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Disneyland Trip: Day 2

Our second day on our trip to Disneyland was spent at the park itself. I won’t go on and on and make this some post about what to do, where to go, what to see because there are so many better ones out there, but I’ll share what we did and what worked for us.

First of all, we made sure to take advantage of the Magic Morning early park entry. We didn’t get there right at 8, but pretty close to it. There was a line already queuing but it wasn’t bad at all. I think we waited 10 minutes at most. Also, we were bad and passed Finn off as under 3, but saved a lot of money by doing so. Something tells me that happens a lot. Next time, we won’t get away with that!

One sad thing during our visit was that the Peter Pan ride was closed. Oh and the only other things we missed at Disneyland were: the Astro Orbiter, Casey Jr. Train, the Disneyland Train, Tom Sawyer’s Island, and Mark Twains Riverboats. I’d say we did pretty well.

I will advise to eat breakfast before you get to the park. At least if you have kids. I don’t know if you are single, coupled, with friends and you have lots of time to do whatever… but we had minimal time to dilly-dally. We had to get in and queue up to avoid as many lines as we could with the little ones so skipping breakfast in the park was vital. Fantasy Land gets packed fast so we tried to do all the rides we could there during the Magic Morning hour. We got right in to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, but by the time we got out Dumbo was INSANE. We waited like 10 minutes for that which was an eternity for a kid who had never waited that long for anything in his life. Trust me, he learned quick that waiting was the name of the game. It only got longer. Alice in Wonderland was about 25 minutes. We got right in to Snow White and Pinocchio. Tea Cups was maybe 5 minutes. The Storyland one was super crazy and hot baking out in the sun. Anyways, you get the idea. No breakfast in the park could be had (although those Mickey waffles look amazing)! We packed a lot a lot of snacks for the kids and we ate from the carts as we walked. It worked out marvelously. We ate one sit-down meal each day we were in the park in order to keep expenses down but ate lots and lots of churros. My only regret was that I didn’t eat more Mickey pretzels. :( I wasn’t really happy with lunch. We ate between Adventure Land (is that what it’s called?) and Frontier Land at this place with mediocre food. I can’t even remember what I ate, all I know is it cost almost $50 for all 3 of our meals. Then the next spot over after we left we all saw they had chicken fingers and french fries and greasy delicious cheaper food galore. So, my tip would be, don’t eat at the first restaurant you find!!!

Okay, on to the picture show!

This is just to show that our days using the pack ‘n play are over. Finn ended up in our bed every night. On my side of course. You see that tiny spot on the left? That’s where I slept. The Count had the whole rest of the bed.

Disney_05 Disney_06

This pic on the left cracks me up – it is so fun. You can’t tell him what to do or make him pose for pics. “I do what I want!” And then on the right is 60 seconds later, happy as a clam about to walk down Main Street.Disney_07

I happen to think The Count looks like a super model here.Disney_08

Finn was so nervous the first few rides. He didn’t like them and kept asking to go home. We were kind of nervous ourselves about how the next 3 days were going to go if he didn’t like going on rides, but he warmed up!Disney_09

My favorite pics of the trip ended up being the selfies we took. Here we are on Dumbo.Disney_10

I got so sick on the Tea Cups. That, Indiana Jones, and the Screamin’ rollercoaster at California Adventure were the worst for me. But I still went on Tea Cups twice. Just not with the Count — he got too into it, as you can see!Disney_11 Disney_12

Finn enjoyed the Jungle Cruise and he still talks about it. I took him on it alone while the guys went on Indiana Jones. The line for this ride was quite deceiving. It didn’t look that bad but then it kept going around and around and it ended up being around 45 minutes! It was worth it. Cheesy but good for the kids.Disney_13

After the guys did Indiana Jones, we switched with the kiddos and the girls went on the ride while the guys took the kids to Tarzan’s Treehouse. Finn probably could have stayed there all day.Disney_14 Disney_15

Charlotte and Finn zonked out (yaaaaassssss), so Tiffany and I chilled out in some shade while everybody else (including Brayden who was still going strong!) went on the Buzz Light Year ride in Tomorrow Land.Disney_16


On the Monorail. Finn — always one hand on each of us. Another great selfie of the 3 of us. :)Disney_18

Finn contemplating the future of tomorrow.Disney_19

And I can’t believe we didn’t get better pictures of Finn’s FAVORITE RIDE on this day. We went on It’s a Small World 3x total during this trip. He just loved it.Disney_23 Disney_20 Disney_21

A final ride on the Tea Cups with Brayden and Julie while waiting to meet up with the dads who snapped this pic of us.Disney_22

There was SO much more to day 1, but this was really the highlights. Our friends T&T and their kids left early this day and then us and J&J had dinner in Tomorrowland watching a Beatles tribute band which was fun and the kids really liked. We left about 8 this night and pretty much crashed, but not before face timing with Grandmas before bed and watching the fireworks from our bed!

Disneyland Trip: Day 1

I need to post about something that makes me sickeningly happy. Right now, that’s looking back on our trip to Disneyland earlier this summer. I still have many other things to back-post about but for now, I’m going to focus on getting our trip to Disneyland up as quickly as possible.

We were gone a total of 6 days. It was for the most part supposed to be a very laid back (travel-wise) trip with 2 days dedicated solely to travel. That part went perfectly according to plan and I will definitely plan for that dedicated travel time in the future.

We left about 10 or 10:30 once all was said and done on a Sunday morning with our caravan of vehicles (3 in total) and made our way to California. I think we arrived somewhere between 3 and 4 but I can’t remember for sure. The Count and I, as well as our good friends J+J stayed at one hotel together across the street from Disneyland (excellent decision) and our other friends T+T stayed at a more ritzier hotel a mile or so away from the park. I’m happy with where we stayed because we never missed the early entrance to the park and were close enough to walk (and no – not even like this-is-pushing-it-kind-of-walking-distance) so that if needed the kids could nap at the hotel (that never happened).

After we checked in to our hotel which I can’t remember the name of right now because my mind is like a big bowl of mashed potatoes, we walked to Downtown Disney. We ate at this little taco/burrito place, kind of like a Chipotle but I can barely remember anything about it other than that there was hardly any seating because if I can tell you one thing about Downtown Disney, it is effing packed to the brim. It’s like an attraction all on its own, except there’s nothing there except really expensive restaurants. So, it’s kind of baffling really. But the kids found it exciting and it was a good transition to what was to come the next day!

Disney_01 Disney_02 Disney_03 Disney_04