Disneyland Trip: Day 1

I need to post about something that makes me sickeningly happy. Right now, that’s looking back on our trip to Disneyland earlier this summer. I still have many other things to back-post about but for now, I’m going to focus on getting our trip to Disneyland up as quickly as possible.

We were gone a total of 6 days. It was for the most part supposed to be a very laid back (travel-wise) trip with 2 days dedicated solely to travel. That part went perfectly according to plan and I will definitely plan for that dedicated travel time in the future.

We left about 10 or 10:30 once all was said and done on a Sunday morning with our caravan of vehicles (3 in total) and made our way to California. I think we arrived somewhere between 3 and 4 but I can’t remember for sure. The Count and I, as well as our good friends J+J stayed at one hotel together across the street from Disneyland (excellent decision) and our other friends T+T stayed at a more ritzier hotel a mile or so away from the park. I’m happy with where we stayed because we never missed the early entrance to the park and were close enough to walk (and no – not even like this-is-pushing-it-kind-of-walking-distance) so that if needed the kids could nap at the hotel (that never happened).

After we checked in to our hotel which I can’t remember the name of right now because my mind is like a big bowl of mashed potatoes, we walked to Downtown Disney. We ate at this little taco/burrito place, kind of like a Chipotle but I can barely remember anything about it other than that there was hardly any seating because if I can tell you one thing about Downtown Disney, it is effing packed to the brim. It’s like an attraction all on its own, except there’s nothing there except really expensive restaurants. So, it’s kind of baffling really. But the kids found it exciting and it was a good transition to what was to come the next day!

Disney_01 Disney_02 Disney_03 Disney_04