Right Now: January

right now_january

Am all over Pinterest scouring for healthy meal ideas as I plan meals for the next week and a half. I really need to kick my butt in gear in the food department this year.

And speaking of, we are researching gym memberships right now as we really want to get in shape. I stopped taking my migraine medication in October and immediately gained 20 pounds, which I am not happy about. Loving the 2 year membership to 24 Hour Fitness from Costco, but sadly, we don’t have $800 up front to spend. So we’re thinking of saving for that and going to the local recreation center until then.

Still reeling over what a wonderful holiday we had in 2014. We both got entirely too much and felt like we gave too little (money was tight!). But, next year is going to be the year of giving for sure.

Reading for the first time in a year (other than required school reading) and so personally and intellectually satisfied. I am reading Still Alice right now, and up next will be The Night Circus. Then onto my stack of books that we got last year. Oh and I got 2 gift cards to Barnes and Noble, so more books will be happening.

Using Finn as my helper around the house instead of seeing him as a burden while I try to get things done. Today I had him scrub the kitchen table, stove top, counters, and sink — and he loved it. He kept asking what we could wash next. I see great things ahead. *evil grin*

Also potty training Finn like rockstars! After about 3 days, we stopped having pee accidents in his pants (other than the rare occasion) and after a week we didn’t need to even set a timer to ask him anymore – he just tells us. He’ll even tell us while driving down the freeway so we can pull over and use the potty seat that we bring just about everywhere with us now. Pooping is another story and I have a feeling we’ll be fighting that for a while.

Gearing up for a brand new semester. Three of them actually; my own college, the elementary school where I work, and the university where I work as a TA. Last semester was a wild ride and this semester is where I see everything clicking for me.

Planning blog posts as that is something that I want to focus on right now. I neglected my blog the end of last year due to my two incredibly time consuming jobs and three intensive college courses. I love coming here and writing, sharing, and reflecting on areas of my life and adventures, as it really is a big part of my life. And boy do I have a lot to share!

Trying to help The Count with applying to graduate schools. Deadlines are coming up, so we gotta get serious and busy.

Looking forward to The Count officially starting his new job as a pharmacy technician. Right now, we are at the mercy of the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy as they process his application, which has been going on since November.

Really enjoying having full on conversations with Finn. I think I say this about every stage, but this one is definitely my favorite. Right now.

In shock that the mountains all around me in Phoenix are covered in snow! (see pic above)

Kind of laughing that I just got an email that said, “A Beginner’s Guide to Meal Planning” from MyFitnessPal. That must be something popular going on right now with the new year.

Completely unsatisfied with Pei Wei. We were craving Thai food on New Year’s Day (both have colds and cooking was not in the books) but our favorite place was closed, so Pei Wei was right across the street and boy did it suck. They used to be so good to me and were almost a treat. Now I see them as very mediocre expensive fast food. Seriously the last time I will ever get it. I’d rather have Panda Express any day and I never would have said that in the past!

Heading to the grocery store to purchase said meal ingredients.

And that’s us for January right now… Happy Friday!