Right Now: July 2017

I have totally fallen out of the habit of blogging. Life got really hectic with The Count’s first year in pharmacy school. I had many other priorities, many such that were not focusing on my passions, like writing. I am hoping to change that, regardless of any changes in my life, but alas, I’ve never been able to keep a promise to myself.

Very much looking forward to my newest venture, which is GRADUATE SCHOOL. It feels so strange to say that. Up until last semester I was still wrestling with what to do with my life and in a way I still am. I’ve always been passionate about children, education, and the community in general. However, as I’ve worked in public education the last few years, I discovered that as much as I value teaching, I know that it is not for me. In April I decided, for whatever crazy reason to apply to a Information Resource and Library Science program at the University of Arizona. I didn’t hear back for several months and then in July I decided to contact them to see where my application was. They were waiting for my second referral (which got stuck in email somewhere). Once I got that sorted out, I was told I would hear back in 4-6 weeks. Two days later, I got my official acceptance letter. I’m not sure The Count is totally thrilled as us both being in school is incredibly grueling on us as a family, however, I’m happy. Whatever it takes, I will finish this degree.

Dealing with insanely frustrating and painful headaches and migraines constantly since mid-April. I’ve had brain wave scans (which uncovered a seizure disorder only), MRIs, CT scans, and I’m on 4 or 5 different medications for migraines, not to mentions OTC meds for tension, positional or just plain ol’ headaches. There’s “nothing” to be found or wrong with my head. The only thing that I haven’t had tested are my blood vessels. Maybe there are more things. But that’s the next thing I will ask about.

Loving my plants and succulents. They had a hard summer. It was my first summer as a “plant mama.” Just as my first time as a real mama, though, obviously much, much different. My path to becoming a plant mama started because my apartment didn’t have enough light so all my house plants had to go outside on the patio. However, it is there where they all died. I discovered I was much better as a cacti and desert plant caretaker. My last outdoor houseplant died this past week… my spider plant. I do have two pothos plants and a peace lily inside still as those can basically live with almost no sunlight, but outdoors I have converted to all desert plants and I LOVE it.

Dreading going back to work, but at the same time excited about it. I’m not the stay at home mom type as I believe I have said before. I do miss my daily interactions with people and my friends at work. I’m sure At the same time, I think I could stay home and watch Netflix for the rest of my life. Hahahaha!

In my month off I have spent a lot of time binge watching Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu! Some of the shows I’ve watched are: Broadchurch, Jessica Jones (again), The Crown, Paranoid, every Louis C.K. special, The Handmaid’s Tale, Fargo, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some. Currently I am watching The Keepers and finishing up Twin Peaks. Next I want to watch Call the Midwife, Peaky Blinders, and finish Transparent and Catastrophe. TV is never-ending!!! Hey— we have to have some way to escape.

Can’t believe I have a kindergartner. I swear, I was just pregnant, doing nursery posts and then his monthly updates. Finn is incredible. He’s not interested in poop or farts like some other kids. He likes to talk about satellites in the sky and how our phones connect to them. He loves downloading apps from the App Store. Not playing them. He’s just obsessed with how the whole system works. He’s a special person. And he’s going to do really great things.

That’s it for things around our corner.