Nursery Tour

Okay, it’s finally (almost) done.  Dan is still working on his last 2 pieces of artwork; one for above the bed (a whale submarine painting done in his style) and one on our art collage wall (the obvious black picture at the bottom of the collage).  We have one more shorter shelf to hang under the long shelf above the dresser, which requires a long drive to Ikea, and then we need to pick up this cute little submarine caddy for diapers to put on said shelf from Target.  We have a brass boat port window with a mirror in the middle of it instead of an actual window that my mom gave us, or as we like to call it, Finn’s submarine lookout mirror that we also need to hang, but Dan’s sorta putting it off because it’s so heavy.  You’ll just have to see it once it’s hung – it’s perfect.  Either way, it’s looking really done so I think it’s finally time for a full tour of Finn’s small submarine/underwater/whale/sherbet colored room!

First the view from the door as you walk in:

The wall (#1) to the left as you walk in:

The crib wall (#2):

The window/closet wall (#3):

The art collage wall (#4):

And the opposite view of the room as you look out, where the entrance is:

Now for some close-ups and more details.  I’ll start with the bed since it’s the focal point of the room.  As I said, it’s looking pretty bare above the bed because Dan’s not quite finished with his art portion.  Oh and we’re still working/thinking about the mobile above the crib.  No ETA on that!

Here’s another picture of the unbelievably perfect matched blanket that my mom found at Goodwill months ago:

And a close up of the crib bedding, just so you can see the detail.  Dan tied these bows:  :)

Now we can move over to wall #1, the dresser/changing table wall.  Another shorter shelf is going to go on the right side under the top shelf for storing the diapers, and the submarine lookout mirror will be on the left above the pad:

Corner shot.  To the right of the dresser (better seen in the above pic) we have our former stainless steel kitchen trash can that we’ve recycled to use as the diaper pail.  In it I have a Planet Wise diaper pail liner which can go right into the wash with all his cloth diapers.  And of course the, again, upcycled coral tree decoration that was from our wedding back in 2008:

Close-up of the tree corner:

Okay let’s see, details of the shelf above the dresser.  These old books were given to us; the Opie Sendak one was given to us by my mom, which was given to her by her mom, and the Huckleberry Finn book (from 1957) was given to us at our shower this past weekend by a very dear family friend, Isabel.  Perfect for Finn!  The picture frame my mom gave us and we plan on putting a picture of Finn in it once he’s born.  Or perhaps one of my belly from the yet-to-be-done maternity shoot:

Close up of the beautiful handmade lamp.  My mom made the shade with Dan’s help and I glued the pom pom and ribbon trim along the bottom (to go with the detail on our curtains) as well as stuffed all those tiny little shells each in almost one by one:

And then of course, our beautiful handmade invitations that our good friend Julie made for our shower, I just had to frame!  And the baby book Dan got me for Christmas, and a picture frame Dan made in 2004 with a pic of him on the beach in San Diego (I guess that’s better seen above, too).  Oh and the wooden train my mom gave us (again):

Here’s a view of the window and curtain valance my mom made.  Fabric is the same as the crib bumper, crib skirt trim, and changing pad trim.  Added a coral ribbon with yellow pom poms at the bottom to incorporate our “polka-dot” accent and coral color, and then my mom made the buttons at the top by hand.  She painted them, drilled holes in them, and threaded them – just because it needed a little bit more oomph!  Love it:

It was hard to get a good view of the valance due to the window being backlit:

Aaaaand the art collage wall.  The grand finale.  Again, the lighting is messed up and I’m not real good with figuring out how to fix it with the camera:

Along with the start of his book library and toys:

Now an explanation for the artwork.  Most of it was “found art”.  For the big piece, we picked out some cool scrapbook papers together that we liked and sat and folded them into little origami whales together one night while we watched a Suns game.  We then toyed with their placement and direction and came up with this:

This was a little thing my mom gave us at the beginning of the pregnancy, “101 Ways to Praise a Child”.  A good thing to remember in ensuring that Finn has a good, positive, self esteem.  We placed it on the aqua/yellow dot fabric that we used around other parts of the room:

I really wanted to have pictures of us when we were babies so that we could compare his little face to ours as babies.  Here’s Dan’s model pose that hung in his hometown Sears & Roebuck in Kenosha, Wisconsin:

And my “ganger” pose from the hospital nursery in Denver, Colorado at Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center.  Dan says I couldn’t decide whether I was East or Westside with the gang signs I was throwing up.  Looks like Westside won:

This is a drawing Dan made months ago of a bunch of little whales in the shape of one large one (as you can see).  My mom gave us these huge bearclaw clam shells which her and I drilled holes into so that they could hang by this pretty little aqua ribbon (also from our wedding!):

And now for the super “found art”.  The underwater and alphabet print is scrapbook paper we liked.  We still plan on getting some letters to put over the alphabet with his name.  The seahorse print is wallpaper my mom found months ago which we picked out our favorite part of, framed, and added the little clown fish on the frame just to give it some texture:

