Right Now: July


Well it’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these! This image will make sense soon, once all my ducks are in a row and I have something great to share with you. But boy, does it feel both terrifying and amazing right now. Don’t know how I’ll feel about it in a couple of months! ;)

Contemplating a huge life decision I just made and how I need to get started on my next steps very soon (more to come later – sorry for being so elusive?).

Loving that Finn asks me to “kii” (kiss) any owwies he has, even if he has to make one just to get me to kiss it.

Watching House M.D. and nothing else although we have a lot of tv to catch up on! We just finished Game of Thrones so we’re in this weird in-between phase.

Really enjoying that we finally got our pool to clear up and we are now officially swimming everyday. Finn, 2-3 times a day.

Thinking about how hard it is to mesh two families in one household but that I really need to do a better job on my part.

Missing Aaron Swartz and the brilliant, kind-hearted soul that he was. Just watched this documentary on him last week and was saddened at the needless loss of his young life, ashamed of our government, but hopeful for more people just like him out there. Speaking of the government…

I am hating our Supreme Court right now for making the absolute worst decision in the history of the United States of America with their Hobby Lobby Decision. Fuck all those guys and Hobby Lobby. Totally will never shop there again (not that I have in over a year or so anyways).

Eating a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches this past weekend and am totally happy with every one of those decisions.

Marveling at how Finn is now starting to use sentences! I’ve always felt that he’s been a little behind in the talking department (but ahead in other departments) so I’m in awe that he’s now starting to put together two and three word sentences.

Wanting to make this french toast casserole after my friend made it for our cabin retreat last weekend. It was divine!

So happy with my new skin care system by Mario Badescu.

Buying too much fast food and take-out. I have a feeling that will change now that I’m not working (oh did I just let the cat out of the bag?).

And that’s me right now…