Dear Mom


Dear Mom,

This seems like an appropriate time of year to let you know how much I appreciate you. You have done so much for The Count, Finn, and I; I really can’t quantify it or put it into words. You made it possible for us to be parents— and good parents at that! If I could just put a little bow on top of Finn’s head as a way of saying thanks, that would do it, because truthfully, everything he is started with you. There wasn’t a day during pregnancy, to one of those many sleepless first nights and well beyond that you weren’t there for us and didn’t fill us with the best, most careful and most sound advice. All of that help added up and made us the parents we are, and Finn the amazing person that he is. Not to mention the days and months that you have given up to care for Finn; the literal blood, sweat, and tears that you have given to us and to him on an almost daily basis (hello heart attack?). It never goes unnoticed. I see Finn in you and that makes me happier than you will ever know. When you are gone, you will be leaving behind this person that is just as much, if not more, of a reflection of you than all four of your children as Finn has never had to share you with any siblings or daycare children. He has always had you. I am sure after raising four children you never intended on becoming a parent to somebody else again, but in the best of ways, you have to Finn. And when The Count handed you that stole of gratitude when he graduated, he meant it. We both meant it. His degree would not have been possible without you. And it set off a chain of events for our family’s future. You are such an integral part of our lives. His degree meant that I will be able to finally get mine (a dream I know you have had for me, my entire life) and hopefully that means that the chances of Finn getting one, too, will be much greater. So, I know that I don’t say it, and I definitely don’t show it (I need to work on that) and I’m sure you feel pretty taken for granted most of the time, but I appreciate you and I love you.


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  1. Julianne

    Dear Jill,
    I am sorry I did not read this sooner! What a beautiful and heartfelt letter from you. Life seems so hectic anymore and craziness keeps getting in the way of me finally getting organized enough to be fully creative and productive. I love little Finn with all my heart. It is true that I have been blessed to give him my complete love and attention when I am with him! No competition from siblings or day care children. I may not live long enough to see him have a child of his own, but I do feel he will carry a part of me with him always. And thanks to our audio/visual technology, he will be able to relive the many precious moments he and I have shared!
    Love, Mom

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