Food Co-Op!

Dan and I were recently turned on to this food co-op called Bountiful Baskets through a blog that I follow regularly.   We’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while just never really knew what was out there.  We are really trying to lesson our carbon footprint.  So, we decided to partake in this food co-op where a bunch of people pool their money together to get bulk discounts on food and then share the food evenly with everybody.  I saw how much food the person from the blog that I follow had gotten and immediately knew that it would  be too much food for just Dan and I and we would need somebody else to go in halfsies with us on it.  So we were able to talk our good friends, Jason & Julie into doing it.  Then after sharing the idea with both of our parents they decided they wanted in on it, too!  So, we’re going to order a couple baskets starting next weekend and split them up between the 4 of us.  I ordered my first basket this past week just to test it out and see how much food it really comes with.  Then as I said, starting next week it will be the real deal with all 4 of us!

I got up early this morning and drove over to the golf course in Dan’s grandma’s neighborhood to pick up my very first basket.  It was such a neat experience.  The people were so nice and since this was my first basket I had a person walk me through all of the steps.  Basically they have all these baskets lined up in a parking lot with numbers on them.  You sign in with the person that has the clipboard, he gives you a number and then you find your numbered baskets and transfer the food into your own container, box, bag, etc.  There was also a lady there giving out bay leaves from her tree to everybody, which was cool!

Anyways, it was a lot of food.  Too much food for just Dan and I to eat in a week before it starts to go bad.  Going to give my parents half of this basket.  This is what we got:

11 Gala Apples
7 peaches
6 bananas (1 bunch)
1 container of strawberries
1 container of blackberries
1 coconut
4 avocados
7 roma tomatoes
3 yellow squash
2 HUGE cucumbers
1 bag of baby carrots
1 bundle of green lettuce
1 head of green cabbage

I’m very excited to start our own “co-op” with our 4 families!

On another note, we are going to plant a garden with my parents in their backyard.  I thought this would be the BEST way to try to lessen our carbon imprint and an awesome way to try to sustain 3 different families with 1 garden!  I want to get my parents’ old garden area all cleaned up and ready for planting in the next few weeks and make it a family activity that we can all do together.  Need to research what can be planted right now.  I know things can grow year round, it’s just a matter of what!  Food probably wouldn’t be ready until a couple of months away so we will still do this Bountiful Baskets thing for quite a while.

We are very excited about this new endeavor!  More to come!