Right Now on 4/9

Finn Right Now

I know I need to update the kid’s actual 2 year post (!) but I wanted to drop in with a mini right now update on a few things that I never want to forget. His talking has really taken off and before he is super proficient and mastering all these words, I thought I’d write down all the wonderful, cute ways that he says them… and a few other things that warm my heart right now.

The way Finn says strawberry as “bur-bay”. And how much he loves them.

And milk as “noK” (enunciation on the “K”).

Or George as “Gorge”, as in Curious George.

Or the way he says rainbow as “bow bow” when he wants to read one of his two rainbow books that he loves so much. And yet, he still says rain any chance he gets when water splashes on him or when he turns the shower on accidentally in the bath.

Computer as “pater”.

“Conkles” are sprinkles or twinkle.

Outside is “diiie”, very dramatically when he wants to go outside.

Uncle Jack is “Jaa”, who he spends a lot of time with.

He learned to say Finnegan: “Tin-gen”. I should post a video of that… see below!

Our dog Sadie is “Saa-ie!” with an exclamation point, every time.

Crayon is “gan”.

“Har” is for heart, which he can name when he sees one, his other favorite is a star which he’s been good at recognizing and naming for a couple months now. <3

That he knows most of his colors including black and white, except blues and greens as they confuse him (they’re too alike!). Purple and red are his favorites and most easily recognizable.

That he hums and sings along to Baa-Baa Black Sheep and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with us or alone when it comes to him. :)

Drum is “daum” as he beats on our bongos and then claps and exclaims excitedly and waits for us to to the same.

Loves water. He grew out of saying “wa-wa” many months ago and I just love hearing him say water for most any liquid.

The way he says baby when he sees a picture of a baby, including himself! Please continue to see yourself that way, Finn… just as I do. :)

Anyways, that’s just a little snapshot of his words right now. At least the ones that I can think of and that really stick out at me that I truly want to bottle up and never forget.