Right Now: August

doctor_finn copy

Doing a lot of passive job searching for The Count since he’s about to enter his final semester and will be graduating in December. I’m actually even looking at jobs in other states and dreaming about other countries and it has me really excited.

Working on two photo projects at the moment; a photo book for our Europe trip and Finn’s first year Project Life album.

Eating so many home cooked meals and loving it! Finally! I had fast food today for the first time in weeks and it was my mom who bought it. Feels good to be saving money and my cholesterol.

Watching House of Cards and House. So, so much House. Love him and that quirky show. We just finished the second season of Orange is the New Black. I liked it so much better than the first. Focusing on the other characters was a plus in my opinion. I still hate Piper, though!

Glad that this massive second hand consignment project that I took on with the help of my good friend, Tiffany is over with. I spent 12 hours yesterday going through 4 garbage bags of clothes; prepping, hanging, and tagging them. Hoping to make a couple hundred bucks this weekend!

Really trying to motivate my parents (i.e. my dad) to make some home improvements around their house. They have boxes and boxes of wood laminate flooring and tile for all their floors and their counters in the kitchen… they just need the motivation to do it!

Frustrated with Finn’s lack of eating a lot of days. We all wonder what he survives on. And then he’ll surprise us and have a day where he eats GREAT.

Have been avoiding taking pictures off of my phone for a few weeks now so my Instagram updates have been very few and far between because my phone is full to the max. Why is that such a pain to me?

Worried about my 5 month old niece who was just diagnosed with a hole in her heart that most likely will not heal on its own and will require surgery when she’s about 4. Why do the little ones have to go through things like this?!? Hopefully science will have improved so much by then it will be a walk in the park.

Loving Finn’s haircut (above) but now wishing we had waited since we have the BEST. IDEA. EVER for his Halloween costume.

Just so happy and marveling at how much Finn is talking and communicating with us now. It’s THE BEST. He repeats everything we say (which is not so good sometimes…) and it’s just remarkable! And also loving his wonderful personality that shines through more and more everyday through that communication.

Really thinking a lot about out future right now…

Playing a lot of WoW at night once Finn’s asleep with my brother and the Count.

Curious about this new treatment my new neurologist wants to try on me for my migraines; Botox. I’m at the end of the line. They have to take me off of my current meds (which I love) because it’s damaging my kidneys, and 2 others I can’t go on because of other conditions!

Wanting the weather to cool the eft down already. I’m sick of this humidity. Go away monsoons.

Trying to get as many of my Europe blog posts done for my friend Katie before she goes on her big European vacation.

And that’s us for August right now