Our Summer in Numbers

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Our summer in numbers:

1. Summer trip: Cabin
2. Pedicures I got
3. Times we went to Wet n’ Wild
4. Freckles on Finn
5. Summer Friends: Charlotte, Brayden, Noah, Aaron, and Baby Beckham!
6. Approximate pairs of shoes Finn grew out of
7. College credits The Count took
8. Weeks I spent waking up with Finn everyday

With it being October, summer officially being over, and Halloween on its way, I almost forgot to recap our awesome summer. I say that like I’m ever timely… as I’m still blogging about a trip to Europe from 3 years ago and I still have our trip to California from April to write about, but what an improvement from last summer. Honestly, me not working has done wonders for The Count and I’s relationship, Finn and I’s bonding, and also for my mom to have me helping out at home and not counting on her so much with Finn. I love being home with him and I loved this summer!

Things we did: Played with friends, stayed at a cabin up in Flagstaff, played with sparklers on the 4th of July, drained the pool, swam a bit when the pool wasn’t green, The count started volunteering at the hospital, played lots of Legos with Uncle Jack, helped Grandpa fix stuff, made forts galore, played in the water almost everyday, helped tear up the carpet, made friends at the park, went up north to Prescott to see Great Grandpa Jack, had a Labor Day BBQ with our best friends, lots of painting and other “projects”, listened to and watched Raffi on numerous occasions, and adventures to the park as often as we could stand the mosquitoes! We also got a membership to the Arizona Science Museum on top of the Mesa Children’s Museum that we already have. We had 2 trips to the hospital and 1 surgery; a headache for me, bad constipation and a rash for Finn, and all 4 wisdom teeth removed for The Count, but all is well.

Overall, this summer was pretty good to us. Low key, probably too many days in the house than we wanted due to the heat and/or mosquitoes, but I’m not going to complain one bit about how it went. We’re all healthy, happy, and on our way. Hope everyone else’s summer rocked.