Right Now: November 2015


Tired but trying to endure the rest of my first semester at ASU. I have less than one month week left, but I know there’s a lot to do in that one month week in all four of my classes! The Count tells me that each semester is like a race in a big marathon, I just have to make it to each finish line to catch my breath until I hit the big one.

In the mood to bake all the things but no time to do it! I am pinning shit constantly that I want to eat and bake and sad as my days and weekends come and go where no baking or eating happens.

Feeling creative – I’m determined that this year I am going to finish my “Christmas” cards and send them around Thanksgiving as a Thanksgiving/Fall card. I know I complain about not having a lot of time (which I don’t), but I really want to make time for this. ***As this was written a few weeks ago, felt I needed to update that I ordered my Christmas cards this weekend. Didn’t quite get them out by Thanksgiving, but hey— I’m just glad I am going to be sending them out for the first time in years!

Excited about my new job. I just got a job at the school district I worked at last school year as a Title I clerk. This is my second fourth week and so far so good. It seems easy enough and I especially like that I basically have my own office and will have little contact with kids. Not to sound bad, but they were a lot of work! I want something relatively stress-free with everything else that I have on my plate.

Enjoying the in between weather stage of our weather. It was really cold two days last week where the temps varied between 40 and 60 degrees. Then this weekend it shot up to 75 degrees – making for a perfect day at the zoo! ***This was started a few weeks ago and we’re back to nearly freezing temps again!

Really loving our new apartment. It’s so perfect for us! Trust me when you were used to fitting all your stuff in 2 bedrooms for almost 2 years, a whole apartment feels so luxurious! It’s the perfect amount of space and maintenance for us and we love it.

So thankful that my mom can watch Finn while we’re at work still. I am happy that I got all those months with him, but grateful that she can resume. I don’t ever want to take that for granted. She’s gonna be gone the week of Thanksgiving and we have to *find somebody* and just the thought of leaving him with a stranger has my stomach in knots since we’ve literally never had to do so!

Also thankful to my mom and brother who came over and in one night helped us finally unpack/pack all of the boxes that were lining the walls of various rooms of our apartment and now it finally feels like we are “moved” in and the place looks clean and tidy for the first time! Granted, we mostly moved our boxes of junk that “need to be sorted through” to our closet, so they didn’t just go away, but it still feels super great! Now it feels like we can actually think about decorating…

Getting used to not having all my friends as such as regular part of my life anymore, but Finn hasn’t gotten used to it. He asks about his friends on a daily basis and that especially stings!

Christmas shopping is on a roll! So far we’re done with Finn, myself, my mother-in-law, and pretty much, The Count. Now to worry about everybody else!

I started this post at the beginning of the month and I figured I better get it out before the end of the month so that this picture of pumpkins is relative for one last day. ;)