Right Now: August 2015 Randomness


I am bothered by people who become interested or fascinated with a topic and want to champion it, but don’t really research it other than sharing the latest Facebook post on their wall and spreading half-truths. They also get ALL of their information from Facebook memes or posts which is super annoying.

I am having such a hard time mourning and grieving for my grandfather who died last month because the whole process has become so perverted by my anger towards my dad’s family who took advantage of him in the months before he died and are continuing to do so. Therefore, after the funeral I chose to cut them out of my life because I cannot continue to have this anger and hate in my heart when I think about my loving grandfather.

I have had 2 lumbar spinal epidural injection procedures the last couple weeks and I’m not sure how I feel about them yet. The increased pain the 4-5 days after is pretty bad and I honestly haven’t been able to tell a major difference as far whether they are worth repeating so I’m holding off on the final procedure (you can get a total of 3) until I feel more conclusive about them.

We found a preschool for Finn to help me out with my 4-5 online classes this semester; I need some time to work on schoolwork away from him and with the Count working full time, this may be the only way to get that time. But not only did we find a preschool, we found a good preschool and one we are so excited about! Finn is going to thrive! We went to the parent orientation last night and then Finn got to meet his teachers today and I think this school fits right in with our personal philosophy. Yay!

I have been watching Gilmore Girls non-stop this summer and just finished the final season. I loved this show. The dialogue is quick, cheesy, and witty all at the same time. I love all the references to pop culture and the dynamic between the mother-daughter of the main characters – it makes me want a daughter, almost. And the guest stars on this show are out of control. Almost every episode I am seeing another recognizable face! I’m sad that it’s over (10 years late!) but I can see why it ended. The final season sucked, although the last episode still made me cry.

I have a like-hate relationship with my body. For the most part, I like it. I don’t obsess about my weight or what I eat or *gasp* workout. I know I should to a certain extent because I am getting up there in years and with all my health issues and my parents’ it really is something that I should think about more. However, truthfully I’m really alright with how I look. When I’m about 10 pounds heavier *thats* when I start to hate it. I lucked out and literally have a husband who tells me that he finds me beautiful no matter what but he especially loves my brain.

The Count has started studying for 2 different tests: the GRE and the PCATs. He’s going to take each and throw his hat in both rings (graduate and pharmacy school) and see what comes up first because we’re so desperate to get on our “feet” sooner rather than later. I love watching him study every night. Again. This has me all inspired and itching to get started on my own semester that’s almost a month away still!

Finn just started weekly swimming lessons and we’re so excited for him. He went to his first lesson and cried the whole time but he still listened, didn’t run away, high-fived the instructor, and when we left he told us he wanted to go back next week! So, we thought it was an overall success.

Yay for August and the almost near end of summer. :)

2 thoughts on “Right Now: August 2015 Randomness

  1. Christa

    Again, I’m so sorry to hear about your grandfather…and especially the mess surrounding the whole affair. Death of a loved one can bring out the best and the worst in people…I’m sorry you’re experiencing the latter.

  2. Jill Post author

    Thank you – it’s very unfortunate. The idea of having to bring lawyers into it makes me sick. But I guess whatever brings justice to an untenable situation.

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