Our Newest Adventure

So, for Dan’s birthday earlier this week… we decided to buy bicycles.  We’ve been throwing the idea around for a while but were leery because who knows how long we’d have an interest in it and if we were wasting our money?

Well, it was Dan’s birthday and I felt like splurging so I said… heck let’s go for it!  So, I researched online all day as I was looking for a pretty decent brand but relatively inexpensive.  I knew that the really good bikes were going to be expensive (we looked at another bike shop earlier that morning and they were like $600!!) so I knew with our budget the bike wasn’t going to be GREAT.  But I found some reviews on a bike from lots of other women (and men) and the bike was actually at Walmart.  So, we did it.  Took about 2 hours with going to 3 different Walmarts to get both of our bikes but we did it.  Took them over to my parents and put them together and of course got done too late so we couldn’t ride.  But the next night boy did we!  And we found that the only bad things about our bikes (which we had already read from the reviews) were the seats were very uncomfortable.  So Dan went and replaced our seats the next day and now we are happy as pie!

I couldn’t wait to get home from work today to go for a spin.  Dan and I biked 2 miles to Pei Wei, had dinner, and then biked home.  It was glorious.  All those endorphins being released… I felt amazing, like a natural high.  I am seriously in love with cycling.  Kind of like a love at first sight.  And Dan, too!  When I was at school last night he biked 8 miles!  And we’re going to ride our bikes to the gym for now on and Dan eventually wants to start riding it to school.

Anyways, so that’s our newest thing.  We can’t wait to condition our bodies fully and start doing really long bike rides and even some mountain biking eventually to Superstition Mountains, South Mountain, or Camelback Mountain.  And best of all, I’m hoping it helps me lose some weight.  I need to get in shape!  So, that’s my plan.  Who knows… I may even start biking to/from work eventually!  Not to have to deal with traffic would be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Tomorrow we are off to do the right thing and buy helmets!  There’s crazy drivers out there you know!