In the Garden: July 9

So this is what the fruits of our labor look like right now:


Our bell peppers are getting big, but are not quite ready to be picked. Herbs are used daily. Strawberries are meh, but we keep trying! All of our vine plants are going crazy and growing into each other and all over the place and we have lots of baby cucumbers and cantaloupe. We can’t wait to be able to pick homegrown jalepenos and thai peppers on the regular, and we’re anxious to see how our carrots (and onions) are doing underground, though that’s a ways away! We’ve got tomatoes coming out of all of our ears, which we’re totally not complaining about. This gardening thing has just become such a great little hobby for our family.

Other parts of our garden: our squash and zucchini which are out of control, our tomato cage (notice the huge basil plant on the bottom), and our corn which had gotten really big and unfortunately fell over in our first big haboob/monsoon storm of the season. :(