Martha Stewart Knows Her Cookies!

Dan and I decided to put the cookie book that he bought me for our ‘Christmas in July’ theme to good use last weekend and boy did we!  We made 2 glorious and delectable kinds of cookies last weekend in celebration of Labor Day, because after all, who doesn’t enjoy a good cookie to celebrate not having to go in and labor at our jobs?  ;)

Chunky Peanut, Chocolate, & CinnamonWhite Chocolate Coconut

The first one we made was called Chunky Peanut, Chocolate and Cinnamon.  It was essentially a peanut butter cookie with chopped peanuts, chocolate chunks, and a dash of cinnamon.  They were phenomenal.

And just when we thought we had tried the best cookie on this green earth, we decided to make White-Chocolate Chunk Cookies.  Oh man were they good!  Coconut, oats, almonds, and of course white-chocolate chips!

Needless to say, we have delivered a bag to both of our parents’ and we still have so much left that we don’t know what to do with them (other than eat them).  I might make a drive-by to his Grandma’s house this afternoon so she can enjoy them, too.

In other news, Dan just finished his 3rd week of school and is doing really well.  He’s already gotten an A on a math test and then he’s got some tests coming up in 2 weeks in all 3 of his classes.  He’s also already dissected a sheep’s heart, got to look at all kinds of poop samples under a microscope, and got to draw his own blood to test for what type he is as well as coagulation.  Sounds yummy if you ask me!  Poop has been a regular word around our house since school started as he’s been learning all about bacteria and parasites in his Microbiology class.  I start my class on Monday, I can’t wait.  :)  Though it won’t be nearly as exciting as all of Dan’s classes!

Dan’s aunt, Lori had surgery a few weeks ago and we are so glad and thankful that she is doing so much better now.  She had a double-mastectomy due to breast cancer.  Such a scary thing to go through but thankfully the doctors think it was caught soon enough that she shouldn’t have any problems once she recovers.  *crosses fingers*

This weekend Dan plans on doing nothing but studying with his flashcards and I plan on finishing the last Twilight book.  For those of you that follow my blog, you know I am not a huge fan of the author but I do want to know what happens in the end, so I have trudged through the last 2 books in hopes of seeing the light.  I do however, love the movie and can’t wait for the next one in November!  Then tomorrow we will have a day filled with FOOTBALL!  I’m so glad a sport that we like is back in season.  Go Cards!  And of course tomorrow night is filled with sadness as we watch the season finales of all of our favorite HBO shows: True Blood, Hung, and Entourage.  But it’s not all sad as next weekend marks the beginning of a new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm!!!  Yay!