Right Now on 12/29


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I slacked off on these the last few months. The holidays are always so busy. I want to continue with these posts next year because I like the “snap shot” of what’s going on “right now” to look back on, but I’m going to simplify it a little bit.

This quote really resonated with me lately. I got a little high and mighty recently and this grounded me and brought me back down. I had to remind myself that everybody has different experiences and reasons they’ve been brought to the point they are and the same goes for myself and I’m nobody to judge. Definitely nobody to judge.

Thinking about how the holidays are over and now it’s back to trying to sell our house so things need to be in tip top shape.

Or do they? Contemplating how we could possibly stay in our first family home and what the best decision is for our family.

Watching Fringe and How the Universe Works.

Listened to this interview on Science Friday and it had a profound effect on me. Love that man.

Reading Flight Behavior.

Still eating all of the delicious treats I made this Christmas.

Buying Halos and Cuties by the bucket.

Marveling at how big Finn is getting and how pretty soon I’ll barely be able to carry him.

Loving Finn’s love for his new vocabulary: red, nine, water, & more.

Pinning the hell out of Pinterest.

Wanting to make this cake.

So very thankful for all the thoughtful and amazing gifts that the 3 of us got this Christmas.

And that’s me right now…