feel even better about eating them!  They’re good for us!

UPDATE: I made french toast on New Year’s Day along with some spiced-sauteed pears on top, so all our pears are done!  And Dan ate both grapefruit.  All we have left are the grapes (which will probably not get eaten unfortunately), 2 ears of corn, and a few butter gold potatoes.  NOT BAD!


What’s New?

Well… Dan and I are just starting to get over the plague that we had last week.  He got it first, last Saturday, and then I got it by Tuesday.  He was absolutely miserable the whole week and looked terrible!  I was so hoping I wouldn’t catch it.  But, being pregnant with an already suppressed immune system, I guess I was bound to get it.  Friday I had my monthly check up and doctor looked in my ears and said they were super red and full of fluid, so I had me a double ear infection and an upper respiratory infection on top of it.  She prescribed me some antibiotics (they don’t mess around when you’re pregnant and have asthma – don’t want it turning into pneumonia which can be deadly) and even a refill for Dan in case he got sick again.  Since sometimes things can just keep getting passed back and forth.  I did my nebulizer every 4 hours all weekend, drank tons and tons of water, and took Tylenol Cold Severe Congestion like it was going out of style.  Today was the first day I didn’t feel like death, but sounded like a 60 y/o woman whose smoked all her life when I coughed.  Yuck.  But I think I am on the mend!

Here I am at 24 weeks now.  Huge.  I feel so so huge.  I feel like I look like women who are close to giving birth.  And yet I still have 3 months and a lot of change.  So, that is sad.  I so hoped at the beginning of this that I would be one of those lucky ones that didn’t get all huge.  Fat chance.  Literally.  My mom keeps telling me she gained 50 lbs. with all 3 of my brothers – and it’s not helping.  I do not want to gain that  much weight.  With PCOS, I would never be able to take that off.  At least not for a really long time.  So far, weight wise, I still feel I am at a pretty good number.  I just look at myself in the mirror and get all grumbly and sad about how huge I am.  Oh well.  No stopping it now!  And of course the holidays are not helping!  Had a whole pumpkin pie to myself over the course of a week since Thanksgiving.  Baaaaaaad.  Why would I post this picture if I’m feeling so bad about myself – well, for posterity reasons of course.  Also, I really need a haircut.  On Friday.  Before the big GoDaddy Holiday Party.  Also, this was Saturday the day I felt like complete DEATH, so my face looks terrible.  But I managed to smile.  For posterity’s sake, remember?  Ugh.

24 weeks

(Again, WordPress, with the formatting???  Ugh I hate you!  I just want the picture centered and nothing I do is making that happen.)

The bright spot of my weekend was that the girl I hired to do my crib bedding finally finished it!  Yay!  It was rainy, windy, and nearly freezing temps so I almost waited to pick the bedding up next weekend.  But really, who are we kidding?  I’ve been waiting 2 months for that, there’s no way I was going to be able to wait any longer!  And I looooove it!  It’s so adorable and is everything I pictured and more.  I put it on the bed, but it’s not finished because we need to order a mattress this week so we can actually put the sheet on and have it look finished.  Here’s a sneak peek of the crib bumper.

Without the mattress there is this gap of space between where the bumper ends and the crib skirt starts, so it doesn’t look complete.  Once I get that, you know I’ll be updating this.  I can’t wait.  It feels more done although we still have so much more to go.  Like all the artwork that Dan’s planning on doing.  He’s just waiting for this semester to be over and to be done with finals and then to finish up all his Christmas gifts he’s making for people since we’re tight on money this year.  Here’s the dresser with the changing pad cover that she made as well as a project Dan was messing with a couple months ago for the walls.  Oh and don’t mind the mess of paint supplies on the right, still haven’t moved them out since we have to repaint the blue – which is even more apparent now that we got the bedding back!

And finally, I just have to share the most perfect little storage bin that I found at Target on clearance that was marked at $11.40, but when we got up to the register to actually pay for it, was marked down even more to the low low price of $7.00!!!!  And it’s the perfect color and just what I wanted for storing books and blankets in by the future glider for late night feedings!