Late Thank You’s

When I was little our extended relatives used to call us the “Late Lassens” because we were always late to every family function. I was usually late to school. Girl Scouts. Softball. Now, in our defense, our family functions were 2 1/2 hours from our home (and 15 minutes from our relatives) and my mom had four kids to get ready for school. Four kids who hated getting up in the morning and ready for school. I have tried really hard not to let that nickname follow me into my adulthood and for the most part I do pretty well. This year however, has been a different story. I’ve fallen really behind on a lot of things.

One of them was the thank you’s for the Kid and our Christmas gifts. I’ve always tried to be good about Christmas cards and thank you’s but this year I just dropped the ball. So much that it’s already April and I’ve just finished them. Now I know some of you reading this would probably say, to hell with them, why even send them? Well, because I’m not a quitter. And we were really thankful and I want people to know that. I really started this process back in February as soon as our move was over and things got crazy at work and with some other stuff that after Finn did his part, I just sort of sat on them.

Yesterday I got this bug up my ass and decided to finish them and make them one of my 29 Projects and I’m happy to share it here! And I’m sending them out. Four months late and all because I don’t care. On the bright side, I am already on top of his birthday thank you’s from not even a month ago. So I’m on the up and up in that area. Some people may be getting two cards in the mail from us. Lucky them!

We set Finn up outside with some watered-down water colors and some butcher paper hung on the pool gate, a paint brush, and his trusty dog and had him go to town. And despite his worried face below, he loved it!

thank_you_cards_3 copythank_you_cards copythank_you_cards_1 copythank_you_cards_4 copy

Afterwards, I let them thoroughly dry for 2 full months (har har) and then cut them up and glued them on the front of some blank craft paper cards and then sprayed the fronts with a light coat of varnish. And now off they go. Voila! Easy peasy!

The final product:

thank_you_cards_5 copy

Can you see his cute handprint on one of them??

29 Projects

This is 3/29 projects that I am attempting to complete before my 30th birthday in May. Wish me luck.