Finn at 18 Months…

measuring tape

I thought about writing a post about how much I love this little boy but thought that would be really boring and then I decided that was just what I needed. I love this kid so much. He’s the best part of every single moment of every single day. Sometimes just thinking about him and missing him and the fact that I’m away from him makes me want to cry. I hate every second that we’re apart and I love every second that we’re together. Every crazy, manic, loving, joyful, happy, all-over-the-place, emotional second. He’s gone from a precious little baby into a sweet little boy in just 18 months. My, how fast that happens.

I know we really teetered back and forth between having kids and for the longest time it was back, as in – we didn’t want them. Well, I am sure glad we had Finn. It’s so amazing watching him grow. Seeing the world for the first time, all over again, through another human’s eyes. Getting to be his guide through this world. It’s really scary, too. I have to help make the best decisions with Dan and hope that they turn out alright enough that Finn will end up being sort of okay. It’s a lot of responsibility. I make no illusion about that. But really, it’s all worth it. Finn was hands down, the best decision we ever made. He will have a good life. It will be a struggle, yes. But it will be a good life. He is worth it.

Finn had his 18 month appointment last week. He got his 2 vaccinations, including the flu shot because we love him so much that we are believers in vaccinations. If you reading this are not, sorry. We are. Big time. We’re people of science. He did so well, cried for about 30 seconds and then got a big orange lollipop and sucked on that thing for over an hour until it was all over his hands, face, and clothes, but boy was he happy! Doctor said he’s doing great growth-wise and he has a big ol’ head. Dan said it’s his big brain. ;) We’re working with him on his expressive language as he may be a bit slower on that and he needs to get better about using utensils while eating!


At 18 months Finn…


… weighs 25 pounds (60th percentile – the same weight as at 12 months), is 33 inches long (60th percentile) and his head circumference is 19.5 inches (95th percentile).

… says mama, dada, Grandpa (Bam-pa), uh-huh, hi, and his latest, whoa!, wow!, and DROID.

… still has 15 or 16 teeth.

… is really whiny. And throws really big short-lived temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. I’m not looking forward to “terrible two’s”.

… is really cuddly, loves sitting in laps, and gives really good, tight hugs. <3

… hates loud noises. He is really disturbed by them. Literally and figuratively.

… loves when Grandpa comes home from work. He will run to the front door and yell, “Bam-pa! Bam-pa! Bam-pa!” over and over. And the other day he just kept repeating it when Grandpa was here helping us with some home improvements.

… gives great high-5’s.

… loves climbing on tables. We cannot leave chairs out around him. He also loves stools and putting them up to the counter and grabbing things off of it which is really scary around a hot stove!

… finally found a stuffed animal that is his special animal he sleeps with. A big green frog with great big eyes. He loves that thing. We say “where’s your froggie?” and he gets the biggest grin and when we put him in bed at night we put the froggie in his arms and he hugs it so tight and smiles and is at such peace.

… loves to RUN.

… is back to taking 2 naps a day. (YES!)

… was having night terrors for a little while. It was the saddest thing ever. They would last for about 40 minutes to an hour each episode and when he came out of them it was the weirdest thing ever – like it didn’t even happen. So bizarre! But the doctor says they’re pretty common and just to let him come out of them and not to try to wake him up but just make sure he’s safe and can’t get hurt and to take care of him as best we can while they’re happening. I hope he doesn’t have anymore! :(

… loves being outside. Can’t wait for cooler weather!


In 18 short months Finn has changed our lives in every way imaginable. My heart is so very full because of him. Our lives may seem like they aren’t in our control right now, like somebody else has picked them up and placed them somewhere else and we’re just trying to keep the corners down so they don’t fly away, but he is our constant. He keeps us grounded. He is our reason of reasons. I can’t imagine a world without him and nor would I want to. Thank you Finn for all of your silly perspective. I love you through and through.