Composting 101

Dan and I have delved into the wonderful world of composting.  I’m not exactly crunchy granola, I’m more chewy.  I try to cloth diaper.  I tried to use glass baby bottles.  I try to conserve water and energy where possible.  I recycle.  And now, I’m composting.  We do a lot of cooking with fresh produce and have a lot of waste.  We also have a huge tree in our front yard with a lot of dry leaves that end up on our ground.  We’re hoping to turn all that into some nice mulch in about a year so that we could eventually do the un-enviro-friendly thing of planting grass and a yard for Finn to play in.  I know, so contradictory.  But we also want to use it to grow some of our own vegetables in our backyard.  Hey, we’re trying to keep things balanced here!  We’ve been saving all our crap from the kitchen as well as dry leaves from the yard (and friends’ yards!) and it’s building up quite nicely.

So, here’s our process.  In the kitchen we have an air tight container (an old crock pot with lid, lined with a bag) to keep smells in.  Throughout the week we throw all our unused produce, peels, coffee grinds, egg shells, etc. and then at the end of the week we dump it in our compost bin (free via the city!) and cover it with some dry leaves and clippings.  Turn it a little with the shovel and that’s it.  Very simple.  And awesome.

Here’s a cool infographic I found on Pinterest with the basics of it, I thought I’d share:


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