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Big Plans for Fall 2014

Happy Fall 2014! I realize that it is already halfway through November. I had the best of intentions to post this at the beginning of Fall, but let me tell you — I’ve been busier than ever before! SO, this got away from me big time. I want so bad to carve just a wittle-itsy-bitsy-teensy bit of time out of each week to blog, but there is none. That sucks for my blog (and for my love of writing about myself haha). The good part about posting this so late, is that I get to do a 2-for-1. I can already recap what we did and didn’t do. :)


We had some pretty big plans for Fall 2014 and it was awesome. Aside from both being super busy… it was memorable. I realize fall technically isn’t over, but the holidays are here, so it’s over as far as I’m concerned. That happens about Halloween. To conclude, we hit everything on our list except the Haunted House that we’ve been wanting to go to for the last eleven years (since we met), the State Fair, and having a bonfire. Alas… there’s always next year!

So, onto the even busier holiday season!

P.S. Doesn’t he look huge? Like a *gulp* big kid?

Thanksgiving Printable

I saw this Thanksgiving poster on Pinterest, but sadly every pin for it that I found for it was dead and did not bring me to any site to download or purchase. I really wanted this in a printable form so that I could frame it and replace some of our personal photos for an open house we were having one weekend. So, I made it myself. And you can download it, too!



NaBloPoMo November 2013


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Fall Baking

With it being fall, my heart wants nothing more than to bake yummy sweet things and stuff my face with them. So, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

I brought these delicious Pretzel-Chocolate-Peanut Butter Chip cookies to a scrapbooking meet up that I went to at our friends’ house on Saturday. They were a big hit, I’ll definitely have to make them again.


I also brought this Almond-Poppy Seed bread. It was also raved about. And I loved it so much I made another loaf last night at 9pm because I needed it so.


I’ve also made blueberry and banana muffins. No pictures of those though. The banana muffins were tasty and a last minute idea as I saw that I had some bananas that had reached the end of their counter life. They were perfect in these muffins! And I really liked that they had no sugar, just honey to sweeten them.

Can’t wait for Christmas, so many delicious sweets. And let’s not forget about pies on Thanksgiving! What are you baking?

NaBloPoMo November 2013


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What Fall Looks Like So Far…

I wanted to make fall memorable and we’re on a roll! The weather has been absolutely gorgeous. It’s been spoiling us. I keep wanting to pinch myself. Finn’s lucky because his Grandma Jayne has a horse (named Diamond) and so he’s gotten to go to the horse ranch and see the big horses a few times. Recently, several of their mules had babies so Grandma Jayne thought it’d be good if we brought Finn by to see all the babies. We stopped by and Finn was very shy and standoff-ish due to the size of all the animals but he really enjoyed running around outside of the corral and barn. There was a lady taking photographs with her camera and she snapped a few of us. We, of course, were not dressed or expecting photos at all, but oh well!

Jane and Grandchild IIJane's Family Photograph II

Big Finn and Baby Finn

We also went to the pumpkin patch at Schnepf Farms last weekend and surprisingly, had a real good time. It was definitely outrageously priced ($17 per person) and then anything you want to do that’s worth doing costs extra. Luckily, Finn’s still a toddler and is just happy to run around. :) The food was very good, we enjoyed our overpriced cup of chili, Finn had an overpriced grilled hot dog plus a packet of butter before we realized (which upset his tummy and caused him to wake up twice that night we think), but it was still a great time because Finn had a BLAST. His favorite part was the pumpkin patch. He got to climb all over those pumpkins and get in everybody’s family pictures while doing so and he loved it!


There may be a slight overload of pictures of Finn by the pumpkins, but I just want to remember him this way. This size. This animate. This curious. I want to remember his two long pieces of hair in the back that I call his “rat tail.” I want to remember how he points to things and says, “Uhhh???” in hopes that we know exactly what he’s thinking. I want to remember how he looked at all those pumpkins and said, “ba!” for ball. I want to remember how he ran right up to all the goats in the petting zoo without a fear in the world (meanwhile I’m back gasping for air, scared out of my mind that he’s about to get kicked). I want to remember his adoration for his sunglasses and how it never gets old for him to put them on and take them off, over, and over, and over. And I want to remember his smile. It was a good day full of love. :)

NaBloPoMo November 2013


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A Short Season


Fall always seems so short compared to the other seasons. It’s like summer sort of encroaches on it, at least here in Phoenix and then it just blurs into winter before you realize. We don’t get the beautiful changing of the leaves that other parts of the country get. We just get leaves that dry out and then blow off the trees and leave us with these dry skeletons. They skip the whole green to red to orange to yellow stage. They just do green and brown. Maybe we’ll make a trip up north to see Great Grandpa and the changing leaves.

With what little time we have, I’m determined to make this fall memorable and packed with fun things to do every weekend with Finn. We’ve already done the zoo and we have several more zoo trips to make plus the Arizona Museum for Youth which we bought a membership for. Then I’m determined to find a pumpkin patch to get some cute pictures of Finn and enjoy a little family outing and I also think the State Fair might be kind of fun. Finn may like all the animals and he always loves watching people which the State Fair is guaranteed to show a wide variety of those! And then of course there’s Halloween. We’re still teetering back and forth on what he we will be but think we have settled on something. Now we just have to put it together! Stay tuned! And then before you know it we’ll be met with Thanksgiving and Christmas. But for now, we will enjoy Fall and the beautiful weather it has brought us.