Nursery Progress: Okay, NOW We Have Curtains

Don’t worry, you’ll get a better picture of the whole room soon enough.  Today (among other things going on in our lives which will be a whole separate post) I am working on hanging shelves and working on the art/collage wall behind the door.  I finished my big “art” project for it last night.  Well, I guess it was more of a craft since that’s what I’m better at.  But it was something I’d been wanting to finish for quite a while and I can’t wait to share it on here.

Dan is going to start working on his portion of the art in the room.  He’s painting a big picture to put above the crib and then we’ll have to both figure out what else we are going to do there.  It’s all coming down to the finishing touches of the room.  I’m so happy that we started so early in the room because I really got to take my time and make it just the way I wanted it.  I got a lot of comments about how “early” we started and “why?”.  Well, because now here I am almost 8 months pregnant and am getting very tired and worn out so the thought of doing all the work that we finished early on does NOT sound appealing at all.  I think if I were just starting, it just wouldn’t get done.  Then baby would be here and things REALLY wouldn’t get done.  So, I’m so glad that I got the excitement bug early on and feel that I’m finishing at a good time in the pregnancy.  Although I use “finish” relatively since, really, will I ever truly be finished with it?  No, probably not.  Things are going to keep coming to me up until he arrives.  Which is a good thing since that will help satisfy my “nesting” urge that I am TOTALLY in right now.  And Dan.  ;)  He’s been organizing our nightmare of a storage/miscellaneous room upstairs a little bit each week as he wants it to be more organized by the time baby arrives, as well as working on his office/guest room.

I have more updates to come including what is going on in our lives (other than baby’s room) and a new pregnancy pic.  Stay tuned for those later!