Mother’s Day and Curious George

I think I said all I need to say about parenting and being a mom on my previous post so here’s pics from my Mother’s Day 2014. I had this thought as we were watching Curious George the other day (as we do everyday). I’m really happy that it is Finn’s favorite show because it’s mine, too. I love that the Man with the Yellow Hat never gets mad at George even through all the mischief he causes. He never yells at him or gets angry. He’s a constant reminder to me that Finn is just curious and isn’t maliciously causing mischief. He’s genuinely curious and learning about the world because that’s his job and it’s my job to be more understanding of that. I need to do a better job of that (patience!) and be a better mom.

Dan made me, my mom, and his mom brunch. We had a yummy Mexican egg/chorizo dip, biscuits & gravy, waffles, eggs, mimosas, and iced tea. Finn started the morning off right with a chocolate donut! I got a beautiful card from Finn and See’s candy from my dad. Then we just hung out and spent the rest of the day with my brothers helping my mom remove the old bird cage and swamp cooler off of my parents’ back porch. It was a productive but familiar Mother’s Day.