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Finn’s 2nd Birthday Party


I’m playing a little catch-up. This year was all about simple and easy. We tried to make Finn’s 2nd birthday as wonderful and as memorable as we could make it. A big plus was that he got not shots! No shots until his 4th birthday I don’t think. I had the day off work and we went to the doctor with Grandma and then we went out to eat for Mexican food at Serrano’s for dinner because his big party with his friends wasn’t until that Friday (his birthday fell on a Wednesday). He didn’t do so well at dinner and we ended up having to leave as soon as we got our food… such is life with a newly two year old! His cousin, Annie was staying with us that week for Karate Camp so she was there that night and they had a blast outside in the parking lot! We did come home and have a little chocolate cake (because that’s his favorite).


His actual party was held at Jumpstreet… an indoor trampoline park where the kids can “monkey around” all they want. It was a relatively expensive little party, but I was thankful not to have to do a whole lot for it, unlike his first birthday which we went all out for. I made a quick Curious George (although the rest of the party didn’t have much to do with that – ha!) invitation in Illustrator which I emailed out to his best buds and family, booked it with the coordinator, and then we showed up. We brought a cake from Costco and they provided and served it along with pizza. Easy peasy.


Finn got sick literally hours before his party and had without a doubt, the biggest meltdown of his life once we got there. Part of it was him being sick, the other part was trying to keep him out of places he wasn’t old enough to go into yet, and just the combination of this big new place with lots of screaming kids and loud noises and it was a recipe for disaster. But it turned out okay. He wasn’t too keen on jumping on the trampoline but loved the giant blow up slide that looked like an alligator.

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These were the thank you’s that I made, printed at my work, and mailed out about a month afterwards. Not too bad for me considering our Christmas thank you’s were five months late!

Finn's Thank You