As I’ve mentioned a few times, we’re selling our house. After a series of unfortunate events this year, we were left with almost half of our income and a house we can no longer afford. It felt really helpless, painful, and incredibly humbling. We were faced with several choices. Does Dan get a full time job and put school on hold for the time being so that we can afford to stay in our home? Do we rent out our house until Dan graduates and gets a job and we can afford to move back in? Or do we cut our losses and sell and find greener pastures down the road?

Well, I haven’t been working my ass off for all these years at dead end jobs so that Dan can put his school on hold, so Option A was out of the question. And we really thought about renting it out but ultimately decided that we just don’t have the resources or time to do that. We aren’t investors after all. After talking with a Realtor and looking at the monetary side of things we decided it was a good time to sell, we’re not underwater and will definitely make some money off of our home (if it ever sells that is). Then we can put that little nest egg away until Dan does graduate and finds a job, wherever that may be, whether it’s in Arizona or otherwise, and buy our second home. I know once he graduates and finds a job, things will be better eventually.

So, we put our house up for sale 3 weeks ago. We’ve had 4 showings. It’s slow right now and getting slower as it gets closer to the holidays. Our money is running out, we’re definitely feeling a little anxious and worried. We know all it takes is one person to like our house… so we’re just waiting.

Once it does sell, we’ll be moving in with my parents until Dan does graduate and finds a job. It will make things easier as my mom watches Finn and we won’t have to wake Finn up at ungodly hours of the morning to drop him off and make that extra drive. We’ll already¬†be there. We also know it will be hard living there. We make no qualms about that. My younger brother just moved back in after his failed stint in Northern California which really complicated things. But we will make it work because we are family. Hopefully at the very least we can all be a good influence on each other in the eating department by all following a heart smart diet together! That’s our plan anyways.

Meanwhile at home, everyday we have to make sure our house is clean and clutter-free. That’s the biggest pain in the ass part about this whole process. Sometimes at the end of the night after a 10 hour shift, making dinner, playing with Finn and putting him to bed, I’m so tired and the last thing I want to do is clean the kitchen, take the garbage out and put all Finn’s toys away! But… I have to. And often times (like this weekend), Dan isn’t of much help because he’s busy studying for a Physical Chemistry or a Biochemistry or a Genetics test. Oh the life of a future scientist…

This weekend we’re having an open house so we’ll see if that helps drum up any interest. I will be emptying closets all week in an effort to continue to de-clutter the house and then Thursday will be super cleaning mode!

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