Nursery Progress: Catch-up & Last Minute Projects

We spent the last month before Finn was due working on the final touches of the nursery and ensuring that we were 100% ready (ha) for his arrival.  We finished making sheets for his bassinet and made some cute little burp cloths using leftover fabric scraps from all of our various projects.  Mom is also working on a quilt but it didn’t get done before Finn’s arrival, and then you all know what happened after – so we’re hoping by month 2 it will be done so we can use it as a backdrop for some more pics.  If not, month 3! ;)  I realized that through all the months we worked on Finn’s room together, didn’t get any pics of mom hard at work – so I made sure to change that while working on these projects.

The start of the quilt layout
Quilting Supplies
Angie helping
Final touch on the bassinet – a blue bow
Mom sewing the burp cloths that I cut and pinned together
Final product (well some of them, there are many more!)