And this unfinished shadow box frame will be where we display Finn’s hospital bracelet, along with Dan and I’s – which both of our mothers just so happened to save!  For now, ours are sitting in that pouch protected and I just threw that little picture of Dan in the hospital nursery for now (won’t be there later).  We’ll finish this once we have Finn’s to add to our family hospital bracelet picture:

Wow!  Almost done.  Now, for some “behind the scenes” stuff.  The closet.  I’ve done my best to keep it as organized as possible.  For now.  I know eventually it will be a mess like the rest of our closets, and that’s okay.  Here’s a picture of all of his clothes.  In case it’s not obvious, he has plenty of onesies.  And everything from 0-6 month clothes.  He does however still need 9-12 month clothes of all kinds if anybody still wants to get him some clothes. :) I just had to share how adorable they all look organized in his closet!  I love coming up here and looking at them, no matter how many times I’ve seen them all and memorized every little onesie/outfit – I still could sit here and stare at them for hours dreaming about the little person that is going to be wearing them soon:

And now side-by-side shots of the closet.  Side #1 with our SUPER EXPENSIVE supply of diapers and wipes that I am told will last us maybe a month until he’s big enough to fit his cloth diapers (YIKES), as well as the clothes, remainder of the amazing diaper cake our friends, Christian & Renee got us at our shower, the box of bottles, baby carrier, and diaper bag with wet bags.  And on the bottom is our still boxed pack ‘n play and part of the car seat for Dan’s Jeep:

And on the right is my attempt at organizing at the top.  Mom gave me these bins.  I have all his extra crib sheets, some blankets, extra boppy pillow cases, and junk.  More clothes and at the bottom our Maclaren umbrella stroller (from England!) that my mom found us at Goodwill.  Normally $180, she got it for a steal at like $30!  Love it.  And the boppy pillow and bumbo seat (w/ tray) that I bought used off of Craigslist:

Almost forgot – the other “behind-the-scenes” stuff, which I’ve already posted about, but this post wouldn’t be complete without ’em!  Our closet organizers (for clothes sizing) and our cute little drawer liners:

And there you have it.  For now.  As we finish the last few things I have mentioned above, I’ll be posting more pics.  Hope you enjoyed reading about Finn’s nursery as much as we enjoyed creating it!  Now we just need a little baby to complete it. :)

Stay tuned for updates on the shower last weekend.  I’m still trying to track down like ONE picture of me at the shower.


4 thoughts on “Nursery Tour

  1. Christa

    I have never been so excited about a nursery! I just LOVE everything you guys have done…and Dan’s whales-within-the-whale is amazing. I wish I had more talent in the “draw-ring” department.

    I can’t wait to see the new shelves and porthole and everything else.

    This is THE best nursery I think I’ve ever seen. Very clever, artistic, and unique, and each little detail has a special meaning behind it. Love it!

    Be prepared–I’m going to put you in charge of mine! Think Peter Pan…but not Disney. Complete with mural of London and a combined pirate ship crib/changing table! You’ve got some time. At least a couple of years. ;)

  2. Gramdmama

    this is amazing, Jill, Dan and Juli!!! I truly love it. It’s the nursery I never could have…never enough money or time or permanency(sp)…

  3. Elizabeth

    Wow! What a beautiful nursert. Who made all the stuff and what inspired you on the colors and theme. Very unique and amazing. Here is my email

    Please email your address. Megan and I love makin crafts and your nursery is all she has been talking about for a few days. We would love to send a little something special.

    Congrats to you both and best wishes.

    Love You guys

  4. Jilly Post author

    @Christa: Thank you! You have been pretty much the only one to follow along on our blog as we started with our vision, to what it is now. I’m glad you like it and I appreciate all the compliments. This has been a very rewarding experience for us and we can’t wait to add Finn to the room! Oh and we are so on board to help you! :)

    @Grandma: Aww thank you so much. The 3 of us worked so hard on it and we’re really proud and really super excited for Finn!

    @Liz: As far as who made all the stuff, I pretty much covered that above… me, Dan, and my mom made most of it – credit goes to my mom A LOT. She’s incredible at this stuff. I hired someone to make the crib skirt, crib bumper, and changing pad cover – mom did the rest of the sewing (sheets, curtains, lamp, added an extra ribbon to the changing pad cover) and I did the crafts like the closet organizers and drawer liners. The art on the walls is all Dan and I’s doing/choosing. Dan’s still working on a big piece to go above the crib.

    Inspiration on colors was that I found an aqua/yellow nursery online that I liked but my mom and Dan (being the artists that they are) felt it needed a 3rd color as an accent and boy were they right! Love the way it turned out. It made the room.

    Thanks! You’ll have so much fun creating Megan’s nursery for her little one. It’s a good distraction while you’re waiting for that baby to finish cookin’! I’ll send you my address via email! :)

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