Nursery Progress: Art Wall, Shelf, & Bassinet

Okay, this will be a short one tonight (*gasp* I know!) as I’ll mostly let the pictures do the talking.  Finally got the art/collage wall mostly complete.  Have 3.5 to finish.  I won’t go into details as I will post a complete picture of the wall once all is done.  The wall with the dresser got a shelf, still needs one more, plus a small mirror, and then we need to hang our boat “port” window my mom gave us (again – you’ll see that later).  Dan’s working on his art for above the crib and some other touches that he wants to add.

The latest steal of a deal my mom found at Goodwill!  Bassinet for Finn while he sleeps in our room.  Eddie Bauer wooden bassinet brand new = +$200.  Mom got it for $27 with her senior discount.  Sahweeeeet!  We added the blue ribbon and she’ll be making some mattress pad covers to match it once we get the mattress which is the only thing it was missing.

Shelf with the start of his book library, some knick knacks, our lamp, and I framed our beautiful shower invitations that Julie made because I loved them so much!  Oh and the baby book Dan got me for Christmas to fill out.  And the wooden train mom gave me.

Aaaaand our art wall.  Too tired to go into too much detail about it.  I will make a whole another post on each picture’s special meaning.  And as you can seem 3 pictures aren’t even done.  1 is only halfway done, but you wouldn’t know it.  Yay!  ALMOST COMPLETELY DONE WITH THE ROOM. I can’t believe it.  But am so happy and excited.

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