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Finn at 20 Months

“Wow!!!” – as Finn would say. I can’t believe my boy is 20 months, 4 months away from being 24 months which is actually TWO. I officially feel like it has happened too fast. It only feels like I had him maybe earlier this year and yet it also feels like he’s been with us forever. I love these feelings because both are so exciting for me.


At 20 months, Finn…


… is saying a lot more. Says, “buba ba” (bubble bath), “whoa”, “wow”, “mama”, “dada”, “brampa” (grandpa), “more”, “re” (red), “weyo” (yellow), “boo” (blue), “mil” (milk), “nana” (banana), and a couple more I’m not thinking of. He also does the most adorable thing when we count to 10, he tries to mimic us by saying, “du du du du du du du du du DU” the same way we would count to 10.

… has the most adorable “quack” and “bark” which actually both sound very similar but each is only used when he’s around ducks or hears a dog barking.

… thinks daddy is SO funny and fun to play games with, but when it comes to any comfort time, he is all about mama.

… has developed separation anxiety. :( When I drop him off at Grandma’s house in the mornings and he knows I am about to leave he will run and fling both arms and legs around me and give me the tightest hug and not let me leave. It makes me sad everyday. :(

… points to and calls any man in the store “dada” when it’s just he and I.

… loves the park and the daily trips he makes there with Grandma. He’s met many recurring  friends at her neighborhood park and has got “parallel play” down pat.

… hates having his diaper changed. I mean like, it’s quite possibly the worst form of torture he’s ever endured as evident by the blood curdling screams that come out of his little lungs each time.

… still has an avocado everyday, is a good kidney bean eater, loves his “nanas”, and waffles or muffins at breakfast. He’s not been a good egg eater unless we disguise them in hashbrowns.

… has gotten really good at playing with his Duplo Legos. He builds towers and then likes us to count the blocks so he can try to mimic us. He also loves to have us count the beads on his Melissa & Doug abacus.

… loves music and will dance any time he hears a tune.

… is absolutely mesmerized by Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on PBS, and I gotta say, I like it too! :)

… constantly wants us to put his shoes on whenever he finds them in the front closet. One shoe, two shoes, or even different shoes, he doesn’t care!

… is pretty darn good at using a spoon or fork, we just need to perfect keeping it level as he brings it to his face so the food doesn’t all fall out before it reaches its destination.

… likes to brush his teeth and hair.

… has taken an interest in books (finally) and brings us the ones he wants to read.

… loves bubble baths as long as he gets to hold the rinsing cup, but please don’t pour water over his face too much, he’s not a huge fan.

… squeals with glee whenever he sees the kitty and does not like when dogs lick him in the face.

… is attached to his “Froggie” and “Pinkie” stuffed animals. He will go looking for them in his crib each night and it’s so sad the couple times we left “Froggie” at Grandma’s – he will tear his crib apart looking for him!

… is a big fan of suckers. That’s the one treat he got to have from his Halloween candy.

… is smarter than we ever realized and is absolutely the most amazing human being on the earth to us.

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