Finn’s Favorite Books Part 2

Finn continues to be a little book worm. We read books before every nap and before bed every night. ┬áHe still has old favorites like Brown Bear Brown Bear, The Lorax, Mouse Mess, and Ned’s Rainbow, but we’ve added a lot more. And now that we have started going to the library every week, we are finding more favorites that we want to add to our home collection. We’ve checked out a couple multiple times and are thinking about just buying them. We love reading to Finn. I love when he follows along and really studies the pictures. We ask him questions all the time about what’s happening in the story, what’s going to happen, who the characters are, where it takes place… sometimes he answers and sometimes he doesn’t. We’re okay with that. Mostly he just loves the pictures and he loves being read to. And I love sharing his favorite books here and looking back on them!

Colours and Shapes Skippyjon Jones Rainbow Fish Put me in the Zoo Olivia Star StuffGreen Eggs Its MineWater in the ParkOh the Places Freight Train Crayon Box Clap Your Hands Cactus HotelMonster Mama 1 fish 2 fish