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Alright, I’m totally running out of steam with this NaBloPoMo. I’ve missed 2 days now. Ugh. Must. Go. On.

I haven’t scrapbooked in so long. National Scrapbooking Day all the way back in May was the last time I did. So, I’m looking very much to tomorrow where I will be spending the afternoon with some friends while we do our own projects; Christmas cards, gift tags, and for me – scrapbooking! I definitely owe this blog an update on my Project Life album that I’m making for Finn. Stay tuned!

NaBloPoMo November 2013


This is post #13 of NaBloPoMo.

National Blog Posting Month is an annual event that takes place each November where bloggers commit to writing everyday in November.

My Project Life Album

One of the things I wanted to post on this blog was my progress of my son’s first year album that I am doing. I am by all means – NOT. VERY. FAR. Yesterday was National Scrapbooking Day and I finally finished his 8 week layout. Yes, I am taking on the daunting task of documenting every week of his first year. And I’m very, very far behind. About 10 months to be exact. And then I have year 2 and so on to think about. But I’m still loving the project. I’m still finding it to be very therapeutic. And even though I don’t have anybody to scrapbook with anymore (my scrapbook friends finished their kids’ one year albums already because they didn’t have the crazy year that I did last year and they don’t work the schedule I do!) I’m still doing it when I can.

I am using Project Life which is a memory-keeping system created by Becky Higgins. I use photos that Dan and I took from his first year, little mementos from during that time and other things that I have deemed important enough to keep and document for his album and to give to him when he is older. I’m going to post my progress thus far for you, which isn’t that much. I may have to break this up into a few posts. The beginning part of the album which is everything before Finn and then I’ll start with the weekly layouts. I’m also by no means any pro at taking pictures of my layouts like some blogs that I’ve seen. I wish I could get mine to look as amazing as those! Any tips? lol (Also: I’m not a professional photographer.)


There’s a page missing in between those where I talk about our story and how we decided to have Finn and us, but it’s still not finished, believe it or not!


Then we began (and finished!) the nursery, which I detailed on this blog here, here, here, here, and here. With the final tour HERE.


And then we had our shower, which I also blogged about here. (Although that reminds me I need to fix all the photos on that post which broke when I changed my URL. Note. To. Self.) The blank white spot is where I am STILL missing a photo of me at my own baby shower. Someone has one, somewhere. :(


And I added an insert with the invitation to our shower. The back side had the map to the park and a little note card where we asked for a book to build Finn’s library.


Then there was Finn’s 48 hours of labor which I definitely talked about here.


And I added an insert of the Instagrams that Dan and I took that day.


Then Finn’s entrance. Awww…. these moments.


And there’s another page after this one of his first page but I’m not happy with it and still playing with it, so that’ll come another time (or never since I’ll probably forget). I took my blog entry about my labor with Finn and turned it into a little 6×12 card and made an insert as well for his book.


His first day and the professional photoshoot we had done at the hospital.


All the visitors who came to see him (and who took a picture with him) at the hospital.


And I’ll leave you with the rest of our time in the hospital and the Coming Home spread.