Right Now: March


Sad that I have not been able to blog much this year, but know when I say that I have had no time, that I literally have had NO time. 2 jobs, full-time school, AND a 3 year old make for a very, very busy life.

Really excited about my gel manicure that I got last weekend. I started biting my nails after 5 years of not doing so, and they were really ugly and short, so I decided to get a manicure. The gel is awesome! So shiny over a week and a half later.

Am fighting my urges to eat junk food. Seriously. It’s like, if it’s in the house, I cannot resist it. Absolutely no self control. See pic above.

So relieved to be on spring break! The week before kicked my ASS. Both my jobs at the school district and the university are on spring break and it coincided perfectly with my own school’s spring break. I love waking up to Finn everyday and having nothing to do all day except hang with him (and party prep).

Dealing with horrible back pains. I hope I didn’t rupture or re-rupture a disk. Saw the doctor today and just got put on 2 new medications for this. One is a muscle relaxer that I am supposed to take 3x day and the other is also to be taken 3x a day for nerve pain.

Really happy and sad for Finn’s 3rd birthday on Thursday. Happy because it’s going to be a blast as his cousin, Annie is spending the night for 3 nights and we’re going to be doing lots of party preparations and celebrating our little guy (as we have all week). Sad because, well.. he’ll be 3. :*(

Just received my Associates degree diploma in the mail this week. It is something that I could have gotten years and years ago, but just never applied. Finally did last semester and it feels awesome. Such a huge accomplishment for me across the span of so many years. It’s great to see it in writing. More to come!

Feeling surreal that I got into ASU and will be starting there in the fall. That’s been a dream of mine for so long and I’m so proud that I am actually going.

Trying to eat healthy. Trying. I’m on the P90X diet as I finally decided this week that this weight has got to go. It’s not helping my back one bit and I definitely don’t feel good about myself. I also did a P90X3 workout yesterday and felt AMAZING. However, I’m taking it a little easy now because of my back.

All caught up on my grading for the class that I am a TA for NAU. That was weighing heavily and I’m so glad to be caught up!

Frustrated with the feeling of being the one always putting the effort into relationships and not feeling like it is reciprocal.

Loving Jamba Juice “Strawberries Wild” and as always, my “Caramelizer” from Dutch Bros. Coffee. Those are just two things I can’t get enough of.

Looking forward to hanging with Finn and our friends on Saturday for his rainbow art birthday party!

Feeling a little at a loss as to what to do regarding a family member of mine who is spiraling out of control. The fact is… there’s nothing I or anyone else can do except watch it happen. And that SUCKS.

Annoyed that some people think it is okay for children to watch adult content such as Sons of Anarchy. There’s a story there, but I won’t go there. Just know that I’m very annoyed about it.

Hope you had a great St. Patty’s Day. We sure did! Post to come…