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Christmas Card 2014

In true St. Germainiac fashion, I made our Christmas cards right before Christmas and then lost my gusto to actually send them. I think I am instead making it a tradition to share them here on my blog. See last year’s here.

I do still have much to say about 2014 and 2015 but that will come in another post. And it is still January, so I can’t be that late after all!

xmas card 2014 xmas card 2014


Christmas Card 2013

I worked really hard on a Christmas card this year. I mean, really hard. Every night after work I’d come home and work on it, tweaking it, perfecting it. It was going to be double-sided with one side having our photo and the other a “year in review”. I was going to print them, stuff them, and mail them out, you know, like you’re supposed to. But you know what? I only got one five Christmas cards. Which I loved. But one five (woops – spoke too soon, the other 4 came after Christmas!). That was it. And for all the time, effort, and love that I put into this card, and then money to print them and pay for shipping and envelopes I decided it just was not worth it. My mom said I should do it anyways, that Christmas cards are dying and I was born one generation too late, but I’m not sending them and I don’t know if I will again. I always have and I love doing it. I’m a paper crafter. But part of the reward of sending cards is getting them in return and seeing photos or handwritten notes from your loved ones. Getting nothing just seemed pointless.

I decided I’m still going to share it. Here on my blog. So anyone that actually reads my blog will get to enjoy all the effort I went to making this card. Well, one side at least. It’s a little hard to post a 2-sided card. ;)

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

xmas card frontChristmas_Card_StGermainiacs

P.S. His height is totally wrong on this. I didn’t measure him at all. He’s actually closer to 3 feet according to a stick he stood next to today at the park. It was just a place holder until I could actually measure him but I never did! His weight is from a couple weeks ago, though. Also, The Hobbit we are seeing this weekend, we never saw The Hobbit, we just knew it was going to be the best movie of the year so I preemptively put it on there. If not The Hobbit, it would have been World’s End.