Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks!

30 weeks

Well, here we are in the third trimester.  Actually been there a few weeks, but I’m slacking on the updates of course.  10 weeks left!  If that.  I have really slacked on taking pictures as the pregnancy progresses, period.  What I’ve posted on this blog is all I’ve got!  12 weeks, 18ish weeks, 23ish or something weeks, and now 30 weeks.  Oh well.  Let me do a run down of how the pregnancy has gone.

I didn’t really talk about it or tell anybody because I didn’t want it to be a big deal until it had to be, but at my 18 week ultrasound they found that I had a marginal placenta previa.  Which basically meant that the placenta attached itself really close to the cervix, and not at the ideal spot which is  the top of the uterus.  These are fairly common in women, but most of the time as the uterus expands they move up the side and out of the way for baby’s exit.  They can be bad if they don’t move or if they’re right on or touching the cervix because when labor begins it causes a lot of bleeding and can be life threatening for both baby and mother.  They don’t do vaginal deliveries if this is the case, it’s solely C-section.  So… they wanted to check mine again between 26-28 weeks to make sure it moved up and if not, I would have had to go on bed rest until about week 36 and then they would have done a planned C-section.  Luckily, at 26.5 weeks it was in the CLEAR!  It needed to be 2.5cm away from the cervix for a normal delivery, and mine was 3.5cm away.  So, good news.  Still, really weird that ONE CENTIMETER makes that big of a difference, but I’ll take it!  Everything on that front is good.

Another thing that was found recently was that my thyroid was slightly hypo!  Totally bizarre.  I see an endocrinologist for my PCOS already (the same one Dan sees for his hypothyroid) and he does bloodwork every 3 months and I’ve never had a high or low thyroid.  To my knowledge.  So, they repeated bloodwork and then wanted me to see the perinatologist again to assess that.  I saw him 2 weeks after my 26.5 week ultrasound where they did another and he put me on a very low dose of Synthroid, the same medicine Dan takes for his thyroid, only a much, much lower dose.  Mine was barely hypo and the doc said that normally an endocrinologist wouldn’t treat it (it was .79 and should be +.80), but because he’s a perinatologist and is concerned with 2 patients, both mother and baby, he didn’t want to take any chances because a low thyroid can have an affect on baby’s IQ and development.  Sooo… on that med now.  And he said after baby is born I likely wouldn’t need it, but we’ll have to keep checking my blood to determine that.

Okay what else… weight-wise I’m feeling pretty good.  I’ve gained 19.6 pounds.  And weirdly enough, haven’t gained anything since December 21st! I somehow made it out alive during the holidays!  Finn is definitely still gaining though, so they aren’t worried.  He went from 2.2lbs at 26.5 weeks to 3.3lbs at 29 weeks.  I know my weight gain will start picking back up here, probably now, as the books tell me that I will gain 1lb a week until the end.  That puts me right where the doctors wanted me to be at, between 25-35lbs total.  So, we’ll see how that ends up.  I feel pretty good that all my weight gain has been in my belly.  My arms, legs, butt, and chest are still pretty much the same.  My face is hard to tell as it’s always chubby (got those famous chubby cheeks and double chin I’ve had since I was a toddler), it may be noticeable in the face, but not much in my opinion.  And I’m the hardest one on myself!

So, movement.  Yeah, there’s lots of it!  I remember telling my sister-in-law, Mary, around Christmas that I still hadn’t felt hiccups and was curious as to how they felt.  Then about 2 days later they started (which was 2 days before 29 weeks – I think!).  Aaaaaand they pretty much haven’t stopped since then.  He has them alllll the time.  Which is slightly annoying sometimes and cute others, feels like an extra heart is beating in my abdomen.  But I’m told that hiccups are a sign of a healthy baby as they are the start of baby learning how to “practice breathe”, so to relish them.  Dan can feel them, too.  He thinks they’re awesome.  I for the most part do love every movement very much, but some are slightly less ideal than others.  The kicks, punches, and wiggles are totally fine.  It’s the pushing he does like he’s trying to burrow right through my abdomen that are not the cutest.  Just imagine someone using all their force (okay so baby’s force isn’t quite that strong, but it is all HIS force) and pushing on your arm and you’re trying not to let them push you over.  Kind of like that.  Only, he can’t knock me over.  ;)

I’ve also reached the point in the pregnancy where I am tired allll the time.  I get 7-10 hours of sleep on a regular basis, even on weekdays, so I’m definitely not lacking sleep.  I just get so tired halfway or a quarter through my day even.  And I hear it only gets worse going forward.  So, I’m really glad that most of the nursery is done and all the hard work is out of the way.  Well, sort of.  There is that one job I still have to do in March which will top them all.  ;)  I’m tired and I’m finding out quickly I can’t do the things I want to all the time.  Just leaning over the washer to grab clothes and bend over to switch them to the dryer, after about 2 times doing that my abdomen feels like I did about 1000 sit-ups.  It’s not comfortable.  Same for loading and unloading the dishwasher.  Lifting up the toilet lid.  Yeah, pretty much anytime I have to bend my abdomen I’m intensely sore.  Going to need Dan’s help a lot with this in the coming weeks.

Anyways, it’s been a really rough week for our family with losing Dan’s grandma and I think that’s sort of wearing on me.  I was down all this weekend for some reason and irritable and not myself, and that probably has a lot to do with it.  But, we have a lot to look forward to in the next 2 months.  Baby “Shower” Celebration next weekend for all our family and friends (we didn’t go the traditional “girls shower” route – more on that later), child birth and education classes at the beginning through the middle of February, a maternity shoot at some point in February, and then my bestie, Crystal is going to come out during her spring break in March to be with me!  I’m so excited for that.  I hope Finn decides to make an early entrance so she gets to meet him, but if not, I’ll still love seeing her and spending time with her.  I miss her so much and wish she was here for all this pregnancy/baby stuff so bad.  :(

That’s it for now!